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  1. BonScott

    British Character Actors

    Am 58 and agree 100%, both my parents lived to ripe old age but spent their final 2 years having carers do everything for them, I would rather enjoy my wine, steaks, burgers, and have a fatal heart attack at 60 having fun than live to 90 and have a carer wipe my ass
  2. BonScott

    38. Prunella Scales

    ‘A broken door is always the last to creak’, I think Tim will go before her and then her days/weeks later
  3. BonScott


    Great presenter, hope to see him back on GB News again real soon now the investigation is over
  4. BonScott

    Julian Assange

    He should be freed immediately, the public has the right to know everything and anything our elected politicians get up to in their working lives, Julian Assange is a hero, a true beacon for the free press we deserve
  5. BonScott

    British Character Actors

    Never heard of him, never seen a single episode of The Office, but one look at his pics tell us all we need to know, a life spent binge eating pies and an early death, a sad waste of life, only 50
  6. My big boss, American, and based in America, had straight away heard of him, I don’t know for fact but would guess R1/2 was available for streaming all over the world
  7. Its not quantity that matters, its quality, 2 huge names, world famous, gone in a week, Steve Wright and Navalny
  8. BonScott


    Won’t see 2025 imho, sounds like going downhill fast, be very surprised if he makes xmas
  9. BonScott

    Steve McMichael

    LPA’s can be overturned if someone was of sound mind when they consented to having a DNR order, ALS affects the muscles more than anything as far as I know as opposed to the mind so docs should go to court for the right to overturn her selfish wishes
  10. BonScott

    Steve McMichael

    Surely the doctors have to give priority to a legal document signed by him as opposed to what his wife wants? unless she had power of attorney at the time he signed it its a legal no brainer
  11. BonScott

    Steve McMichael

    Just let him die ffs poor man been through enough, and the ALS will just get worse Like Mrs Schumacher his wife is in pure denial/delusion at some sort of recovery
  12. BonScott

    Alexey Navalny

    He was fine when his mother visited him on Tuesday and he was fine when he was shown on video for his court appearance the day before he died so whatever it was it was pretty sudden, unlikely to be a sudden heart attack without anyone else being involved at his age, poisoned or injected with a drug that killed him adds up
  13. BonScott

    Alexey Navalny

    Seems pretty obvious to me he was poisoned either by a drink or something in his food, the authorities are probably waiting for all traces of poison to disappear before releasing the corpse
  14. BonScott

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Met him twice at events where he was racing and he was very friendly and polite towards me, shame to hear he is a cock
  15. BonScott

    1. Jimmy Carter

    More coherent and articulate than Biden tbf in that interview

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