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  1. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Sir David Attenborough

    He seemed misunderstand two of Kirsty Young’s questions in a row. Probably just hearing loss - it’s just amazing that he is still up for a live television interview.
  2. TheKeysOfMarinus

    The 5th Death of 2023

    Ack! First time I’ve managed that. Sad to see one of the greats go.
  3. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Barry Humphries

    I think this might be it. 89 is a dangerous age for an old comic - Max Bygraves, Eric Sykes, Bill Maynard, Warren Mitchell etc
  4. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Dead Pop Stars

    can’t stomach either bloke. fantastic journalism going on.
  5. TheKeysOfMarinus

    42. Nigel Lawson

    how's that coffee coming along sir creep?
  6. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Peter Frampton

    Aw, he looks good but it’s a bit sad to see one of the youngest British pop stars of the 1960s struggling.
  7. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    New Tubular Bells 50th anniversary edition features a five-year-old demo, “Tubular Bells 4 Intro”, that is being publicised as “the last-ever recording from Mike”, now retired. https://fb.watch/jCC53i5LyC/
  8. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Monty Python

    Totally agree with this.
  9. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    come on, fuckers still warm.
  10. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Last appearances

    There's a Jimmy King photoshoot of David Bowie that circulates widely as the last photographs of him. They get posted with the claim that they were taken on his birthday in 2016, two days prior to his death, but there is no evidence to suggest this - they were simply published that day on Bowie's social media channels and were likely taken in 2015. Anyway - here's the last photo of Bowie we can be sure of. He's leaving the Lazarus premiere on 7 December 2015, his first public appearance in a long time and of course his last too. Great smile despite how ill he was.
  11. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Sir David Attenborough

    He sounds fine to me, and looks great.
  12. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    As mentioned in the Genesis thread, what Rutherford actually said was “he’s much more immobile than he used to be”. Watching it, I really take “used to be” to be referring to before the recent Genesis reunion and not a new development.
  13. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Morgan Freeman

    He looks pretty decent to me. Shaved head aside, he more or less looks like he always has, no?
  14. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Cartoonists And Animators

    He is indeed! Picked him just on the “surprised he’s still alive” charge. RIP.
  15. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Deadpool Detective Work

    That’s quite shocking, I’m surprised it hasn’t featured in other media covering Frontier in Space.

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