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  1. 3 hours ago, RIP Wee Jum said:

    Never said anymore than watch.  Is that too difficult for you ?


    But you did say anymore than watch. You created an entire timeline.


    Calm down, I just don't see it.

  2. 1 hour ago, RIP Wee Jum said:

    Have you ever heard of a thing called suicide ?

    When his wife wants a divorce and she gets half his money, he goes to jail for many years and becomes the next Adam Johnston


    That's a long, long, LONG stretch.

  3. 6 hours ago, maryportfuncity said:



    Nowt on whether he'll be buried, ashes interred somewhere or what


    Not at the moment. But I will keep the thread updated once he is buried. 


    So far, the only reactions to his death is basically the most racist politicians and public figures who are mourning. 

  4. 9 hours ago, Sir Creep said:

    Seriously who the fuck is this person?  I mean without looking it up.



    I guess you're too old for knowing blink-182 who are a massive band since the 90s. 

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  5. I kinda thought he somehow would make it since its been what? A week since he was shot. 


    But with multiple gunshots through the head it was a bit too optimistic.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Putin said:

    Well he is 78 years, and his parents lived to 97 and 102. So he could probably still live another 20-25 years still actually


    Some are just eager to create threads for the sake of it. Nothing is indicating that Walken will die anytime soon, so it blatantly just for the sake of being the username on the thread once he passes.

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  7. As a Dane, I am completely shocked. All day, i have seen people in Danish shirts out and about and me, the family and girlfriend are having a good evening and this happens. 


    I am shaking. Glad he is OK at least. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, MariNisia said:



    Congratulations, Genfærd.

    You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

    Having a friend like you can save a load of money on psychoanalysts.

    Take care.


    Thank you for your kind words! :)

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Toast said:



    Show her this.



    Trust me. I have said that the chances are one in a million and she dont care. She is so scared to lose me even though I am in very good health, so chances are extremely slim. 


    Its just not a discussion I can win. I've shown her your graph and argued for it, but she dont care. "WHAT IF YOU GET A BLOOD CLOT AND DIE FROM IT?" 


    "then post it in dead deathlisters". 


    Beyond frustrating because I just want to get a god damn vaccine. 

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