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  1. Wormfarmer

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Anyone else share the hit for Augie Nieto with me?
  2. Wormfarmer

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    This seems like it might be a particularly slow month with a lot of zero to zero ties. I guess that means a lot of matches decided by random coin flips, which is not particularly sporting. I suppose all involved need to submit teams prior to knowing the outcome of the flips in case he/she is a winner? That might be some wasted time and research for those not moving on. Based on my last rule suggestion (for a different pool) I have made a police riot shield to prepare myself for all the negative backlash that I will get for proposing an improvement on this (in my opinion). A few 0 to 0 tiebreaker ideas: Fewest times joker was picked by other teams in that round total score to date in the game (all previous rounds) most solos on team Age of joker (lower age wins) lowest age of top (three, or other number) names on your list Each of these could also be applied to ties in which the hits were the same on each team. I'm ready for you to fire your fruits and veggies . . . .
  3. Wormfarmer

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Joe Satriani's Unstoppable Momentum. Top Hits of the 1950's - compiled by Casey Kasem. Mama Cass Elliot and Dave Mason's album circa 1973, along with some other Cass Elliot classics. Plus making my own cd that will be the Best 25 Hard Rock Songs of all time. Almost done with that one and just above I find one of the songs posted - Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. Nicely done TQR!
  4. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    Sorry, I was unclear. What I meant was, for ease of scoring, shouldn't the lists be posted so that when a name dies, you get the point score right next to the name, instead of having to convert the #11 name to the point value that #11 gives you when you count down from 25? It seems an unnecessary complication. But carry on. Just an observation.
  5. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    pts 25 Randy Jackson 24 Donald Trump 23 Vladimir Putin 22 Phil Collins 21 Ozzy Osbourne 20 Yoko Ono 19 Buzz Aldrin 18 Clint Eastwood 17 Willie Nelson 16 Stanley Baxter 15 Rolf Harris 14 Bobby Charlton 13 Burt Bacharach 13 pts (see, easy) 12 Harry Belafonte 11 David Attenborough 10 Billy Connolly 9 Bill Cosby 8 Roberta Flack 7 Francoise Hardy 6 Nigel Starmer-Smith 5 Tony Bennett 4 Prunella Scales 3 Joanne Woodward 2 Bob Barker 1 Dick Van Dyke alt michael J Fox alt Shane MacGowan My list reflects the number of points I will score if that person dies. So I most think that Randy Jackson will survive the year, right? Isn't everyone else numbering their lists incorrectly?
  6. Wormfarmer

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    One ticket please.
  7. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    Thank you! I fixed the errors and added Mark Souder which results in a big jump to T2nd for Banana. However, I have not scored for Mike Davis (yet). There are literally 50 people named Mike Davis on wiki and none of them are listed as columnists, which is my only clue based on a couple of entries. There was a UCLA based author named Mike Davis that died, but are you guys digging that deep? I hesitate to give credit with that much ambiguity. It was pretty likely that somebody named Mike Davis was going to die this year! Comments?
  8. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    Updated a couple of days ago. First page of thread. Enjoy.
  9. Wormfarmer

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Wormfarmer's 2023 AJ Foyt andy taylor augie nieto barbara babcock barbara barrie barbara walters bill cosby bobby caldwell brian knobbs brian wilson chuck wepner dan rather emperor akihito francoise hardy frank field (Baron of Birkinhead) gary pinkel george alagiah gianluca vialli JOKER jack hanna james earl jones james whale jason becker jim duggan jim otto joanne woodward joe a. ratzinger kat bjelland kate keltie khaleda zia larry pressler linda nolan liza minelli norm coleman otis taylor pat robertson paul hogan peter max ric flair rob burrow rosalyn drexler rosie grier shane macgowan shannen doherty sid krofft sinbad steve mcmichael ted kaczinski terri garr than shwe wilfred benitez subs red farmer chuck wepner boris spassky samson burke
  10. Wormfarmer


    The aforementioned was my joker . . . . could we have a leader change?? I'd enjoy being out front even for a little while . . . . .
  11. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    Sorry, but I can only give you half credit for close . . . . .
  12. Wormfarmer

    Oldest Centenarians

    OOps. I originally had 113 yrs and 43 days. Guess I thought, "Hey, that's ridiculous" and then downgraded into oblivion . . . . . .
  13. Wormfarmer

    Oldest Centenarians

    Not clear if you mean to predict the age at which each name will die and then you will have a formula to calculate scores from that, or if you mean the maximum age that any of these 50 will reach. If it's the latter, then I will enter with the following guesses: 1) 111 years, 43 days 2) Jan 28, 2027
  14. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    Can't that be done on the original posted team? I was referring to folks who were reposting presumably thinking I had missed their entry . . . .
  15. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    I think you have this pool confused with another. Last season I did a summary page of scoring obits, but not really any kind of bios to choose from. Sorry but this format is pretty similar to past years ABC pools.....

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