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  1. Deathers2.0

    The Weather

    I will. At your age though I wouldn't be so confident of surviving a cold snap.
  2. Deathers2.0

    The Weather

    We're talking 2010 levels of cold and snow here..... Nothing new, but nothing everyday either.
  3. Deathers2.0

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Absolutely comedy gold. Could book yourself a night at The Comedy Store with that, oh wait....
  4. Deathers2.0

    The Weather

    Serious prolonged cold spell throughout most of January now looking highly likely. Order yer snow shovels guys. Oh wait, as if you were going to get out anyway....
  5. Deathers2.0

    Hares Death Pool 2021

    I have received a grand total of 20 teams at this point. If you're not on here, I've not received your team (unless you sent to AFB today, in which case he likely has it.) Received Teams Deathray Markb4 Chilean Way Bibliogryphon Great Uncle Bulgaria An Fear Beag ImNotHades Charles de Gaulle Ebless YorkshireBanker msc CalebH gcreptile Nantonian2013 DeathByArsenic Etib8 Death Impends theoldlady The Unknown Man Exu

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