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  1. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    Legendary French actress Anouk Aimée dead at 92. She was frail from sometimes. (She was known notably to be the partner of Jean-Louis Trintignant : « A Man and A Woman » movie of Claude Lelouch) An other huge loss for French cinema this year.
  2. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    For Hardy obituary…the title could be : « Voici comment lui dire adieu » (reference to her song)
  3. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    A French legend is gone ! Very sad news her passing !
  4. La Tombe

    Françoise Hardy

    Nooooooooooo ! RIP legend !
  5. La Tombe

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    In our French Deathlist, we score at 11/50 for now.
  6. La Tombe

    Charles Aznavour

    I don’t trust the man in these interview who says it’s the fault of an airline.
  7. La Tombe

    Films with entirely dead casts

    I didn't know the mother of Elvis was Micheline..
  8. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    RIP ! He was a legendary actor in Italian cinema, more famous in Italy than in its own native country. Father of famous actress Philippine Leroy-Baulieu. An other hit for my FDL.
  9. La Tombe

    French speaking deathlist

    Un hommage national aux invalides, elle le mérite plus que tout autre. Les hommages aux invalides étaient avant tout reservés aux hommes et un femmes militaires…avant que ça soit donné à n’importe quelle personnalité.
  10. La Tombe

    French speaking deathlist

    A courageous woman honored by the legion of Honour. She was a nurse during Vietnam War. She is still famous in Vietnam, today. Fly high Angel of Dien Dien Phu (her beautiful surname). It’s a very sad loss. I hope she will get a tribute at the Invalides.
  11. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    Are there others famous old nonagerian French mathematicians like him who are still alive...I doubt
  12. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    - André Chandernagor is very frail, moves in wheelchair, will turn 103 in September, definitely a hit to come for this year ! - Roland Dumas, since Micheline Presle and him are born one day apart the same month, the same year, there is great chance that he will follow her these year, like Milan Kundera born the same day as Marcel Amont, and died 4 month after these latter in 2023. It's destiny ! Roland Dumas is not as frail as André Chandernagor is tough. - Jean-Marie Le Pen, many hospitalisations since 2022, no more videos on his Youtube Channel, and since Delors and Badinter are now dead, he is one of last famous nonagerian French politicians alive today, he is frail now as he is not quite understandable when he speaks. I think he will pass away around autumn or december these year ! - Bouvard is old and retired from TV since many years now, to watch closely. - Cheng not seen in medias since pre-Covid time, no news about him since a long time, to watch closely, I sense his death is near to come ! - Bietry, ALS disease at a stage very advanced, near death door, definitely a hit to come ! - Raphael Gemnianimi, almost centenarian, don't know very well his health condition, to watch closely ! - Geneviève Page (unseen in medias from a decade, maybe much longer) she is the same age as my great-aunt is, both are widowed since many years, Page lost her husband in 2011, quite a long time, and my great-aunt lost her husband in 2013 and she is not very well now as she approaches 97 next November. Geneviève Page might be in the same condition, I sense a hit to come !
  13. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    I think Laborde is not near death door but her dementia must be at at an advanced stage now. Chirac quite not sure for this year, she is frail now, but she has all her mentality capacity / Source quoted here (https://www.ladepeche.fr/2023/10/04/bernadette-chirac-handicapee-et-amaigrie-isolee-que-devient-lancienne-premiere-dame-11496252.php) Delon, he is frail but not near death door, I think it will be a hit in 2025, He will reach 89 but definitely not 90 !
  14. La Tombe

    French Deathlist 2024

    We are at 11 hits...Who do you think will be gone by the end of the year ? I think : Edgar Morin, Roland Dumas, André Chandernagor, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Philippe Bouvard, Françoise Hardy, François Cheng, Geneviève Page, Charles Bietry, Raphael Gémianimi, Jean-Pierre Serre. Why ? because they have been not so much seen in the medias for quite a long time.
  15. La Tombe

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    French actress Perette Souplex (Wiki) dead at 94.

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