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  1. Wormfarmer

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Joey, just went to your profile and sent you a message which included my round 1 team. Seems last time I did that in another pool I messed it up somehow and posted to somewhere I didn't even know existed. I still don't know what the hell I did there. I am mentioning it in the case that you don't get it I want to have time to try it again before the deadline. Thanks for checking.
  2. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    Final standings updated earlier on this page of the thread!
  3. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    That was a very poor showing by everyone to finish the game. Not much change at all in the leaderboard since November. Only Quim Reaper gets a hit and climbs a couple of notches. So we can crown a victor and worthy champion of the second year Five4three2one deadpool in gcreptile in a close one over Clorox Bleachman and Joey Russ. All three had great seasons. I am going to take a break for a week or two and think it over if this pool is worth running a third year, and if so, what is the best way to score it. I find it odd that some folks prefer the original format in which you had to poor over all the previous entries to determine which point values were still available, and take care to rank your team in order to not violate previously taken point values. I know it was certainly a pain for me to try to police it. And then there was the limitation in scoring, whereas even a great team could only earn you 15 pts a month (5+4+3+2+1) vs the 25pts that could be earned by a good all original team in the year two rules. But maybe it is not unlike the tendency for most folk to prefer the version of a song they hear and become familiar with first, rather than the cover version, regardless of which version has the better production values or musicianship. Alas, I will monitor here for the near future if anyone else wants to chime in on whether or not they would play a third year and which type of scoring system they prefer. Thanksagain to all for playing, and may your shadowlists in 2020 all go down in big numbers.
  4. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    Funny, but you are the same dude who bailed out halfway through because you were upset over the rule changes from the first year. I hate being bipolar, it's fabulous!
  5. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    I think late on the first day of the new year we are safe to declare a winner in this tournament that lasted a full year and a half. I would like to offer my firm congratulations to theoldlady for taking the trophy, and it couldn't go to a nicer deadpooler. Ironically, she wins it even though she had BOTH of the two names that died in Dec on her list (Sheila Mercier and Pete Frates). It goes to show you that the ranking is what's important here. Her total was still the lowest of the three for the month, which makes her the champion. Also well done to runners up Captain Chorizo and Bibliogryphon, but as Jeff says on Survivor - - I've got nothing for ya. I will consider another tournament style pool after a break, as I have been doing a lot of work on prepping for other pools and am about tuckered out on pooling for now. Thank you all for playing and making it an interesting match.
  6. Wormfarmer

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    I am 0 and 2 for this game, but I feel I must participate. The titans need their fodder to become titans, after all. But I aim to do better.
  7. Wormfarmer

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    See how I am learning all the time?? I don't even know what the hell a status update is and I found a way to creatively use it. Hope it didn't cause too much death and destruction. Well, death ok, destruction, no. Do you want me to repost here - no problem?
  8. Wormfarmer

    Shadow Lists

    So, I rank my list based on who I think is most DL worthy, and put most worthy at the top? I can do it, but I will need another day. I can PM you with the new list to save space here.
  9. Wormfarmer

    Shadow Lists

    I've been around awhile, but it just goes to show me how much I have to learn . . . I don't know what crowdsourced is Joey, but if it isn't too painful, you can do that with my list which I just now posted to this thread. I have had my own shadowlist for the last couple of years (went 17/50 this year), but since this is the first official posting of it, I feel I can start from scratch.
  10. Wormfarmer

    Shadow Lists

    2020 - Wormy's shadow list 1 alex trebek 2 alfredo varelli 3 bill freehan 4 bill turnbull 5 bob barker 6 bob dole 7 boris pahor 8 carl j shapiro 9 charlie trippi 10 chris doleman 11 daniel arap moi 12 david gulpilil 13 david prowse 14 david stern 15 dilip kumar 16 eileen ash 17 fauja singh 18 frankie banali 19 genesis p-orridge 20 george alagiah 21 harriet frank, jr 22 henry gray (blues HOF) 23 hugh mcelhenny 24 james randi 25 jean louis trintignant 26 jill gascoine 27 jim otto 28 jimmy carter 29 Kane tanaka 30 karen lewis 31 kenny rogers 32 kirk douglas 33 larry king 34 lee kerslake 35 leslie phillips 36 loongkoonan 37 majek fashek 38 norman lloyd 39 olivia newton john 40 prince philip 41 renee simonot 42 robert marchand 43 roberta mccain 44 ruthie tompson 45 sam lloyd 46 steve gleason 47 susan bayh 48 viola smith 49 william frankland 50 yoko ono alt john madden (NFL broadcaster)
  11. Wormfarmer's 2020 Hare's entry
    bill freehan 
    bob dole
    boris pahor
    daniel arap moi
    david gulpilil
    david stern
    dilip kumar
    frankie banali
    genesis p-orridge
    george alagiah 
    James Randi
    jean louis trintignant
    jimmy carter
    john cruickshank
    karen lewis 
    Kirk Douglas 
    lee kerslake
    Leslie Phillips
    majek fashek 
    Norman Lloyd
    Olivia Newton-John (joker)
    renee simonot
    ruthie tompson
    susan bayh
    william frankland
    subs (3)
    bob barker
    kane tanaka

    matt millen 


    I wanted to clean this up a little before posting it to you, but once posted, I could not erase it!  So hope it is clear enough - ignore  the blue highlights please. 

  12. Wormfarmer

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    We are now into the double point period through the 30th. Triple points on the 31st. What a slow final month it has been, but there is still time to pick up some major leaderboard changes over the holidays.
  13. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    So there will be a winner by the end of Dec - right on schedule! 2 hits already, and even though theoldlady has included both of them, she is the shrewdest ranker so far and still has the lowest point total. So with 2 weeks to go, she has the inside track to the championship. A few stats about the final lists: 36 of the 57 names possible were chosen. 12 names were taken by all 3 players. 9 of the names are solos. Enjoy!
  14. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Dec teams theoldlady 7 cap'n chorizo 9 bibliogryphon 17 pts eden escheverria ferlinghetti 1 cardin cardin shultz 2 frates ferlinghetti k johnson 3 mercier ono gascoine 4 trintignant alagiah phillips 5 barker de Havilland de Havilland 6 gilbert littlefeather kissinger 7 alagiah scales lear 8 scales frates pope ben 9 phillips gilbert norman lloyd 10 k johnson pope ben p philip 11 ferlinghetti last p-orridge 12 newton-john trintignant cardin 13 trebek reiner kerslake 14 ono trebek white 15 pope ben white eden 16 lear gascoine mercier 17 rogers kerslake rogers 18 de Cuellar nolan scales 19 shultz lear flair 20 reiner QE2 gilbert 21 de Havilland newton-john reiner 22 white rogers ono 23 kissinger flair QE2 24 QE 2 sam lloyd nolan 25
  15. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Give me a minute to sort this out. My intention was for your final ranking to = your points earned with a hit at that spot. Since the oldlady submitted first and got it right (confirming she meant QE2 was worth 25 pts), I assumed the other players interpreted it similarly. If in good faith your lists are intended in reverse order, I will resort them. No worries.

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