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  1. The Old Crem

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I have a little ornament of the Queen Mum in my house and it includes her with a stick.
  2. The Old Crem

    Sir Michael Caine

    Or maybe not. Maybe he is committed to some of those projects and can’t get out of the contract/s
  3. The Old Crem

    British Character Actors

    Farrell likes the older women. He was friendly with Elizabeth Taylor as well.
  4. The Old Crem

    Mary Berry

    Has been left with a limp and now uses a cane. So has suffered a decline but is still back to being semi active which is more than many people get to after hip surgery at her age.
  5. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    The police seem to be working in the assumption no one else is involved as they not currently looking for anyone else.
  6. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    Sky News has just confirmed he is a British National.
  7. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    I imagine they must do. With how heated American politics is.
  8. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    His mum lived to 104 through she wasn’t a constituent of his as she lived in East London.
  9. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    Probably a cost in terms of their staff members having to check the full electoral register (not the public one) instead of doing other duties.
  10. The Old Crem


    Haven’t heard any of the eyewitnesses saying anything yet about motives being shouted during the attack. Or any mentions that counter terrorism police are involved in the investigation.
  11. The Old Crem

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    And I feel like this time with a Tory Mp being the victim at least one of the fringe far left parties will stand. Depending on the motive of the killing will influence if some of the far right I suspect.
  12. The Old Crem

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Feel guilty about getting points after this. I imagine I only put them for age reasons. I imagine the by- election will be like Jo Cox’s with none of the major parties standing - likely at least one minor party or independent will stand so it won’t be uncontested
  13. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    A few years ago I met someone who had been an assistant to him. He said how nice he was as a boss
  14. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    I imagine Northern Irish Mp’s have security at all times when meeting the public.
  15. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    Robert Bradford in 1981.

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