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Found 1 result

  1. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    Hello, and welcome to the thread for the 6th running of the ABC Deadpool! 26 entries received, all in the table a couple of posts below this. Scoring will be more abbreviated this year. Instead of a mass of text, I will just list the hits, followed by each player who gains points from that hit, followed by a master standings table. You should be able to check your hits and my math fairly straightforwardly that way. And with that let's begin the scoring . . . . . We had two picks die the day before the game started: Pat Carroll and Nichelle Nichols. I allowed replacements within the first week and most players took advantage immediately to fill the empty spaces. However msc will ride with an empty spot at N and Guy From Future will go with no hope at C. Sorry you end up with (minor) penalties for having great picks that just couldn't wait for the game to start . . . SCORING SUMMARY: Olivia Newton-John - GUB (7) N, WS, solo Bill Pitman - Death Impends (5) P, solo Robyn Griggs (Wiley) - Banana (5) G, WS, duo/HDS (5) W duo Lenny Johnrose - perhaps (6) L, WS, solo Tom Weiskopf - Baby Blue (5) W, solo Carl Kabat - gcreptile (5) K, solo Tim Page - gcreptile/Baby Blue (3) P, duo Josephine Tewson - Grimgrass (5) T, solo Bill Turnbull - gcreptile (7) T, solo + WS Mikhail Gorbachev - Grimgrass/Book/Joey Russ/GUB/theoldlady/wannamaker/Funeralopolis (2) G Marsha Hunt - Wormfarmer (5) H solo Queen Elizabeth II - Yvonne (5) Q solo Irene Papas - Perhaps and Wannamaker, duos at I, (3) Loretta Lynn - Stuart Beck solo! (6) Judy Tenuta - HDS solo + WS, T (7) Peter Tobin - Wannamaker solo, T (5) Angela Lansbury - Capn Cho/theoldlady/Yvonne/Book, L (2) Antonio Inoki - msc/baby blue, duos at I, (4) Charley Trippi - wormfarmer solo, T (5) Leslie Philips - Hell/Grimgrass at L (1), GUB/msc at P (2) Harry K Yee - wormfarmer solo at Y (5 if obit?) Doddie Weir - wannamaker/wormfarmer duo at W (5), WS bonus! David Butler - bibliogryphon solo, B (5) Ned Rorem - bibliogryphon solo, N (5) Mickey Kuhn - MariNisia solo, K (5) Vicky Phelan - msc/gcrep/Hell at V (3), Perhaps/banana/capn cho/Book at P (4) WS bonus! Hans Magnus Enzenberger - gcreptile solo, E (6) Jiang Zemin - Funeralopolis J (1), banana/Hell/wannamaker/tolady Z (4) Assem Allam - Perhaps allit solo, (8) Julia Reichart - HDS/Banana/Joey Russ/gcrep R, (2) Georgia Holt - MariNisia solo, H (5) Louise Tobin - Yvonne solo, T (5) . . . Now she gets full credit! Pierre Soulages - Death Impends solo, S (5) Philip Pearlstein - WEP solo allit, (6) Xi Xi - DI/msc/GUB/Hell/Joey Russ/Yvonne/Grimgrass/book/Baby Blue/Toast/Joe Money/HDS, allits X, (8) Don West - DI/gcrep/msc/Book/Perhaps/banana/capn cho/Joey Russ at W (4), HDS/Joe Money at D (3) WS bonus! Barbara Walters - GUB/Yvonne duo at W, (2) Helen Grayco - Death Impends solo at G, (5 if obit?) Pele (Edson Nascimento) - treating as a first name P for HDS/Joey Russ/Funeralopolis (1), and as a first name E for wannamaker (2) Lise Norgaard - wormfarmer solo at N, (5) Mark Souder - banana solo at S + WS, (7) Gianluca Vialli - gcreptile at G (3), book/perhaps/marinisia/wannamaker/joey russ/banana/wormfarmer/capn cho/theoldlady at V (4), WS bonus Clare Marx - cap'n cho solo at M +WS, (7) Mike Davis - cap'n cho/joey russ/banana/msc at D, (2) Carole Cook - book/WEP/wormfarmer/Perhaps allit, (3) Gina Lollabrigida - Baby Blue solo at L, (5) Lucille Randon - msc at L (1), Baby Blue/wormfarmer at R (2) Kudos to gcreptile for the Bill Turnbull solo . . . I expected many more to pick that one. And of course for the huge week in which he gains 3 hits and skips straight to the top of the leaderboard! Two new teams on the board, and another surprise to me - The Queen was also a solo, for Yvonne. Sometimes the obvious picks are too obvious and worth trying for the solo points! Another example of the above strategy . . . Loretta Lynn goes as an old, infirm, alliterative solo! I cannot for the life of me recall why I gave up on Loretta after having her on my list for years. Ouch. Nicely done Stuart. For the leaderboard, wannamaker makes the huge jump into 3rd, HDS is all of a sudden in second (all he needed was to have his 2022-23 posted rather than his 2021 list), and Stuart Beck jumps from obscurity to middle of the list in one hit. gcreptile continues to lead for now . . . . . Correction made (per theoldladys sharp eyes) to scores for Angela Lansbury from 1 pt to 2 pts for each player ........ Big moves made for baby blue (tie for 2nd) and wormfarmer (tie for 4th). Good plays/Bad plays: I have to hand it to WEP for submitting a list of 100% alliteratives. A very profitable strategy as long as they die during the next 12 months. STANDINGS: gcreptile - 33 Perhaps - 32 Banana - 32 Wormfarmer - 29 (+5?) Book - 27 Baby Blue - 27 HDS - 26 wannamaker - 25 msc - 24 Joey Russ - 23 Captain Chorizo - 23 Death Impends - 22 (+5?) Yvonne - 22 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 21 Grimgrass - 16 Hell - 16 MariNisia - 14 theoldlady - 12 Joe Moneypenny - 11 bibliogryphon - 10 WEP - 9 Toast - 8 Stuart Beck - 6 Funeralopolis - 4 Sorry for the late update. The holidays are the busy time of the year where I work, and I hadn't had two consecutive days off since the first of Dec. I am doing my best to update this page in one sitting, but we have had an amazing number of hits and so I am not going to get the table below updated today. Just the standings and hits. There may be some I missed, so I will check back soon to see if anyone posts a miss or a mistake. Only 3 teams did not improve their scores since my last post, and we had 6 new teams get on the board. Only two teams remain scoreless now, Guy From Future and Yorkshire Banker. A couple of folks picked Pele, basically a household name, especially if you are a soccer fan. Two of you just put him at the P spot, and I awarded 1 point for a first name. wannamaker followed my suggestion and put him at the E spot using his real first name Edson worth 2 points for the vowel. The biggest movers are Perhaps who jumps up into 2nd with 16 new points largely helped by his alliterative solo hit at A for 8 pts, and HDS who jumps into 3rd just behind Perhaps. Then it's quite bunched around 4th through 12th. If a number occurs in parenthesis after your score, that reflects a hit without a QO yet. There are a couple waiting to jump into the leader's fray . . . .

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