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  1. Genfærd

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Oh that is so sad. What a personality.
  2. Genfærd

    Vladimir Putin

    Shame it wasn't out of a window. I heard that happens very often in Russia.
  3. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Stig Hoffmeyer, actor and cartoon dubber, dead at 82. https://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2022-11-26-skuespilleren-stig-hoffmeyer-er-dod
  4. Genfærd

    The 14th Death of 2022

    Must be Dick.
  5. Genfærd

    Video Game Nerds

    Co-founder of Kalypso Media (Tropico, Dungeons, Port Royale), Simon Hellwig , has died.
  6. Genfærd

    The 10th death of 2022

    This. Pelé is My guess too.
  7. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Elin Reimer, actress known from Matador and Krummerne, dead at 94. 6th hit on my Danish list.
  8. Genfærd

    The Ukraine Crisis

    And they're so backed up in a corner, that they're not even denying the use of nukes at the moment. Guess we'll see how it goes...
  9. Genfærd


    Male peak.
  10. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Poul Thomsen, famous TV-personality known for animal shows, dead at 84.
  11. Genfærd

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The most out of context British announcement ever. Funny as hell.
  12. Genfærd

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

    She will die as a queen like Elizabeth. Can't see her give up the throne.
  13. Genfærd

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Here we go
  14. Genfærd

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Dumb Dane here, but will people get a day off tomorrow if she passes or on the day of her funeral?Could imagine that a lot of people would be devastated and the kids would jump in excitement for getting a day off. It would just be a very British thing to do (stereotype, i know)
  15. Genfærd

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    To be honest, when Danish news reported of her decline, I rushed to the forums. This is huge. History in the making.

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