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  1. 7 minutes ago, Toast said:

    Meanwhile, does anyone have a view on my password question a couple of posts up?


    It makes you wonder if it's worth having passwords at all if we're all being spied on to this degree.


    That's why in Denmark, we have a system where everything that has to do with money, requires a password only you can have access to in the form of a card with unique codes. For example, if I want to buy something I will need to sign in using the code. I have mine in paperform, it gives me a random number that I need to find the code for to process it.




    I assume, in your case, that Google is protective due to reports of compromised websites, but as long your password has at least one capital letter, 2 or 3 numbers and a special sign such as € or $, you're safe. My passwords has been compromised for years on different sites but the people obtaining your passwords must know your email and logins to sites like Amazon etc. to even use them. And as a rule of thumb, always have a 2-factor authorization for sites with your credit card on it.



  2. 1 hour ago, maryportfuncity said:

    Saw someone post this as a joke - how effective is it in real life, anyone know?




    It's honestly scary.


    So a buddy of mine, who never uses circular saws, had to help his dad with something. They talked about it and what kind of saw it was. Later that evening, he got ads on facebook for the excact same models and he has never searched for anything related to it. 


    And back in December, I talked to my brother about going to a restaurant in a different city from us, and Reddit started giving me ads for it.

  3. Oh-uh forgot to post here. Unlikely that anyone outside of Denmark knows who he was... 


    But beloved frontman of Shu-bi-dua, Michael Bundesen, dead aged 71. Memorial sing-along was held in prime time on national TV tonight. Must admit that his music was never my cup of tea but he did make some great songs. Besides Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, this one of the biggest deaths of 2020 for Denmark. No english obit, sadly, 





  4. Got to admit - got super scared that one of the main voice actors had passed when I saw this thread bumped. 


    But yeah, since her normal voice is fine, I guess they were just trying to joke about her lack of singing voice.

  5. On 14/08/2020 at 19:14, One shot Paddy said:



    Ugh. *Unzips*



    Anyways, while trying to get this picture out of my head, I highly doubt Putin will step back. Why rig an election to give yourself 16 more years, only to step down? Also, this reminds me about the time people speculated about Merkels health due to her shaking etc.

  6. Haha!


    Anyhoozle, think Joe will die before Trump. Can't imagine what a presidential term will do to a 77 year old, let alone a 80 year old!


    Trump will probably live till his late 80s while I think Biden may die within 5 years.


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