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  1. whoismakoto

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Johnny Wactor, General Hospital actor, killed during robbery attempt of his car by one of the assailants
  2. whoismakoto

    Cartoonists And Animators

    Carlo J. Caparas, Filipino comic writer whose works have been adapted to numerous movies and TV series. He turned to a film director that specialized in biographical crime murder stories, dead at 80.
  3. whoismakoto

    Playboy Playmates

    There's a new entry in Startiger that he got a response saying Corinne Cole aka Lari Laine is dead. No other info or reference online found.
  4. whoismakoto

    Time Added

    Wolfgang Schüler, German footballer, dead at 66
  5. whoismakoto

    British Character Actors

    I can't say for sure. Rosemary Dorken or married name Rosemary Flexman was last listed in 192.com in 2005.
  6. whoismakoto

    British Character Actors

    Can I ask if there are any traces for the ff: Irissa Cooper Tim Seely Brenda Hogan Sarah Atkinson Carmen Dene Sally Bazely (Wiki and IMDb have different birthdays) Tony Doonan John Kelland John Golightly Eleana Johnson Rosemary Dorken Sheila Brennan Magda Miller Thanks
  7. whoismakoto

    Cartoonists And Animators

    Trina Robins, underground cartoonist. Produced the first all-woman comic book, 'It Ain't Me Babe'. Designed Vampirella's costume.Dead at 85
  8. whoismakoto

    Dying Off The Radar

    She was last heard responding to a fanmail in June 2022. Lives in New Hampshire.
  9. whoismakoto


    The AAGPBL also just recently learned that Barbara Payne died last month.
  10. whoismakoto


    Toni Palermo died last night
  11. whoismakoto

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2024 (page 18)

    German actress Vera Tschechowa dead at 83
  12. whoismakoto

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Cole Brings Plenty of 1923 found dead after going missing. https://www.facebook.com/share/f73t5KwWBd5hhey8/?mibextid=oFDknk
  13. whoismakoto

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    France Nonkovic, Croatian water polo player who was part of silver medal Yugoslavia squad in 1964, has a date of death in his Croatian wiki but no source. Good thing I found a reference
  14. whoismakoto

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Toshio Shuji, Japanese swimmer who won a bronze medal in 1964, has a date of death in his Japanese wiki. No source though, and I could not find any reference from it.
  15. whoismakoto

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Olympedia missed big time with Igor Rudakov whose Russian wiki has a date of death with reference

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