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  1. dean1991

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Farakkhan, Scales and Brooks need to go too.
  2. dean1991

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Huge political figure. Be silly to miss him out.
  3. dean1991

    Famous people you really don't care if they die

    It means that hopefully, Kris, will receive a pedigree next year, and by God she'll be broken in half
  4. dean1991

    Gary Glitter

    He'll reach 110
  5. dean1991

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Tom jones will make his first appearance next year, I reckon.
  6. dean1991

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    My 2019 team under Curse of Fame after a couple of years hiatus. Note I generally pick celebrities, not localised radio djs and bloggers. 1. Post Malone (Joker) 2. Olivia De Havilland 3. Robert Mugabe 4. Vera Lynn 5. Olivia Newton John 6. William Hurt 7. Imelda Marcos 8. Emperor Akhito 9. Tim Conway 10. Joni Mitchell 11. Sir Sidney Poitier 12. Jan Morris 13. James Earl Jones 14. Judith Kerr 15. Terry Jones 16. Peter Sutcliffe 17. Francis Ford Copolla 18. Jimmy Greaves 19. Sir Peter Higgs 20. Pele SUBS 1. Billy Connolly 2. Danny Trejo 3. Carol Burnett I also wanted Woody Allen & Giorgo Armani but we'll see what cards are dealt for 2020 eh.
  7. dean1991

    Boxing Clever?

    Jake Lamotta's controversial opponent, Billy Fox, turns 93 next year.
  8. dean1991

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Mobile Phone inventor, Martin Cooper, turns 91 next year.
  9. dean1991

    British Character Actors

    Peter Cellier turns 91 next year. Best known for Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister & alongside Anthony Hopkins in 'Remains of the Day' https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Cellier
  10. dean1991

    Toho Stars

    Will have a refresh of those names & add new additions tonight
  11. dean1991

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Those campers have finally found a way of taking down Jason Voohrees.... https://www.altpress.com/news/friday-the-13th-jason-voorhees-steve-dash-dies/
  12. dean1991


    Dakin Matthews?
  13. dean1991


    He looks OK to me considering his age but certainly shouldn't allow himself to feel pressured into continuing to work, on-screen at least. The show needs gimmicks and interesting characters. I turned in recently (after 14 years) and they seem to be trying too hard to put off an image that it's an authentic sport rather than just entertainment. Most of the wrestlers had boring names, forgettable entrance songs and equally meh in-ring skill sets.
  14. dean1991

    The Curse of Ariana Grande

    Getting out of the country when she returns to the UK.
  15. dean1991

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    I would expect to see Sonny Rollins, Don King and Silvio Berlusconi for next year.
  16. dean1991

    'Much Loved' Entertainers

    Roy Hudd - 83 next year. Think I've seen him in enough to qualify. On a side note, he was killed off from Corrie yesterday.
  17. dean1991

    Gene Hackman

    https://www.bicycling.com/news/a20045500/gene-hackman-buys-electric-bike/ Looked great back in January. Cracking actor in Misissippi Burning. I haven't yet checked out French Connection.
  18. dean1991

    Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    I reckon a musician will be December's spotlight. Gonna say Meatloaf.
  19. dean1991

    Class of 1924

    Missing priscilla pointer
  20. dean1991

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Need another Bond Baddie... Michael Lonsdale, 88 next year (Drax in Moonraker) or Bruce Glover, 87 next year (Mr Wint in DAF) Would also include Hammer Horror scream Queen Barbara Shelley, 87 in 2019.
  21. dean1991

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Greavesie to be the next & our last
  22. dean1991

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    Eddie Stobart turns 89 next year. A big name (in road transport circles) in the UK.
  23. dean1991

    George Bush Senior

    All four presidents pay tribute to George and sing his praises in that video. I get the feeling that they are expecting it to be their last public engagement with him.
  24. dean1991

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    Lionel Blair

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