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Found 1 result

  1. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    Game is now active and closed to new entries. Deaths start to earn points as of now (aug 4). Total entries = 19. Thanks for playing: MariNisia, HDS, Banana, Toast, Torva Messor, Guy From Future, Book, Yorkshire Banker, Nick, Death by Arsenic, theoldlady, DeathImpends, msc, gcreptile, Yvonne, Captain Chorizo, Bibliogryphon, Great Uncle Bulgaria, and Wormfarmer. If I missed anyone, my apologies, but i did not get your list in time. The master table is now finalized and posted. I have not carefully vetted all the lists, all my time was spent creating the table and figuring how to get it posted here in some reasonable form. We did have one already deceased name come to light so far, a great name at the E spot, Einar Enevoldson, but my ruling is to not allow subs for a DOA. Sorry, Book. I tried to update the master table with highlights, but the site won't save it, possibly because I imported it from excel or maybe due to its large size. It may be that the table is going to stay AS IS, if I can't get it to save changes. EDIT - I have a nice updated table, which is color coded for solos, duos, and hits. All the cool edits I did to it in excel unfortunately don't want to transfer over to this format. Fun stats on the entries: The letter F had the most unique names with 19. That's everyone in the game picking a different name! Most solos on a list goes to Yorkshire Banker and Death By Arsenic with 19 each. That's only 7 names away from a solo sweep. Next year I may institute a new bonus for list with the most solos on it. Most duos on a list goes to Bibliogryphon with 7. Name picked the most = David Gulpilil at 11 times (once at the D spot). A close second was Bob Dole at 10 times all at the D spot. My biggest surprises: Ozzy Osbourne, Olivia Newton-John and Abdelaziz Bouteflika were all nabbed as solos! Ozzy may have been dying for 20 years now but what a great alliterative at the O spot. Also, ancient Jimmy Carter went as a duo. HITS: First big hit of the game is hall of fame college football coach, Bobby Bowden (3), an alliterative score for 8 teams. Guess I missed the solo bonus there, eh? I will add teams to the table upon their first score, so it will be a literal "is now on the board" when you get your first hit. So there is (briefly) an 8 way tie for the lead . . . . Just a few minutes after the above update I add hit #2 for the game - a solo shot for MariNisia with actress Jane Withers (5) at the W spot. Good for 3 solo points and solo grip on the lead. (Thanks for keeping an eye on me MariNisia and theoldlady) The hits just keep on coming! Bob Jenkins (5) jenks it for 2 pts plus the duo bonus AND 1942 bonus for HDS and Guy From Future, moving them both into a tie with MariNisia for the lead. HUGE hit for theoldlady - Gerd Muller (7) gets her the 1942 bonus and the solo bonus! She's instantly in 4th place. That's 9 folks already on the board . . . . Michael Cullen (5), er, pardon me, Sir, has taken a turn for the very worst. This resulting in a duo bonus for theoldlady and Cap'n Cho, in addition to the 1942 bonus, which I will try to heretofore refer to as the "whippersnapper bonus". Now we have 10 folks on the board AND a new leader!! MariNisia takes back the lead with another solo shot at the S spot, with Kalyan Singh (5). And in this same post, anti-vaccer Phil Valentine (7) succumbs to the virus and regrets thumbing his nose at common sense and earns solo and whippersnapper bonuses for gcreptile. You guys are good! BAM! Great score for 7 teams at the H spot with the passing of Sarah Harding (4/3). Add the Whippersnapper bonus for a total of 4 points each. We welcome newcomer Book to the leaderboard. Also entering with a 3 point hit (at the S spot) is Great Uncle Bulgaria. The leader changes again - - - theoldlady is back on top!! No rest for the dead. Donald Zec (4) donates himself for the benefit of three contestants - msc, Yvonne and Wormfarmer. Yvonne is the 12th player to post a score. No bonuses but the Z spot is one of the premium hits. Wormfarmer is also still looking for a QO for world record holding track star Ida Keeling, who passed on Aug 28th. C'mon media, get with it! That's worth a cool 5 points! "Cool" Carl Bean strikes 6 points into the heart of gcreptile at the C spot. That includes both the solo and whippersnapper bonuses and vaults him into a tie for first. Nice at bat, gc. Terry "Who-in-the-Hell?" Lubbock has passed and the BBC has provided the means to a score for 6 lovely prize winners. Five had him at the L spot (4 pts) and one at the T spot (3 pts), which includes the whippersnapper bonus. We now have 14 of 19 teams on the scoreboard. AND a new leader! WOAH! One of the great streaks in the game was just had by Great Uncle Bulgaria. Since the last update, I have 3 (count 'em, 3), solos to post for GUB. He scores for Amy Winifred Hawkins 5 at the H spot (no whippersnapper bonus there), Abdelaziz Bouteflika 5 at the A spot, and Jimmy Greaves 5 at the G spot!! That's a super quick 15 pts since Sept 8th, and he did it all on his own. No sharing his points! He jumps from 14th to 2nd in one post. Legendary. Robert Fyfe (5) including solo bonus, for bibliogryphon. That makes 15 teams on the leaderboard. Who will be last? Not Toast. He gets a big solo alliterative at the G spot with the whippersnapper bonus to boot. Crazy good pick there with Greg Gilbert (8), who took a very long time to go but paid off for the patient Toast. Three teams left to get on board. Make it two. DeathbyArsenic gets two quick hits and is the latest new entry. Bernard Tapie (7) gives him a solo and barely qualifies for a whippersnapper bonus at the T spot, then a short time later, Nadia Chaudhri (4) at the N spot moves him up the leaderboard (another whippersnapper bonus) as a duo hit shared with leader gcreptile. Nice going! Only Nick and Torva Messor left in the contest to avoid being the booby. Damn! theoldlady is showing us how it's done. She picks up a solo/whippersnapper bonus to go with a nice 3 pts for Granville Adams using the A spot. That's a big leap of 8 points to join gcreptile at the top of the leaderboard! Well done! At the T spot, Ancient Animator Ruthie Tompson (3) of Disney Hall of Fame has passed at 111 years old and left behind points for two of us - Yvonne and Wormfarmer. We get the duo bonus but miss the whippersnapper by a mile and a half. Time for a big update: I have 6 hits to add, and maybe a 7th if someone can confirm a QO for Miguel de Oliveira. I know a spanish obit was referenced, but if that doesn't fly for the Derby, then it certainly wasn't one of the sources I added for this game. So for now on to the confirmed point getters . . . . Albert Raboteau gets a WS bonus for 3 teams - msc put him at the A spot for 4 points, while gcreptile and Banana had him at the R spot also for 4 points. Ally Mclaws pushes the boundaries of celebrity but gets WS points for gcreptile and HDS at the A spot (4) and again 4 points for those who had her at the M spot - Cap'n Cho/Banana/msc. Well done! James Michael Tyler dies among Friends and gets WS points for a whopping 7 teams, all 4 pts each at the T spot - Cap'n Cho/Book/msc/gcreptile/theoldlady/HDS/MariNisia. Jovita Moore carks for a solo/WS at the M spot (total of 7) for MariNisia - that's how it's done! The only old fart of this update, alliterative Frank Farrar dies and gives Wormfarmer a solo and 6 points. Finally, Alan Igglesden is kind enough to add WS points to the totals of Cap'n Cho (4 pts at the A spot), and msc/gcreptile/theoldlady/Death Impends/MariNisia/Banana (5 pts each at the I spot). That is quite a month for msc and gcreptile who each score 17 points, while MariNisia adds 16, Banana adds 13 and Cap'n Cho gets a dozen. No new teams get on the board. It feels like this is quite a furious pace so far and the totals are really adding up for some teams. Nice work, but as the hits accumulate, there are fewer ways left to score, so there is hope for the teams at the back of the pack . . . . Thanks to MariNisia for both following the obits and double checking my scoring accuracy. She should be running this thing! A couple more names to score and another in limbo. First, Pat Martino (6) at the P spot give solo and WP points to Yorkshire Banker. Then, FW deKlerk gives duo bonuses to gcreptile at the F spot (2) and DeathbyArsenic at the D spot (3). gcreptile widens his lead on the field a little bit but still LOTS of time left in this game. Wormfarmer suffers another limbo hit with Cuban actress/singer Amalia Aguilar. I never know how famous people are in their own cultures, but it seems like everyone else always gets obits with obscure names I've never heard of, so I continue to bang my head against the wall with my own obscurities. Hopefully, the press will pick her up, along with previous dud Ida Keeling. . . . The scoring never stops in this game. Clarissa Eden (3) gives 5 contestants points at the lucrative E spot. And Jyrki Kasvi (5) gives whippersnapper and duo bonus points to book and theoldlady at the K spot. One of the teams getting a hit is new to the leaderboard, Torva Messor, which means that our booby for this year is Nick. Congrats to you, Nick. Next year I will consider awarding some kind of bonus for this undesirable feat. HUGE Update! Probably going to be the biggest of the year, and it's not because I have neglected to post as it's only been about 2 weeks since the last one. But we lost our two most numerous picks back to back, plus a few solos thrown in as well. So 15 of the 19 players are scoring this time, so if you're not one of those, you are losing ground this week. In addition, our previously mentioned BOOBY, Nick, has a good week and will no longer be in last place. So let's get to it . . . . First, Stephen Sondheim (6) dies and gives nice alliterative/solo points to bibliogryphon. Then, golfer Lee Elder (6) carks and donates solo/vowel points to HDS. To finish off the solo hits, Fortune Fitzroy (6) posts a nice alliterative score for Toast. Now for the big dogs - monster pick David Gulpilil gives whippersnapper points at the D spot (3pts) to Yorkshire Banker, and at the G spot to 10 other teams (4pts). The second monster pick to die was Bob Dole, who 10 teams had all at the D spot, for 2 pts each. What a Christmas rush! Top scorer of the week is HDS, who adds 12 points on 3 hits and yet only moves up the leaderboard 2 places. Man this is a tough crowd! A few more scores to round out the year: Judge Mary E Fairhurst (7) is a sweet score for HDS who picks up solo and whippersnapper points at the F spot. Richard Rogers (6) gives Toast solo alliterative points. Nice. Harry Reid (3) carks to give the duo bonus at the R spot to HDS and theoldlady. And finally, the lady I thought would live forever, Betty White (5) gives Book solo points at the W spot. Of those that scored, Toast and HDS are the only ones that actually move up in position, 4 and 2 places, respectively. We are now at approximately the half way point and the scores are huge. Can 2022 be as generous? Things appear to have calmed a little, and I only have two hits to report, one of them being from back in 2021. Lucia Hiriart (5) provides solo points at the H spot to Guy From Future, and Sidney Poitier (5) does the same at the P spot for Yvonne. It's enough to move both players up the leaderboard a little. First update in 3 weeks and only a few new scores to post, indicating things have calmed down a bit on the obits page. For now. First up, media mogul Jana Bennett (4/3) gets the WS bonus for 2 folks at the B spot and 2 folks at the J spot. Composer and old fart Francis Jackson (5) gets solo points for Wormfarmer at the J spot. And finally, Eastender Leonard Fenton (5) provides a solo boost to Yvonne at the F spot. New totals move Wormfarmer and Yvonne 3 places each up the leaderboard, while gcreptile and theoldlady simply widen their leads. Oddly, with 19 players in the game, there are no ties on the board at this point. For whatever that's worth. I'm back among the temporarily living and overdue for an update. First, a correction to my last scoring post, (pointed out once again by MariNisia) in that Jana Bennett should not have received a duo bonus for the four folks that picked her. Duh. Sorry to actually drop all of you down one point on the leaderboard. The error has been corrected above as well. Most of you will make it up in no time, I'm sure. Next, let's look at a missed hit from January. Gary Burgess (6) gives huge WS and solo points at the G spot to Yorkshire Banker. York, you are either not paying attention or very patient with the scoring. I'll take either. Then we have Carleton Carpenter (6) doing wonders for Toast's game as a solo alliterative. Monica Vitti (2) passes to give 3 players something to cherish at the V spot. But not to be outdone there, Beryl Vertue (3) is a duo hit for Biblio and DeathbyArsenic also at the V. The Candy Bomber (a rare feel good story if you like war history), Gail Halvorson (5) passes to give Wormfarmer solo points at the H spot. Nick rakes riches with a young solo shot at the M spot, with Jane Marczewski (aka Nightbirde) (7) passing of cancer. That really is a sad story. I had seen her on America's Got Talent, but did not imagine her cancer would get her so quickly. And finally for today, Biblio scores again, along with Cap'n Cho, with a duo at the O spot with Frank O'Farrell's (4) demise. So biblio makes the biggest jump up three places, and Toast, YorkBank and Cap'n Cho each get a rung or two as well. No changes at the top for now. At least until MariNisia checks my work! Things have been morbidly slow in pooling so far in 2022, and this pool is no exception. Even though I have not updated in two months, I only have 4 hits to post (that I am aware of). The first is a nice duo at the W spot for gcreptile and Guy From Future with Sister Catherine Wybourne (4), also earning the WS bonus. Then Vic Elford collects points at both the V (1) and E (3) spots for a quartet of teams. Miguel Van Damme may be the youngest hit so far, and scores a duo bonus as well for Death by Arsenic at the M (4) and Guy From Future at the V (5). Finally, Tom Smith ends an excruciatingly long wait for those who have been playing him in various pools for years and gets WS and duo points for Great Uncle Bulgaria at the T (4) and Nick at the S spot (5). Kudos to Guy From Future here, who actually scored on 3 of the 4 hits I just posted for a total of 12 points and a big 6 place leap up the leaderboard. That would be more impressive if he hadn't been second from the bottom. But better late than never - - well done, sir! A quick turnaround for another update for some missed hits that were pointed out by MariNisia: First up is young buck Tom Parker, getting WS bonuses for 3 players at the P spot (4) and also for Death Impends at the T spot (3). Next is a solo strike for Death Impends with ancient music producer Art Rupe (4) at the R spot. And lastly, let's add actor Michel Bouquet (4) also a solo at the B spot for Death by Arsenic. Although Death Impends makes the largest bound up the leaderboard, the more significant move was made by msc, who solidifies 3rd place and narrows the gap on the top two leaders with only a couple of months to go. But watch out for Torva in the home stretch . . . . Less than 3 weeks to play so time for another update. Toast gets a solo AND an alliterative with Billy Bingham, good for 6 points. Yorkie Banker also solos with long time DL favorite JL Trintignant at the T spot for 5 points. And Torva solos with director Peter Brook at the P spot for 4 points. Next we have a nice duo hit for Wormfarmer and Bibliogryphon with ancient Mexican ex-president Luis Echeverria at the slightly more valuable E spot for 4 points each. And finally, half the field hits with Susie Steiner, who I didn't select due to her questionable status for an obit. But she got one, right? If not, I will gladly retract the points, but if so, she earns alliterative and a WS bonus for a total of 5 points. Points have been credited and table updated below, with a whopping 12 players improving their scores. Toast and Yorkie Banker make the biggest moves, but the top 6 remain unchanged . . . . . . Finally, I am adding a list of the lost, as I discovered that gcreptile would have hit last year with boxer Miguel de Olivera but no obit has been found. So I will add him to the pair of nobodys that I selected, and keep a list below the scoring table. Please let me know in the thread if there are others. Another late hit to post which only results in padding the lead for our top dog, gcreptile. It will likely be enough to clinch the title for him in 21-22. Uwe Seeler passes and gives 3 point boosts (including the Duo bonus) to gcr at the U spot, and also Yorkshire Banker at the S spot. Noted is that gcreptile also came very close to earning the vowel movement bonus, having hits at the A, I, O (but without an obit) and now the U spot. A hit at E or Y was all he needed. One final hit to add comes on the last day of the game, and it is a pretty good one. I have had Nichelle Nichols on my radar at the N spot for several years, but I always hoped she would keep going as Star Trek original cast members are getting fewer and fewer. The alliterative is worth 3 points to 4 players: bibliogryphon, Guy From Future, Torva Messor and HDS. Bibliogryphon is the only one to put the points to good use and move up the leaderboard a bit. But the top of the list remains unchanged. So, barring a scoring omission of epic proportions, our champion for the year is gcreptile with a whopping 64 points!! Very well done! theoldlady does very nice work for a solid second place at 59 points, so congratulations there as well. gcreptile also had the most raw hits with 15, and theoldlady and msc tied for second most with 13. Please check your teams and let me know if there are any final hits to post by the 6th of Aug. After that the game will be closed and scores will be final. Thanks for playing!! New thread for the 2022-23 game is up and entries are closed! SCORING TABLE: 1 gcreptile - 64 2 theoldlady - 59 3 msc - 51 4 HDS - 45 5 MariNisia - 41 6 Captain Chorizo - 40 7 Banana - 37 7 Book - 37 7 Toast - 37 10 DeathImpends - 34 11 Wormfarmer - 32 12 Yorkshire Banker - 30 13 Guy From Future - 28 14 DeathbyArsenic - 25 14 bibliogryphon - 25 16 Yvonne - 22 16 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 22 16 Nick - 22 19 Torva Messor - 15 List of the non qualifying stiffs: Ida Keeling - wormfarmer Miguel de Olivera - gcreptile Amalia Aguilar - wormfarmer

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