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  1. Famous6Eva

    The 4th Death of 2024

    The longshot "That's all" might pull it off
  2. Famous6Eva

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    Replace with Fritz with Roland Dumas
  3. Famous6Eva

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2024

    I had a hit with Kurt Hamrin
  4. Famous6Eva

    Hospitalization Pool

    1Fritz Wepper 2.Nelson Acosta 3.Alexander Mitta 4.Jose Mujica 5.Milos Ziman 6.Tin 0o 7.Daniel Barenboim 8.Pope Francis 9.Imelda Marcos 10.Zhang Lixiong subs James Whale Willie Nelson
  5. Famous6Eva

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    My other sub Kurt Hamrin died so adding 2 Fritz Wepper and Nelson Acosta
  6. Famous6Eva

    Meghan Markle

    Congrats to Meghan Suits was the number 1 streamed tele show in 2023 https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-68138795
  7. Famous6Eva

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    put in as subs Eleonora Giorgi and Kurt Hamrin
  8. Famous6Eva

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    count me in
  9. Famous6Eva

    Inverse Dead Pool 2024

    1.Prunella Scales 2.Buzz Aldrin 3.Erik Jensen 4.Janey Godley 5.Michael J. Fox 6.Andy Taylor 7.Joe Biden 8.Dick Van Dyke 9.Robert Wagner 10.Billy Connolly 11.Clint Eastwood 12.William Shatner 13.Toby Keith 14.Ozzy Osbourne 15.Willie Nelson 16.Shannen Doherty 17.Donald Trump 18.Mel Brooks 19.James Whale 20.Stanley Baxter 21.David Attenborough 22.Tim Bilton 23.Bob Newhart 24.Bruce Willis 25.Rupert Murdoch sub Michael Tilson Thomas
  10. Famous6Eva

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2024

    1.Milan Kucan 2.Jimmy Carter 3.Silvia Pinal 4.Mollie Lentaigne 5.Kurt Hamrin 6.George Thorogood 7.Dianna Cowern 8.Nino Benvenuti 9.Édith Cresson 10.Helen Merrill Brian Hyland Simon Cowell(wildlife)
  11. Famous6Eva

    Deathrace 2024

    Bernardo Ruiz Dianna Cowern Foolio Graham Cavenay Irena Santor Jan Englert Jimmy Carter(Joker) Julie Sommars Kurt Hamrin Lizzy Mussi Manmohan Singh Mario Zagallo Mollie Lentaigne Nina Grebeshkova Pete Murray Roberta Flack Roberto Duran Sergio Corona Susan Sullivan Ugo Mifsud Bonnici subs Esther Shapiro Michael Tilson Thomas Maria Chwalibog Erik Jensen Ida Galli
  12. Famous6Eva


    Aleksandar Ristić Barbara Horawianka Brigitte Bardot Chief Keef Esther Shapiro Foolio Gaetano Starrabba Gemma Cuervo Gunilla Poppe Helen Merrill Imelda Marcos Ioannis Varvitsiotis Isabel Ruth Jane Rossington Julie Goodyear Krystyna Zachwatowicz Larisa Latynina Mario Adorf Michael Tilson Thomas Mollie Lentaigne Selma van de Perre--------------joker Susan Sullivan Thelma Ruby Ugo Mifsud Bonnici Veljko Bulajić SUBS Eugenia Cooney Jirna Bodhalova Miso Kovac Yayoi Kusama Iris Apfel
  13. Famous6Eva

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    for my sub bench Wilson Fittipaldi Junior
  14. Famous6Eva

    Crazy Eight Dead Pool Mk.III

    Jirna Bodhalova
  15. Famous6Eva

    The 13th Death of 2023

    Imelda Marcos

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