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  1. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Notice !!! to the three remaining survivors of this 17 month pool (bibliogryphon, theoldlady, captain chorizo): My original plan of ending this pool by the end of 2019 looks like it could be a pipe dream. We need to finish this round and then have a round of 20 or less names (depending on overlap in the lists) hit in the month of December to do it. So the final round between our two survivors of Nov will consist of something different. You will each pick 25 names from the list (I will probably add 5 to 10 names to it so that it isn't too restrictive) and rank them for the final. There will be no restrictions on whether you picked them in Nov or not. All names on the list will be eligible for your final list. That will give us 25++ names to depend on for the final round and help us reach our goal of producing a winner in 2019. Thanks so much for sticking it out, and congratulations to the one of the three of you who comes out on TOP!
  2. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    In the standings (24 pts) yes. I had also updated the Nov table, but for the life of me, it somehow didn't get saved. So I just did it again and also included Joey Russ's new hit for 5. All should be well through Nov 13th.
  3. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    current standings gcreptile 58 Clorox Bleachman 55 Joey Russ 51 Captain Chorizo 47 msc 36 OldCrem 33 Sir Creep 32 and OUT Wormfarmer 27 Banana 25 theoldlady 24 Fixed Business 24 Quim Reaper 20 Death by Arsenic 16 Joe Moneypenny 15 Bentrovato 14 Philip 13 MadHatter 10 Newjack 8 Bou1 6 Yorkshire Banker 5 Bibliogryphon 4 ebless 0
  4. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    Nov Teams Death by Arsenic 16 judith magre juliette greco david gulpilil michael lonsdale yoko ono Joey Russ 46 +5 john andretti raymond polidour chris doleman susan bayh samantha last theoldlady 24 bob dole yoko ono 4 kirk douglas anne buydens christopher walken Yorkshire Banker 5 bahareh zare bahari tony britton chris doleman 4 eileen ash jimmy greaves Quim Reaper 20 john andretti 4 david gulpilil 4 george alagiah clive james vera lynn Captain Chorizo 47 mikis theodorakis susan bayh 4 rosita quintana daniel arap moi luiz escheverria OldCrem 33 cleo laine john andretti 3 bill turnbull june brown susan bayh 3 Bentrovato 14 bernard tapie pierre cardin jean marie le pen valerie giscard d'estaing jean luc godard gcreptile 58 charles g adams lois evans nawaz sharif daniel arap moi 4 henry gray Bibliogryphon 4 jerry stiller katherine jackson hugh downs john andretti 2 william russell Wormfarmer 27 george alagiah 4 henry gray 4 superstar billy graham ruthie tompson daniel arap moi 3 Fixed Business 19 +5 david gulpilil 3 gay byrne sam lloyd alex trebek genesis p-orridge Banana 25 henry gray 3 daniel arap moi 2 angie douthit ed genson nobuhiko obayashi Philip 13 vera lynn 4 jocelyn burdick loretta lynn bob dole 4 neal edward smith Clorox Bleachman 55 catherine deneuve henry gray 2 david gulpilil 3 samantha last 4 renee simonot msc 36 no team yet Joe Moneypenny 15 no team yet MadHatter 10 no team yet Newjack 8 no team yet Bou1 6 no team yet ebless no team yet Sir Creep 32 and OUT
  5. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Final observation: There is one circumstance that would produce an instant winner and give theoldlady the trophy - - -if Prince Philip is the only name to go in November. Anyone want to take those odds??
  6. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Nov teams: Round 13 theoldlady cap'n chorizo bibliogryphon pope ben xvi s lloyd scales ferlinghetti nolan kerslake shultz rogers de Havilland deCuellar frates pope ben xvi - s rogers - s trintignant lear flair prince p prince p prince p - s alagiah mercier gilbert cardin mccain newton-john k johnson philips eden escheverria tanaka
  7. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Here we are - - - just hrs away from the close of round 12 and what a crazy round it was! No matter how I slice it, we are saying goodbye to msc who leaves with either 12 or 2 points with two or one hits for the month. Leah Bracknell has been the difficult one to score, I am just thankful that somehow no one had her on a list last month or the controversy would have been magnified. So after polling the two survivors who were unaffected by the Bracknell imbroglio, there seems to be enough kindness left in this game that theoldlady will slide into the final three with no residual points and thus no disadvantage for making it to the finals. For this next round, a few notes: Of 30 possible, 26 different names were chosen. theoldlady seems to have the strategic edge as her list has two sheltered names (she will not be eliminated in those cases should that be the only hit of the month) while biblio has one sheltered name, and Capn Cho will be eliminated with all 10 of his choices dying. Residual points will again apply, so if you survive the round, but scored points, your points will follow you into the final. I will cut and paste the rosters in my following post - - - -
  8. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    My penultimate team for 2019: Daniel Arap Moi - 3 Superstar Billy Graham Ruthie Tompson Henry Gray - 4 George Alagiah - 4
  9. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    The Leah Bracknell issue is messing with deadpools everywhere, including all of mine. I am awarding Oct pts in my other pools, so I am also going to do it here. To be honest, I assumed she was a better known name across the pond, not a D list celeb that would take a month or more before anyone noticed she was missing. I had never heard of her before she started appearing on every dp list north of the equator. But also, to be overly fair, since we had a player list her month of death correctly back in Sep (Old Crem), I will retroactively be awarding pts there as well. A rare case of 2 chances to score! Nice work by both players for sticking with that supermegastar through to the very end.
  10. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Not a rule change, but a different instance. In the former, you submitted a team for the next month in which a member died before making it to the start of the month and the list becoming active. In the latter, (all) lists were submitted for the month without knowledge of one of the members being deceased prior. Since nobody had any way of knowing Leah was dead (for over two weeks) prior to the announcement, it seems fair to me to treat her as alive until the announcement (on Oct 16th), and just penalize the folks who assumed she was going to live until at least Nov 1st the appropriate points (I still have not seen an actual date printed anywhere, just "September"). Maybe it's a subtle difference, but that is my current decision. I realize this was not a mistake or laziness on the part of msc and theoldlady, but still both of you expected Leah to live longer than she did and you wagered points on it, while Cap'n Cho and Bibliogryphon did not. If Cap'n Cho and Bibliogryphon want to chime in and agree to strike the points for Bracknell from the game, I will reconsider it. In that case, it would still be msc on the bubble, but by a slimmer margin.
  11. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Very strange indeed. Nobody had Leah on their September list so the outcome of that month would have been the same (whew!) And the world seemed unaware of Leah's passing as of October 1, so my inclination is to keep the lists as they are and use the death announcement date as the date that counts. That gives msc 10 pts toward elimination, and 9pts for theoldlady, which will become carryover pts should nothing else happen for the rest of Oct. Another way of looking at it would be to score the pts as a penalty for having someone already dead, but that seems unfair since it was not a mere research error on the part of the contestants.
  12. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    Oct Teams Death by Arsenic 11 +5 ginger baker 5 lucile reardon joss acklund franciose fabian aurora cornu gcreptile 49 +4 +5 ginger baker 4 dennis hutchings samantha last karel gott 5 jock ross Joey Russ 38 +3+5 ginger baker 3 ivan milat luigi simoni david gulpilil SS billy graham Quim Reaper 14 +2+4 ginger baker 2 ivan milat 4 angie douthit jean l-trintignant bob dole Banana 19 +1+5 juliette kaplan 5 karen lewis holly clegg samantha last 4 ginger baker 1 Captain Chorizo 43+4 david gulpilil 4 samantha last 3 juliette kaplan 4 ss billy graham 4 norman lloyd OldCrem 30 +0+3 ginger baker 0 larry king 4 bernadette chirac juliette kaplan 3 bob dole 4 Bibliogryphon 4 chris doleman loongkoonan mahatir mohammad beverly cleary hal holbrook Clorox Bleachman 50+2+3 susan bayh angie douthit 4 juliette kaplan 2 tom lyle ivan milat 3 msc 36 mikis theodorakis bob dole 3 richard donner monica vitti SS billy graham 3 Yorkshire Banker 5 margaret stuart barry vera lynn mary ward ida schuster freeman dyson Wormfarmer 27 kirk douglas genesis p-orridge leslie phillips sam lloyd roberta mcclain Bentrovato 9+5 leah bracknell prince phillip vera lynn 4 jimmy carter kirk douglas 4 theoldlady 24 stirling moss kenny rogers george alagiah douglas hurd alex trebek Joe Moneypenny 15 stanley ho rebecca pan lisa lu mikhail gorbachev lucia hiriart ebless ennio morricone stirling moss 4 earl cameron ethel kennedy daniella westbrook Philip 13 tony britton franca pilla holly clegg 4 milos jakos clarissa eden Fixed Business 19 no team yet MadHatter 10 no team yet Newjack 8 no team yet Bou1 6 no team yet Sir Creep 32 and OUT
  13. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool III

    Of all the obscure people that score obits these days, I can't believe jockey hall of famer Randy Romero has yet to get one. I do note that you missed my hit of Chris Duncan, though, so on your next update if you would credit me 4 there I would feel a bit better about my poor start out of the gates . . . . . .
  14. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    theoldlady (9) cap'n chorizo msc (10) bibliogryphon QE 2 flair bracknell ferlinghetti bracknell s carter douglas gilbert carter s QE 2 s prince p QE 2 s kissinger newton-john lynn flair s p-orridge gascoine deCuellar kissinger s reiner lear scales nolan redstone reiner s gilbert s pope ben XVI barker eden nolan s shultz cardin littlefeather vervoort james kerslake deCuellar s rogers eden s We are really getting down to the titans of the game. I see a potential weakness in this format, and that is that with fewer teams remaining, fewer names get selected and there is less chance for an elimination. So from this month on, points scored without elimination will carry over into the next round. For example, if only the queen mum goes this round, theoldlady will be eliminated, but both Cap'n Cho and Biblio will carry 8 pts with them into the next round. Meaning msc will have a head start for the next round. Right now all teams are equal in all respects. An "s" after a name means you are safe if it is the only hit this round. Biblio has 4 of them, so you might consider him to have the safest list and best chance of moving on to the next round. We will see if that pans out. Enjoy the obits!

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