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  1. j0neseur0

    The Dead of 2024

    I genuinely did go to this last year. I'm heading back to Reykjavik this year, I'll see if there happens to be a new donated piece.
  2. j0neseur0

    Life In Prison

    .....how?! How do you over eat to a morbid degree when your every meal is state mandated ?
  3. j0neseur0

    Charles Manson

    I very much doubt. Their paroles get overruled because of the infamy of the case. It's taken this long to get the girl who stabbed a corpse out of prison. It's a whole other ball game getting the ones who actually murdered people out. I also think that Krenwinkel being at the Sharon Tate & co murders carries more public hatred than Van Houten being at the less sensational / publicised La Bianca murders. Sadly the victims are definitely ranked in order of how much the public care about them.
  4. j0neseur0

    Big Brother

    Jessica Alves has cancelled all Las Vegas PA engagements as she was stung by a bee two weeks ago and has had to flee to England as it's now making her ill. There's a bee stings joke in here somewhere that somebody funnier than me could probably execute.
  5. j0neseur0

    Phillip Schofield

    Yes they did
  6. j0neseur0

    Phillip Schofield

    He's our new Barrymore!
  7. j0neseur0

    Sir Michael Caine

  8. j0neseur0

    The deaD of 2023

    Enough examples now to just accept OP's assumption was incorrect
  9. j0neseur0

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Very, very funny resigning from an extremely easy job citing exhaustion and frailty then enjoying the benefits and pension for almost a decade. Also funny telling God that you cannot be arsed hearing him prattle on to you and you only anymore.
  10. j0neseur0

    Big Brother

    Oh.....it's a hoax
  11. j0neseur0

    Big Brother

    Not sure of the validity but just saw this screenshot being shared about Charley from BBUK
  12. j0neseur0

    The Dead of 2021

    Sorry for spoiling any unique pick points for her.
  13. j0neseur0

    Demi Lovato

  14. j0neseur0

    Life In Prison

    Leslie Van Houten would beg to differ
  15. j0neseur0

    Kathy Griffin

    Weird because both parents lived to great old ages and were heavy drinkers. Kathy and her siblings not so lucky so far.

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