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  1. TheKeysOfMarinus

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Longtime Beatles associate Tony Bramwell reported dead at 78. He grew up with three of the Beatles in Liverpool, worked for them at NEMS and later Apple Corps and directed the “Lady Madonna” promo clip. Quite a prominent figure in the world of Beatles conventions and the like. Apparently he had dementia.
  2. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Kevin Spacey

    To demand he be allowed to resume his Hollywood acting career is a bit ridiculous. If Hollywood studios don’t want him and movie goers don’t wanna see him, that’s up to them - it’s not his god-given right to be in Hollywood movies. You can’t foist him on a public and industry who aren’t interested in entertaining him and his narcissistic schtick
  3. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Dying Off The Radar

    Anyone know what happened to British film and TV actor Fred Evans? Appeared in a lot of bit parts (The Avengers, Minder, Bergerac, Jeeves and Wooster); he’s a scene stealer as a policeman in Mr. Horatio Knibbles. I imagine he’s long dead but can’t find a date anywhere.
  4. TheKeysOfMarinus

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Whoops - it’s all on his wife’s FB page.
  5. TheKeysOfMarinus

    The Beatles Death Curse

    That’s a shame. Incidentally, Len Garry, another former Quarryman, is currently hospitalised and in poor health
  6. TheKeysOfMarinus

    British Character Actors

    You folks really hate fat people huh
  7. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Patriot? He’s British, we don’t do that rubbish here.
  8. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Brian Wilson

    The exact words of the court filing are “major neurocognitive disorder (such as dementia)”. That sounds like it’s referring to the pre-existing mental issues he has had for decades that most fans are aware of. Even if he does have dementia, it seems quite low for news outlets to take the words “(such as dementia)” and report a diagnosis.
  9. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    This is from December 2023.
  10. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    I’ve always thought she might end up being one of the last major pop stars of the 60s standing. Having been born in 1948, she has to be the youngest performer associated with the “British Invasion” period.
  11. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Paul Nicholas

    That’s Paul Jones, John Paul Jones is Led Zeppelin’s bassist and keyboardist
  12. TheKeysOfMarinus

    The Dead of 2024

    You could edit it?
  13. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Engelbert Humperdinck

    What happened, do tell!
  14. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson’s wife and manager Melinda dead at 77. She is largely credited with separating him from controversial psychologist Eugene Landy - the story is dramatised in Love & Mercy (2014)
  15. TheKeysOfMarinus

    Richard M. Sherman

    Man, bless him. He sounded totally fine in 2016 but it seems like his voice was already diminished in 2022.

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