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  1. The Old Crem

    Julie Goodyear - Coronation Street legend

    Diagnosed with Dementia.
  2. The Old Crem

    Rugby Players

  3. The Old Crem

    Rugby Players

  4. The Old Crem

    Susan Boyle

    Reveals on the BGT final tonight that she had a minor stroke last April. Looks well know through and can still sing.
  5. The Old Crem

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    I feel, like this has been announced because Jimmy is very near the end now and her absence from the funeral won’t need further statements at that time,
  6. The Old Crem

    Time Added

    I’m trying to get it to embed as normal but it won’t.
  7. The Old Crem

    Time Added

  8. The Old Crem

    Time Added

    Shocking news. He hasn’t played this season for them but he was on the bench just last night when they won the league. He was also at Euro 2016 for Spain and played in the PL for a season at Fulham.
  9. The Old Crem


    ITV news health Editor Emily Morgan has died. Other tweets reveal she was 45. No cause revealed but she hadn’t tweeted or seemingly reported since March 30th which implies maybe a short period of illness after then.
  10. The Old Crem

    Dementia afflicted footballers

  11. The Old Crem

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    My dad is convinced Phillip Schofield will kill himself.
  12. The Old Crem

    Esther Rantzen

    Mirror Confirms her lung cancer is stage four.
  13. The Old Crem

    Political Frailty

    Those types of long term cancer can be so tough to deal with emotionally. Living but knowing the end is coming earlier than most.
  14. The Old Crem

    Rugby Players

    Chris Simpson Daniel has dementia. Older brother of James Simpson Daniel. Very worrying someone who retired at 23 has the Brain damage for early onset dementia.
  15. The Old Crem

    48. Tina Turner

    Very sad news. RIP Tina.

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