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  1. The Old Crem

    Camilla, Queen Consort

    The Times have announced they will not be using the term Queen Consort but ITV disagree and will still use it.
  2. The Old Crem

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Lech Walesa should be considered as he was invited to the Queen’s funeral but declined due to poor health.
  3. The Old Crem

    7. Loretta Lynn

    Sad news.
  4. The Old Crem

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    It feels like the government has imploded and is already at shambles stage.
  5. The Old Crem

    Rolf Harris : Stairway To Heaven ?

    Sounds like he won’t make it to be on the 2023 list. Also confirms Alwyn is still Alive but with Dementia - I did wonder if she died off radar.
  6. The Old Crem

    Last Word

    1st July Dame Deborah James Yves Coppens Revel Guest OBE Samuel Bhima 8th July Baroness Greengross OBE Sonny Barger Technoblade Qin Yi 15th July Shinzo Abe Mona Hammond OBE Lorna de Smidt Monty Norman 22nd July Tony Sirico José Eduardo dos Santos Ann Shulgin Ivana Trump 29th July Lord David Trimble Susie Steiner Uwe Seeler 5th August Bernard Cribbins OBE Diana Kennedy MBE Sir Colin Blakemore Nichelle Nichols 12th August James Lovelock Ayman al-Zawahiri Roy Hackett MBE Dame Olivia Newton-John 19th August Lamont Dozier Joan Lingard Issey Miyake Edana Minghella 26th August Margaret Keane Keith Smith Mario Fiorentini Brenda Fisher 2nd September Mikhail Gorbachev Stella 'Jaye' Edwards Jerry Allison 16th September Bill Turnbull Anne Sutton Norah Vincent Drummie Zeb 23rd September Jean-Luc Godard Barbara Ehrenreich Dennis Wilson Mavis Nicholson 30th September Dame Hilary Mantel John McVicar Joyce Reynolds Paul Sartin
  7. The Old Crem

    Last Word

    1st April Madeleine Albright Peter Padfield Christina Smith Sheila Paine 8th April Derek Mack June Brown Doris Derby Dave Sales 15th April Jordan Mooney Jack Higgins Robert Ashe David McKee 22nd April Mimi Reinhard Sir Harrison Birtwistle Sylvia Lancaster OBE Letizia Battaglia 29th April Yvonne Blenkinsop Dr Margaret Carswell Mikhail Vasenkov Denise Coffey 6th May Colonel Alan Jenkins Mary Monson Elspeth Barker Art Rupe 13th May Kathy Boudin Dennis Waterman Sidney Altman Régine Zylberberg 20th May Shireen Abu Akleh Robert Gillmor Leonid Kravchuk Carrie White 27th May Baroness Haleh Afshar Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Kay Mellor Vangelis 3rd June Dervla Murphy Lester Piggott Anne Howells 10th June Amanda Claridge Sidhu Moose Wala Mark Sykes Paul Vance 17th June Dame Paula Rego Bruce Kent Hilary Devey CBE 24th June Dom Phillips Stephen S. Thompson Caroline Drummond Maureen Hiron
  8. The Old Crem

    Last Word

    7th January Lord Rogers April Ashley MBE Joan Didion Ray Illingworth. 14th January Sidney Poitier EO Wilson Sarah Weddington Assunta 'Pupetta' Maresca. 21st January Lord Sainsbury David Stuart Elizabeth Selby Ronnie Spector 28th January Meat Loaf André Leon Talley Jana Bennett Kristin Baybars 4th February Sir Crispin Tickell Barry Cryer Darlene Hard Elza Soares 11th February Bamber Gascoigne Norma Waterson Claire Tomlinson Thich Nhat Hanh 18th February Beryl Vertue CBE Flavio Carboni Phil Harvey Lata Mangeshkar 25th February Jamal Edwards MBE P.J. O'Rourke Romaine Hart MBE Ronnie Campbell 4th March Sonny Ramadhin Sister Catherine Wybourne Captain Raymond Savage Anna Karen 11th March Shirley Hughes Roger Graef Shane Warne 18th March Mary Coombs Paul Farmer Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper William Hurt 25th March Bruce Page Dottie Frazier Josephine Veasey Maynard Davies
  9. The Old Crem

    Hollywood Possibilities

    The Guardian
  10. The Old Crem

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Well he will be 100 next year. I don’t think anyone has ever been dropped from the list the year they turning 100.
  11. The Old Crem

    9. Jimmy Carter

    I could see him and Rosalynn going pretty soon one after each other. Possibly a lot closer than George and Barbara Bush.
  12. The Old Crem

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Sad news. .
  13. The Old Crem

    The Ukraine Crisis

    I feel the big risk is Putin deciding he would not mind dying by nuclear strike. If that is the case anything can happen.
  14. The Old Crem

    The Ukraine Crisis

    It is a bit worrying really.
  15. The Old Crem

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Considering how many protocols they are about things in the royal family I just thought they could have been one for this.

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