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  1. 46 minutes ago, Handrejka said:


    The joker pick for my Scouse theme team. I think she was in my shadow list last year and would have been again next year, typically she was not this year.


    Sorry for spoiling any unique pick points for her.

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  2. Leslie Van Houten would beg to differ


    1 hour ago, Charles De Gaulle said:

    That's not going to happen. There's simply no reason to keep someone this old in prison after he has been there for 53 years. And he won't need to adjust to modern life since he's likeky going straight to a nursing anyway.


  3. 4 hours ago, torbrexbones said:

    You seem to think that other people are not allowed to have an opinion about something if it differs from your own opinion so what does that make you.


    I post my opinions and I don't give a shit whether you like them or not so just put me on ignore if you don't like what I post.

    I don't go following you around the forum and picking up on every little thing that you post.

    You seem to hold yourself to a higher level than me, that's fine but just don't try to talk down to me.


    You don't often actually post your opinions though. You post some vague allusion to bigotry and then absolutely bottle it if asked to explain what it is you actually mean. Just say it with your chest, it's your right and we're just a band of snowflakes. What's stopping you?


    The basis of the anti-snowflake brigade seems to be founded in the right to say inflammatory things but what's the point in having defenders of free speech who are too chicken shit to speak freely? Articulation is a better weapon than pearl clutching isn't it?

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  4. See I always thought the big rumour was just that Barrymore knew more about the death than he was letting on, as opposed to actually suspecting him of committing the murder itself.


    So....does somebody being arrested change that ?




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