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  1. sodoffbaldrick

    Donald J Trump

    Obviously he's using the male measuring tape for his height. You know the same one guys use to prove they are all 8 inches long where it counts.
  2. sodoffbaldrick

    Let Us Bet On The Oscars 'in Memoriam' Package

    I guess I'm too old to watch the Oscar's In Memoriam. Most of the tributes were so small, taking up only a small portion of the tv screen that neither the names or photos could be clearly seen. The camera people appear to have forgotten how to do closeups on the screens they were showing the scenes and photographs on. And could anyone make out what the list of words? names? on the screen at the end of the tribute was?
  3. sodoffbaldrick

    Royal Family

    In my personal life between 1989-1993 I lost both parents ages 52, 57, an uncle 54, and had 3 friends lose at least 1parent all in their 50;s all due to heart attacks, and strokes. 3 of my 4 grandparents died in the 1960's all in their 50's as well due to cancer, heart attack and aneurism. A certain percentage of people have always died younger than the expected life expectancy and in both of those eras it certainly was not due to new untested vaccines or covid. I am putting a link to an article about how life expectancy is determined because it is apparent that you don't understand how it works. Life expectancy - Wikipedia
  4. sodoffbaldrick

    Joe Biden

    I just keep reading this forum and the one about Trump in the hopes that one or the other or, better yet, both have died. When did Americans stop assassinating their leaders?
  5. sodoffbaldrick

    Donald J Trump

    Now, now. Don't go confusing Republicans by listing facts. They only seem to believe the lies they hear coming from the former reality tv star whose main claim to fame was telling contestants "You're fired". They want entertainment, not actual accomplishments. The masses want bread and circuses.
  6. sodoffbaldrick

    Donald J Trump

    Trump might still manage to gaffe his way to defeat if we are lucky. Trump reportedly told Iowans today to move on to get past the school shooting that took place in Iowa yesterday. One has to wonder about the mental ability of people hearing comments like that and still supporting him as the presidential candidate.
  7. sodoffbaldrick

    The 18th death of 2023

    Going with Carter next, in about 6 hours, based on the recent speed of fatalities. I think the record of 20 will fall by the middle of December.
  8. sodoffbaldrick

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    all right so my non political thoughts.....Christina Applegate, David Suzuki (former host of The Nature of Things, Canadian environmentalist}, Margaret Trudeau... mother of current Canadian Prime minister and former spouse of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Carol Burnett, and Barbara Eden
  9. sodoffbaldrick

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Given the violent rhetoric involved with the current U.S election cycle I suspect we will see some assassinations within the next year. On that basis Joe Biden, Donald Trump, judge Arthur Ergoran, Kamala Harris, judge Tanya Chutkin, Georgia prosecuter Fani Willis. I don't know if expected murder victims tend to make the list, but all of these seem like plausible choices whether or not they have any actual health issues. Especially if violence explodes if/when Trump is convicted or claims the election is stolen from him.
  10. sodoffbaldrick

    Donald J Trump

    Trump's defense is perfect and unbreakable. "I deny doing everything that you accuse me of doing because I'm a God and you are a an evil agent of the Deep State and are biased against me. I did nothing wrong, no matter what you claim. At worst some of my underlings, on their own initiative, undertook actions that might have been less than ideal but i never instructed them to do so, therefore I;m not guilty but you can throw them in jail until i'm re-elected and then we'll see what happens." Please note I disagree with this defense but it seems to be the one he is using in every court case.
  11. sodoffbaldrick

    Crazy Eight Dead Pool Mk.II

    I'm a complete novice at this... Michael J. Fox

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