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  1. Genfærd

    Joe Biden

    Armed protester outside Biden's home. Not much info, but likely under control.
  2. Genfærd

    Ramzan Kadyrov

    New video where he is smiling and talking about how everyone should get some fresh air.
  3. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Eddie Skoller (79) died this week. Danish-American entertainer. https://www.berlingske.dk/kultur/entertaineren-eddie-skoller-er-doed-79-aar-gammel
  4. Genfærd

    Ask A Deathlister

    At work, we are forced to use Google Calendar. But DigiCal Calendar had some great widgets on Android and was a very simple calendar imo.
  5. Genfærd

    King Harald V of Norway

    Discharged and feeling well.
  6. Genfærd

    King Harald V of Norway

    Sick with the flu, according to NRK.
  7. Genfærd

    Internet Celebrities

    Jonas Henriksen, Norwegian TikTok personality, found dead in his car. Last week, he said on a podcast that someone is after him and they tried to burn his house down. Now he is gone. (Norwegian source)
  8. Genfærd

    Darwin Awards

    Idiot parents
  9. Genfærd

    DJ Casper

    Thank god i wasn't the only one thinking "Who???".
  10. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Jørgen Bitsch (47), chairman of Danish Motor Union for the last 15 years, dead in an motorcross accident.
  11. Genfærd

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    After her sons death last year its hard to be surprised. Figured she wouldn't hold on for long. Sad none the less. Suicide/OD is a big possibility, right?
  12. Genfærd

    The 10th Death of 2023

    Sonny Rollins
  13. Genfærd

    Crashing Companies

    Lauritz.com, one of Northern Europes biggest online auction houses, gone bankrupt (english text in the bottom). Buyers and sellers are owed at least 5.7 million pounds. Really shitty situation all around.
  14. Genfærd

    TikTok Trend Terminations

  15. Genfærd

    Time Added

    Tommy Møller Nielsen, son of EURO 1992 winning manager Richard Møller Nielsen, and former HB Køge and Viborg manager and Manchester United scout, dead at 61.

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