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  1. DeathByArsenic

    The 1st Death of 2023

    Ethel K
  2. DeathByArsenic

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    i would like 2 play
  3. DeathByArsenic

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023

    1-Larisa Latynina 2-Helene Langevin-Joliot 3-Rolf Harris 4-Tatsuka Nakadai 5-Ann Blyth 6-Jack Jones(Theme song singer) 7-Jean-Pierre Jabouille 8- Francoise Fabian 9-France Nuyen 10-Ned Jarrett subs Jonnie Irwin Claude Lelouch
  4. DeathByArsenic


    Dec 24th
  5. DeathByArsenic


    If he lives a few more weeks he will be able to see Messi win the world cup Pray for him plz
  6. DeathByArsenic

    Deathrace 2023

    didn't bother putting him on my team just now because it looks like he will go in the next 48 hours
  7. DeathByArsenic


    Àlex Soler-Roig(f1) Ann Blyth Anne Vernon Birthe Wilke Bhuddadeb Bhattacharjee Brigitte Auber Brigitte Bardot Dario Argento Don West Erni Mangold Francoise Hardy Jean-Charles Tacchella Joss Ackland Laura Cardoso Luis Ayala Michael Gravelle(canadian politician) Michelle Heaton(UK Singer) Mavis Staples Norma Baylon(tennis) Rachid Mekhloufi*joker Roland Bertin Sam Bankman-Fried Sandra Weir(UK Murderer) Thea Vidale Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat subs Brigitte Fontaine Nana Mouskouri Winnie Ewing Sporty Spice Milan Kundera
  8. DeathByArsenic

    Deathrace 2023

    Jean-Marie Le Pen-joker Claire Maurier Brenka Veselinovic Karl Merkatz Roberta Flack Francoise Hardy Helene Langevin-Joliot Francoise Fabian Bobby Caldwell David Graham Don West Jonnie Irwin Kanye West Giorgia Moll Roland Bertin Sharad Pawar Nigel Starmer-Smith Tereza Kesovija Rolf Harris Line Renaud subs Winnie Ewing Bhuddadeb Bhattacharjee Jean Philippe Phyllis Dalton Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat
  9. DeathByArsenic

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    I posted my Sharad Pawar sub on previous page sub for Reichert -David Graham
  10. DeathByArsenic

    French sweepstake

    Claire Maurier
  11. DeathByArsenic

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    Sharad Pawar
  12. DeathByArsenic

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    list submitted
  13. DeathByArsenic

    French sweepstake

    Helene Langevin-Joliot
  14. DeathByArsenic

    Crazy Eight Deadpool 2022

    Claire Maurier
  15. DeathByArsenic

    French sweepstake

    Jacques Delors

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