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  1. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    I will be happy to post the points if she gets a QO. I am having the same problem with Ida Keeling right now. And by the way, you can't score for the letter A when you post your name at the H spot. So you would get a total of 5 points for the H and the solo. I honestly hope you get the QO, although her fame is pretty marginal . . . . except maybe in Wales. At least Ida Keeling held a world record (albeit for codgers) in track.
  2. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    British racing driver and little known Spice Girl reject Gordon Spice dies at 81. No scores here. My wager is Ginger is next.
  3. Wormfarmer

    Six people, six months

    Ah! Got it. First one to hit all 6 before the 6 month reset wins the whole game. But rules on page one state only 2 of the 6 have to be under 100. Did that change along the way, or did you just misstate that rule above?
  4. Wormfarmer

    Six people, six months

    I will enter, but I'm unclear, do I have to hit all 6 before some teams that have been entered for almost six months hit the remaining names on their list? Ur, put another way, how do I win giving my late start? Also, what happens if someone on my list, who I am counting as under 100, turns 100? Must I replace that name or am I still legal given they were under 100 when I posted? (I know I am technically safe with the last 2 names on this list. Just asking in case say, Bob Dole was one of my youngins.) Charley Trippi Luis Echeverria Ruthie Tompson Bob Dole Vicente Fernandez James Michael Tyler
  5. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2021-2022

    OOOOOooo. Anyone else get points for Sir Michael Cullen?
  6. Wormfarmer

    Hares Death Pool 2021

    That's what I like to see, me climbing the leaderboard. Looking forward to the addition of Renee Simonot on Jul 11 and Bill Freehan on Aug 19.
  7. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    You are not mistaken. I was, in assuming Bob was an old codger. Thanks for the heads up and the scoring table is amended correctly now.
  8. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool IV

    Since this pool has ended and we should have declared a winner, I was wondering if Sir Creep would mind if I made a final standings table? What I would ask is that everyone who played make sure that their own final scores are correctly updated and post them here. I can tabulate and formally congratulate a winner and put this one in the books. For what its worth my final (miserable) score was 26. 7 hits, with 2 solos and 1 duo. No 1940 bonuses. Did anyone get the 5 vowel bonus???
  9. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    I feel that in this case a sub is not appropriate. The substitution rule is meant for names that die after a list is submitted, but prior to the start of the game. In this case, you had a name that had died well before submission of your list, what I call a DOA, which should result in a penalty of an empty scoring opportunity on your list. Don't mean to be a hard ass, but that would be my call in this case.
  10. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    Your word is good, table is corrected.
  11. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    Master list is up now, most lists look good (er, Banana?) but feel free to check for correctness. I only had to use one sub (Banana again). I will try to improve on the table later, but I wanted people to be able to see how their lists stack up. Enjoy.
  12. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    Capn Chorizo Bibliogryphon Guy From Future Book Great Uncle Bulgaria msc Yvonne Torva Messor gcreptile theoldlady Toast Death Impends MariNisia DeathbyArsenic Nick YorkshireBanker HDS Banana WormFarmer A Igglesden,Alan Iris Apfel martti ahtisaari ady barkan Abdelaziz Bouteflika A - Albert Raboteau Joss Ackland anouk aimee Ally McLaws A - Granville Adams anouk aimee Ray Anthony christiane amanpour Anouk Aimee A - David Attenborough joss ackland ally mclaws alan dean foster amalia aguilar B Bennett,Jana David Butler bobby bowden bob barker Barry Briggs B - Bobby Bowden Jack Burke bob barker Bobby Bowden B - Jana Bennett billy bingham Bobby Bowden bobby bowden Michel Bouquet B - Bob Barker betty boothroyd bobby bowden bobby bowden bobby bowden C Cullen,Michael Noam Chomsky chris croucher carole cook Clem Cattini C - Chris Croucher Iris Cummings carole cook Carl Bean C - Michael Cullen carleton carpenter John Cruickshank ken casanega Bernadette Chirac C - Jimmy Carter rocky colavito jimy carter chris croucher carole cook D Dole,Bob Timothy Dudley-Smith shannen doherty shannen doherty Dion DiMucci D - Bob Dole Bob Dole shannen doherty Bob Dole D - Shannen Doherty derek draper Bob DOLE bob dole FW DeKlerk D - Bob Dole david gulpilil bob dole bob dole bob dole E Eadie,Bill Luis Echeveirra vic elford einar enevoldson (DOA) Duane Eddy E - Clarissa Eden Clarissa Eden clarissa eden Elyana Emrizal E - Vic Elford edith eger Clarissa EDEN leo esaki Terence English E - Clint Eastwood clarissa eden lee elder mike edwards luis echeverria FFrancoise Hardy Robert Fyfe terry funk christiane f Marian Fuks F - Caitlin Flanagan Leonard Fenton morales bermudez grancisco Frederik De Klerk F - Alberto Fugimori fortune fitzroy Bert FIELDS michelle fazzari Louise Fletcher F - George Follmer flora fraser amary fairhurst jeffrey foskett frank farrar GGulpilil,David Gaston Glock gordon pinsent david gulpilil Jimmy greaves G - David Gulpilil Lee Grant gaston glock David Gulpilil G - David Gulpilil greg gilbert David GULPILIL david gulpilil Jean-Luc Godard G - David Gulpilil gary burgess david gulpilil david gulpilil guido gorgatti H Harding,Sarah Peter J Hammond lucia hiriart sarah harding Amy Winifred Hawkin H - Sarah Harding Stuart Hall henry kissinger Francoise Hardy H - Sarah Harding francoise hardy Sarah HARDING francoise hardy Helene Langevin-Joliot H - Gene Hackman john havery sarah harding sarah harding gail halvorsen I Inoki,Antonio James Ivory antonio inoki ion iliescu Ian Stewart I - Alan Igglesden James Ivory antonio inoki Alan Igglesden I - Alan Igglesden ion illiescu Alan IGGLESDEN alan igglesden Irene Papas I - Gabriel Iglesias bernard ingram ion iliescu alan igglesden ed "isky" iskenderian J Jim Ward Jasper Johns bob jenkins jason becker Jack Jones J - Julia Reichert Glynis Johns joyce randolph Jana Bennett J - James Earl Jones glynis johns JASPER JOHNS glynis johns Jeanette Lee J - Jesse Jackson cliff jones bob jenkins jana bennett francis jackson K Keller,Timothy Elizabeth Kelly terry kilburn jyrki kasvi Kiri te Kanawa K - Kat Bjelland Henry Kissinger yong-nam kim Tracy Kashi K - Jryki Kasvi katherine kent Margaret KEANE agnes keleti Milan Kundera K - Henry Kissinger patsy king agnes keleti keith ape ida keeling L Linda Nolan Loretta Lynne angela lansbury terry lubbock Tom Lehrer L - Terry Lubbock Angela Lansbury jeanette lee Terry Lubbock L - Lisa Lu loretta lynn Mollie LENTAIGNE terry lubbock Larisa Latynina L - Angela Lansbury terry lubbock jeanette lee jeanette lee loretta lynn M McLaws,Ally Josip Manolic alice munro mark hoppus Pete Murray (DJ) M - Ally McLaws Imelda Marcos mohamad mahathir Alan Melinek M - Gerd Muller jean marsh MAHATHIR MOHAMAD jovita moore Miguel Van Damme M - Jane Marczewski darlene mccarty jesse matthew, jr ally mclaws brenda milner N Napolitano,Giorgio Nichelle Nichols nichelle nichols linda nolan Olivia Newton-John N - Neale Daniher Bob Newhart nichelle nichols Nadia Chaudhri N - Linda Nolan linda nolan Joe NEGRI linda nolan Nadia Chaudhri N - Willie Nelson nadia cattouse nichelle nichols rod nordland noreen nash O O'Farrell,Frank Frank O'Farrell ryan o'neal richard o'sullivan Ove Fundin O - OJ Brigance Yoko Ono otis taylor Miguel De Oliveira O - Ilhan Omar yoko ono David ORECK bob odenkirk Ozzy Osbourne O - Sandra Day O'Connor wilf oldham ryan o'neal gino odjick david oreck P Pressler,Larry Leontyne Price leslie phillips tom parker Leslie Phillips P - Tom Parker Sidney Poitier peter brook Larry Pressler P - Larry Pressler leslie phillips Larry PRESSLER larry pressler Philippe De Gaulle P - Tom Parker pat martino larry pressler larry pressler philip pearlstein Q Quant,Mary Pauline Quirke quincy jones (music) al quie Quincy Jones Q - Mary Quant The Queen al quie Al Quie Q - Mary Quant mary quant Oscar QUITAK mary quant Roxanne Quimby Q - Quincy Jones jane bryant quinn al quie rondo quando al quie R Robertson,Gavin Alan Rothwell richard rohmer rob bolland Rob burrow R - Rob Burrow Patricia Routledge richard rohmer Albert Raboteau R - Harry Reid richard rogers Art RUPE joyce randolph Rob Burrow R - Jake Roberts ray reardon harry reid albert raboteau richard rohmer S Steiner,Susie Stephen Sondheim steven crowder susie steiner Sarah Harding S - Susie Steiner Dennis Skinner susie steiner Susie Steiner S - Susie Steiner susie steiner SUSIE STEINER kalyan singh Sandra Richardson S - Tom Smith uwe seeler peter schjeldahl susie steiner fauja singh T Tyler,James Michael Nikolai Tolstoy shintaro tsuji james michael tyler Tom Smith T - James Michael Tyler Ruthie Tompson muruyama tomiichi James Michael Tyler T - James Michael Tyler ted turner TOM Parker james michael tyler Bernard Tapie T - Tina Turner jean louis trintignant james michael tyler terry lubbock ruthie tompson U Ure,Gudrun Gudrun Ure gudrun ure gudrun ure Uri Geller U - Torben Ulrich Gudrun Ure gudrun ure Uwe Seeler U - Gudrun Ure gudrun ure Bob UECKER gudrun ure Ian Ure U - Uri Geller ursula andress torben ulrich juan carlos unzue petra unkel V Vincent,Fay Beryl Vertue miguel van damme monica vitti Valerie Masterson V - Vic Elford Dick Van Dyke vin scully Phil Valentine V - Monica Vitti vanessa redgrave VIC Elford monica vitti Beryl Vertue V - Dick van Dyke vilma hollingbery virginia halas mccaskey vicky phelan alfredo varelli W Whale,James Rex Williams sister catherine wybourne betty white Barbara Walters W - James Whale Barbara Walters william webster Catherine Wybourne W - Tom Weiskopf james whale James WHALE jane withers Rembert Weakland W - James Whale norma waterson william webster david west william webster X Xavier McDaniel Xi Jinping xavier becerra lil xan Xi Xi X - Xi Xi Xi Xi x. j. kennedy Bao Xishun X - Xi Jinping xi xi XI XI gao xingjian Xzibit X - Lil Xan lil xan lil xan bao xishun Xi Xi Y Yang Hyong-sop Arnold Yarrow neil young arnold yarrow Yoko Ono Y - Justin Yerbury Arnold Yarrow yoko ono Justin Yerbury Y - Arnold Yarrow arnold yarrow Arnold YARROW arnold yarrow Babara Young Y - Yoko Ono tu youyou arnold yarrow yoko ono harry k yee Z Zemin,Jiang Zandra Rhodes tim zagat zvi zamir Anastasia Zavorutnyuk Z - Donald Zec Donald Zec anastasia zavorotnyuk Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Z - Jiang Zemin zachary zorn Jiang ZEMIN grace zabriskie Mario Zagallo jacob zuma vera zvonerava jiang zemin anastasia zavorotnyuk donald zec
  13. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    RULES: The competition will start 4 AUGUST 2021 (all lists must be in by 11:59pm (GMT) Aug 3) and scoring will end July 31, 2022. Submit a list of 26 people. The first name OR last name of the first person must begin with an A. Second person with a B. You get the idea. This game doesn't require you to choose a joker. Please use this format A - Alvin Chipmunk or S - Homer Simpson Qualifying names will be those getting an obit in sources used by the great Windy City Deadpool, found on its own thread at this site. That pool, in turn, uses the obit sources of the Derby Dead Pool, plus The NY Times, LA Times, CBS News, Fox News, TMZ, and MSN. Also acceptable: CNN, ABC, Peacock (NBC), the Associated Press, Time, and http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ Due to the large number of names possible, and the tendency for some of the more tenacious of you to find the folk on the very fringes of celebrity, please police your own obits and notify me by PM or a post on this thread. Of course if it's the likes of the Queen or the Pope scoring, just give me a few days to post it, no need to bring it to my attention.  SCORING: A hit using the first name (all letters except as below) - 1 point A hit using the last name (all letters except as below) - 2 points A hit with the first name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 2 points A hit with the last name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 3 points A hit with the first OR last name . . . (Q, X, Z) - 4 points A hit with an alliterative name scores the points for both first and last names as specified above (so an alliterative at the A spot would be worth 5 points, the B spot would be worth 3 points, the Q spot would be worth 8 points) BONUSES: Person was born in the year 1942 or later = 2 points (if there is substantial ambiguity or birth year is unknown, no bonus will be awarded) Solos = 3 points Duos = 1 point Vowel Movement Bonus - hit all five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) = 5 points hit any four vowels + the letter Y = 3 points Scoring Example: if someone gets a solo hit with Zadora Zephyr, born in 1942, the score would be 8 + 2 (1942) + 3 (solo) = 13 (the best you could do with one hit). TIES: Broken by the date the final score is reached. That is, if three folks end up with 18 points, the person that got to 18 on the earliest date will be the winner.  NAMES: I prefer to see real names used (e.g. Richard Penniman instead of Little Richard). But any name that has been previously accepted in any of the prior ABC Deadpools is valid. I will be pretty lenient on submissions, but beware the missing QO for scoring. I have been bitten several times by names I thought would for sure get a QO, but nooooooo . . . . SUBS: Please check in at the start of the game if anyone on your list dies before Aug 4. I will allow a sub for that letter only (no list shuffling) until Aug 6, but it can't be someone who is new to the DP radar since the game started. That means no one who is diagnosed with cancer on the 4th, or has an accident on the 5th, etc. Enjoy!
  14. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    Game is now active and closed to new entries. Deaths start to earn points as of now (aug 4). Total entries = 19. Thanks for playing: MariNisia, HDS, Banana, Toast, Torva Messor, Guy From Future, Book, Yorkshire Banker, Nick, Death by Arsenic, theoldlady, DeathImpends, msc, gcreptile, Yvonne, Captain Chorizo, Bibliogryphon, Great Uncle Bulgaria, and Wormfarmer. If I missed anyone, my apologies, but i did not get your list in time. The master table is now finalized and posted. I have not carefully vetted all the lists, all my time was spent creating the table and figuring how to get it posted here in some reasonable form. We did have one already deceased name come to light so far, a great name at the E spot, Einar Enevoldson, but my ruling is to not allow subs for a DOA. Sorry, Book. I tried to update the master table with highlights, but the site won't save it, possibly because I imported it from excel or maybe due to its large size. It may be that the table is going to stay AS IS, if I can't get it to save changes. EDIT - I have a nice updated table, which is color coded for solos, duos, and hits. All the cool edits I did to it in excel unfortunately don't want to transfer over to this format. Fun stats on the entries: The letter F had the most unique names with 19. That's everyone in the game picking a different name! Most solos on a list goes to Yorkshire Banker and Death By Arsenic with 19 each. That's only 7 names away from a solo sweep. Next year I may institute a new bonus for list with the most solos on it. Most duos on a list goes to Bibliogryphon with 7. Name picked the most = David Gulpilil at 11 times (once at the D spot). A close second was Bob Dole at 10 times all at the D spot. My biggest surprises: Ozzy Osbourne, Olivia Newton-John and Abdelaziz Bouteflika were all nabbed as solos! Ozzy may have been dying for 20 years now but what a great alliterative at the O spot. Also, ancient Jimmy Carter went as a duo. HITS: First big hit of the game is hall of fame college football coach, Bobby Bowden (3), an alliterative score for 8 teams. Guess I missed the solo bonus there, eh? I will add teams to the table upon their first score, so it will be a literal "is now on the board" when you get your first hit. So there is (briefly) an 8 way tie for the lead . . . . Just a few minutes after the above update I add hit #2 for the game - a solo shot for MariNisia with actress Jane Withers (5) at the W spot. Good for 3 solo points and solo grip on the lead. (Thanks for keeping an eye on me MariNisia and theoldlady) The hits just keep on coming! Bob Jenkins (5) jenks it for 2 pts plus the duo bonus AND 1942 bonus for HDS and Guy From Future, moving them both into a tie with MariNisia for the lead. HUGE hit for theoldlady - Gerd Muller (7) gets her the 1942 bonus and the solo bonus! She's instantly in 4th place. That's 9 folks already on the board . . . . Michael Cullen (5), er, pardon me, Sir, has taken a turn for the very worst. This resulting in a duo bonus for theoldlady and Cap'n Cho, in addition to the 1942 bonus, which I will try to heretofore refer to as the "whippersnapper bonus". Now we have 10 folks on the board AND a new leader!! MariNisia takes back the lead with another solo shot at the S spot, with Kalyan Singh (5). And in this same post, anti-vaccer Phil Valentine (7) succumbs to the virus and regrets thumbing his nose at common sense and earns solo and whippersnapper bonuses for gcreptile. You guys are good! BAM! Great score for 7 teams at the H spot with the passing of Sarah Harding (4/3). Add the Whippersnapper bonus for a total of 4 points each. We welcome newcomer Book to the leaderboard. Also entering with a 3 point hit (at the S spot) is Great Uncle Bulgaria. The leader changes again - - - theoldlady is back on top!! No rest for the dead. Donald Zec (4) donates himself for the benefit of three contestants - msc, Yvonne and Wormfarmer. Yvonne is the 12th player to post a score. No bonuses but the Z spot is one of the premium hits. Wormfarmer is also still looking for a QO for world record holding track star Ida Keeling, who passed on Aug 28th. C'mon media, get with it! That's worth a cool 5 points! "Cool" Carl Bean strikes 6 points into the heart of gcreptile at the C spot. That includes both the solo and whippersnapper bonuses and vaults him into a tie for first. Nice at bat, gc. Terry "Who-in-the-Hell?" Lubbock has passed and the BBC has provided the means to a score for 6 lovely prize winners. Five had him at the L spot (4 pts) and one at the T spot (3 pts), which includes the whippersnapper bonus. We now have 14 of 19 teams on the scoreboard. AND a new leader! WOAH! One of the great streaks in the game was just had by Great Uncle Bulgaria. Since the last update, I have 3 (count 'em, 3), solos to post for GUB. He scores for Amy Winifred Hawkins 5 at the H spot (no whippersnapper bonus there), Abdelaziz Bouteflika 5 at the A spot, and Jimmy Greaves 5 at the G spot!! That's a super quick 15 pts since Sept 8th, and he did it all on his own. No sharing his points! He jumps from 14th to 2nd in one post. Legendary. Robert Fyfe (5) including solo bonus, for bibliogryphon. That makes 15 teams on the leaderboard. Who will be last? Not Toast. He gets a big solo alliterative at the G spot with the whippersnapper bonus to boot. Crazy good pick there with Greg Gilbert (8), who took a very long time to go but paid off for the patient Toast. Three teams left to get on board. Make it two. DeathbyArsenic gets two quick hits and is the latest new entry. Bernard Tapie (7) gives him a solo and barely qualifies for a whippersnapper bonus at the T spot, then a short time later, Nadia Chaudhri (4) at the N spot moves him up the leaderboard (another whippersnapper bonus) as a duo hit shared with leader gcreptile. Nice going! Only Nick and Torva Messor left in the contest to avoid being the booby. Damn! theoldlady is showing us how it's done. She picks up a solo/whippersnapper bonus to go with a nice 3 pts for Granville Adams using the A spot. That's a big leap of 8 points to join gcreptile at the top of the leaderboard! Well done! At the T spot, Ancient Animator Ruthie Tompson (3) of Disney Hall of Fame has passed at 111 years old and left behind points for two of us - Yvonne and Wormfarmer. We get the duo bonus but miss the whippersnapper by a mile and a half. SCORING TABLE: gcreptile - 24 theoldlady - 24 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 18 MariNisia - 17 msc - 15 HDS - 12 DeathbyArsenic - 11 Banana - 10 Wormfarmer - 10 Captain Chorizo - 9 Guy From Future - 8 Book - 8 Toast - 8 DeathImpends - 7 Yvonne - 7 bibliogryphon - 5 Yorkshire Banker - 4
  15. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool IV

    If we don't get any input from Sir Creep by July 31, I will assume I am going to run the pool this year, and I will open a new thread with the title ABC Deadpool #5. Entries will be accepted until close of Aug 3rd and the points will start to accrue on Aug 4. Any deaths prior to that will need a substitute. So that will give us a few extra days to sort out who is running and who is playing. I will either post my list first thing (in code) or send it to an early entrant (I already have one person that PM'd me a list). I will post a master list within a week or so after that. Of course if Sir Creep has plans to continue to be poolmaster, he can jump right in and set his own timelines.

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