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  1. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool III

    While working on my 2020-21 list I noted a missing 4 pt score for Michael Medwin who checked out on Feb 26. That's 3 pts for the alliteration and an extra for a duo, with . . . . damn now I've forgotten who else wisely selected Medwin. Wormfarmer jumps to 22 pts, currently a tie for 18th. I thought I would do better. I started off with a strong list, with 5 of my first 6 names gone. After that, I suffered. Again, I went too obscure and 4 No Obits really hurt, leaving about 18 pts on the slaughterhouse floor. Lack of respect for Randy Romero sure took its toll on this group. Sir Creep, are you hosting Round 4?
  2. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Where oh where is my Killer Tim Brooks obit! I need you Superman!!
  3. Wormfarmer

    End of Days Deadpool - by Wormfarmer

    Score table early on page 1 is updated through Jerry Stiller, who was our last hit over 30 days ago. This drought also triggers the games early demise. I have been distracted to the point of not checking in to the site regularly lately while a family member is going through some health issues and will probably be off for a while anyway, so although this is an unsatisfying early end to my pool, maybe its for the best right now. Hope to be checking in regularly again soon, maybe the obits will pick up by then as well. Peace everyone!
  4. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Thank you. Thank you. Last year John Starling failed to obit and left me 300 in the lurch. I was trying to go more safely this year so losing my top name would have been a critical blow. I had found the obit for Willie K in Billboard, but I was afraid it was going to stop there. I appreciate how good you guys are at finding obits.
  5. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Willie (or won't he) K. Here I go again, picking these monster celebs that can't earn me credit. 500 points on the line this time. Everyone go out and buy some Hawaiian cds please!
  6. Wormfarmer

    End of Days Deadpool - by Wormfarmer

    I amended the cutoff to closing until a 15th entry comes in, although things are not exactly buzzing right now. I figure I can manage a little bigger field than this and there isn't too much disadvantage to joining the game in progress, since there are lots of promising scores left in the draft pool. So I will set to work organizing the entries to date, but not close the door to a few more. Hopefully have a table posted by the end of the day. And nice hit (Jill G) for minimum effort.
  7. Wormfarmer

    ABC Deadpool III

    Tun Tin passes on, giving me 3 for the alliteration, and 3 for the solo. And Michael Medwin is also gone. He was also worth 3 for the alliteration, and 1 for a duo with Bibliogryphon. New total = 24. Ahhh, that's a little better.
  8. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2019-2020

    I was tasting success when I raked 677 points to finish on the last day but I still can only manage 8th place! Damn, you guys are good. Even throw in 300 for John Starling's No Obit and I only finish 3rd. Damn! Did I say you guys are good?
  9. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2019-2020

    Anxiously awaiting an updated scorelist. My total has recently. . . . VERY recently taken a nice spike and I am looking for a good finish here. I just jumped 577 points with a last minute Sam Lloyd hit + bonus, plus 100 for the Chris Duncan bonus and my new total should be 2752. I figure it's not going to be enough to stay ahead of the other leaders that get Sam Lloyd points, but it's certainly going to bring me up from my last position posted at #11. Now if I can just earn a final 300 points by finding a John Starling obit I would probably comfortably have this in the bag . . . .
  10. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Hey, thanks for tracking that. I had to look it up myself and it turns out you are right, although there were only 14 participants in the game that year. Now that my terror has turned to elation with the moving up one day of Sam Lloyd's passing (may 1 to Apr 30), I squeaked in a decent showing in this year's contest as well. Sam was my 500 point getter - how's that for a finish? And I left him off my list for 2020-21 completely. A true last gasp!
  11. Wormfarmer

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    My team just PM'd to the Big Cho'reeze. I enjoy this pool. It's time to show it with a Top 5 finish.
  12. Wormfarmer

    End of Days Deadpool - by Wormfarmer

    I just put my list on the thread above. Full disclosure: I had submitted it (to Capn Cho via PM) just hours before news broke of John Prine's death, and I had him at the #4 spot. To keep things clean at the start, I have replaced him with Bev Cleary. I know Capn Cho got his list in with John Prine on it in good faith before word broke of his death, and I was leaning toward letting him keep the points, but in fact to keep things clean and follow the letter of the law of most pools, names submitted on the same day as someone dying should be discounted, again, to keep things clean and avoid controversies. Cho - could you please replace John Prine with another name?? With only one more death before closing of the pool, we have a total of 11 entries so far. (I have PM'd Yvonne to get her to redo her list as it does not meet the requirements for entry). I was hoping to get somewhere in the range of 15 to 20 entries, so instead the pool will close at the time of the next death on the list of 80, OR the arrival of the 15th qualifying entry, whichever is LATER. Later lists are really not at much of a disadvantage, except they miss the opportunity for picking the names that are already expired. But with 80 to choose from, there should be plenty of opportunity for a wise chooser to catch up. Finally, scoring is underway, with Stirling Moss providing the points. Again, I will post the entries and a scoring table once the third death happens.
  13. Wormfarmer

    End of Days Deadpool - by Wormfarmer

    Wormfarmer 40 yoo sang-chul 39 killer tim brooks 38 tom smith 37 frankie banali 36 susan bayh 35 alex trebek 34 lee kerslake 33 david gulpilil 32 george alagiah 31 placido domingo 30 olivia newton-john 29 john r lewis 28 bob barker 27 bob dole 26 jean louis trintignant 25 william h gates 24 dilip kumar 23 leslie phillips 22 luis escheverria 21 barbara walters 20 jill gascoine 19 leon spinks 18 emperor akihito 17 norman lloyd 16 ruthie tompson 15 earl cameron 14 lester piggott 13 prince philip 12 ed asner 11 carl reiner 10 jerry stiller 9 nobby stiles 8 jimmy greaves 7 joanne woodward 6 dick cheney 5 loretta lynn 4 beverly cleary 3 henry kissinger 2 sidney poitier 1 jimmy carter

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