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  1. Rag arse tories..... shortened to Rats.
  2. MrSpud42

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    And Michael York.
  3. MrSpud42

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    John Williams.
  4. MrSpud42

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Stacey Keach, American actor. Was in Up in Smoke amongst other things.
  5. Being from a farming family, I probably will not go fully vegetarian/vegan as living from the land is how, in my families case, we have lived for generations. I still forage for various foodstuffs. It's cheaper than buying. Although I quite enjoy fully plant based foods. Some of it is very nice.
  6. Not long left in this year,but plenty of time for people on the list to pop their clogs, shuffle off this mortal coil, join the choir invisible, go the way of the Norwegian Blue and have a record year.
  7. MrSpud42

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Michael Wynn Jones. Delia Smith's other half. Co-owner of Norwich City. Aldo been an author, editor and publisher in his own right. No mentions of any illness though he's now in his late 70's / early 80's and smokes like a chimney. Just as an outside bet.
  8. Nothing wrong with that. Though tbf one of my favourite songs with a Christmas theme rarely if ever gets airplay at anytime of the year. Though as its St Etienne who don't get much anyway with any of their music.
  9. MrSpud42

    The Worst Job You Ever Ever Had

    For me, the worst job I've had so far is as an industrial cleaner at a large local window/conservatory manufacturer. They were based out of old aircraft hangers. A mare to clean and the line workers treated the place and us like crap. And after someone decided to crap into a bowl and stick it into a microwave at high power I had the sense to hand my notice in.
  10. MrSpud42

    How did you learn your first swear words?

    Hmm - being a football fan most would think I learnt most of my bad language / swear words there. Not in my case... I was taken to the football by my mum to escape my father's invariable use of all the above words in a variety of combinations when various agricultural machines broke or his method of repair, normally a hammer failed to repair it. The joys of growing up on a remote farm in Norfolk.
  11. MrSpud42

    The deaD of 2023

    A bit niche this - retired SR71 pilot and author Brian Shul has died, announced on social media.
  12. MrSpud42

    The Chequered Flag

    Possibly the wrong thread - Simon Arron, motorsports writer/photographer has died.
  13. MrSpud42

    how long till' the next hit ?

    October 27th.
  14. MrSpud42

    Fort William Football Club

    There's a short article about Fort William in the new When Saturday Comes. Worth a look if you can find it in your local newsagents.
  15. MrSpud42

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    The Demon Haunted World - Carl Sagan.

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