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  1. 1 minute ago, JQW said:

    Apparently within the past hour BBC Scotland's television coverage of Nicola Sturgeon's testimony was suddenly cut to archive footage of Prince Philip. Has he pegged it?

    Probably just them preparing in case he goes - Camilla's update makes it feel unlikely to me he will be announced dead today.

  2. 59 minutes ago, Toast said:

    It's time his title was withdrawn.  There's no way now they should be allowed to profit from a Royal dukedom.

    It's no longer a royal dukedom technically.


    If they do it without removing The Duke of York's title then 25-35% of the country becomes republican because that would completely radicalise most of their supporters. Their support base, while a minority, is heavily concentrated in the under 35's - the polling in November showed both still had strong net approval ratings in that age group while having very poor approval ratings over that age - I believe the Queen being the wise lady she is understands that the last thing the Monarchy needs is a lot of the support for Harry and Meghan progressing into republicanism

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  3. 3 hours ago, Ulitzer95 said:

    Shouldn't be an issue if you download the BBC News app on your phone and give it permission to send you breaking news notifications. 

    He'll be one of the few deaths that the BBC breaks before it appears on DeathList.

    Not if one of the other channels gets their first - as you tube shows the BBC were 5 minutes ahead of ITV when the Queen Mother died. Not impossible it be the other way round this time

  4. 1 hour ago, Ulitzer95 said:

    @The Old Crem –

    1) Does your boss know that you just sit on your arse all day hitting the refresh button on your Twitter feed?

    2) You do realise that when you post a tweet by a journo, and then post a subsequent 10 tweets which say the exact same thing albeit worded slightly differently, that it is no longer "news" and you're essentially just spamming.

    I don't have one.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Cerberus said:

    Nothing at all about this on BBC or Sky News by the way. News blackout?


    Makes me think that even when the Queen dies we won't know about it for a few hours.

    BBC staff have been tweeting about it.

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