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  1. whoismakoto

    FIFA World Cup Players

    If only we can find an obit saying that Nelson Lopez (Wiki) is dead, I don't know if we can trust the comment from this blog post saying he died a long time ago. I did find in his Spanish wiki that he died in 1980 in the categories. No link, explanation or even from the info box that mentions this.
  2. whoismakoto

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Felix Salinas (Wiki), member of the 1970 Peruvian squad, dead according ti this Facebook post Jose del Castillo, also a member of the 1970 Peruvian squad, dead at 79 years old according to his Spanish Wiki but no links
  3. whoismakoto

    American Football Players

    According to a member from Startiger, Gerry Perry (Wiki) died in December 2022. A member reported receiving a note from Gerry's son saying that Gerry passed away in December 2022, but unfortunately threw the note away. The admin could not immediately marked him as dead
  4. whoismakoto

    Cage Fighters

    Iuri Lapicus dies of motorcycle accident at the age of 27 as reported by One FC
  5. whoismakoto

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Looking for Dulcie Jordan (Imdb). Filmography would suggest she's probably dead or at best in her 90s today. Found an article that her husband Louis Shurr died way back in 1967. Found a record that as Dulcie J Shurr, she lived in NY
  6. whoismakoto

    Deadpool Detective Work

    A curious case between Helen Thompson (Imdb) and Ana Corita or Anakorita (Imdb). Do you think they are the same person and should be merged? The comments also suggested she could have passed away after October 5, 2019 (death of Amalia Fuentes mentioned in the post) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02m1nuEwrfArePxNJZYy5rm3hLGBdWR7c3RxF82jCTa5e49LBwTXPLbjT2ZrKqsfZml&id=106803680735846&mibextid=Nif5oz
  7. whoismakoto

    Deadpool Detective Work

    @Gisooo @tracy Can you help me check if Ralph Hart (Imdb) is still alive? I saw in radaris a Ralph Hart with same birth month and year, and living in Yucaipa which fits the description of a small desert town in California according to a blog about his whereabouts. He is marked as deceased but no details were given.
  8. whoismakoto

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    Received also a letter from Swiss player Xavier Stierli that he is also suffering from mild dementia
  9. whoismakoto

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    Received a letter from Scottish player Ian McMillan of the 1954 World Cup squad's daughter that McMillan is suffering from dementia
  10. whoismakoto

    The 100 Club

    There's Jack Rader (Imdb) b. 23 Nov, 1921
  11. whoismakoto

    The 100 Club

    There's Maj-Britt Frati (Wiki) b. 29 March 1919, Swedish
  12. whoismakoto

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Can anyone check if Carol Ann Beekly (Imdb is still alive? In this ancestry.com page, she is know as Carol Ann Beckly but the birthyear is off. The related section at the bottom has a reference to Carol A Livingston. Now when I search for "Carol Ann Beekly Livingston", an obituary says the she is the parent of the deceased and is already deceased as well.
  13. whoismakoto

    Time Added

    Anyone know how to edit German wiki? Found an East German player who has actually passed away but I can't find any date of death. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albrecht_Strohmeyer Reference https://www.volksstimme.de/amp/sport/lokalsport-magdeburg/fussball-abc-in-stendal-erlernt-1075995
  14. whoismakoto

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    So sad to hear as Jack Frost was the movie that introduced me to Russian or more specifically, Soviet cinema. I think Natalya Sedykh is the only one from the main cast left.
  15. whoismakoto

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    Could this be a bigger concern regarding Gordon McQueen?

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