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    Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Dennis Payne, a singer and songwriter who played a role in the development of the Bakersfield Sound, has died. Payne died unexpectedly on April 8 in Tennessee following spinal surgery. He was 71. Payne, whose father, Charlie Payne and Uncle Leon Payne were well known country music songwriters, co-wrote “Highway Patrol” with Bakersfield legend Red Simpson. They were longtime collaborators. SC
  2. Sir Creep

    When Deathlisters Go Shopping

    I resemble that remark!
  3. Sir Creep

    The World of the Snowflake

    I ‘liked’ every one of your posts, DrZ. May you win the day! SC
  4. Sir Creep

    Current Heads of State/Government pool

    Arghton is in an Admin-Free Zone.
  5. Sir Creep


    It will be interesting from the the vantage point of the chair in which I sit to see the treatment of this thread juxtaposed with the thread I made for Sanford & Son. I've no problem with a thread like this. But others did. Let's see if they are consistent in their thought process, or just consistent being cunts. SirC
  6. Sir Creep

    Meat Loaf

    Seriously, how did ML outlive Steinman? SMH
  7. Sir Creep

    Reality TV

    Where I’m from we call that ‘the weekend’
  8. Sir Creep


    Agreed he belongs here. I think of him as an excellent songwriter, period.
  9. Sir Creep

    Dead Pop Stars

    Ted Nugent has the COVID. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/04/20/ted-nugent-ted-nugent-style-announces-he-has-covid-19/7299048002/
  10. Sir Creep

    How Long Until We're Dickless?

    Never mind
  11. Sir Creep

    33. Walter Mondale

    I had honestly forgotten he was on the List. Which pretty much describes the life of Walter Mondale. SC
  12. Sir Creep

    Former First Ladies

    If true that’s two political Cameroonians in the past month. Can Booh Booh be far behind?
  13. Sir Creep

    The 8th death of 2021

    Roberto Dolè - Mexican warlord
  14. Sir Creep

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Look up!
  15. Sir Creep

    how long till' the next hit ?

    May 4th if available.
  16. Sir Creep

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Buddha is VERY pleased!
  17. IKEA is shite dorm room furniture, so I hope you’re not so crass as to own any. Sorry for the aside: This is a brilliant video for anyone who has worked retail, IKEA or otherwise. SC
  18. Sir Creep

    American Football Players

    I’m upset I can’t reboot the Deathlist Under 45 thread with this nobody suicide victim. Oh it doesn’t SAYYYY suicide. It says nothing; and as we know, when a young-in dies and no reason is given, we know the reason (only two possibilities). Former USC offensive lineman Chris Brown has died, according to USC head coach Clay Helton. He was 24 years old. SC
  19. Sir Creep

    Ask A Deathlister

    What the hell happened to the thread ‘Deathlist Under 45’ ?
  20. Sir Creep

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Now we are announcing people who get the vaccine? You cunt.
  21. Sir Creep

    Three Steps To Heaven

    Surely, to anyone else. But let Phantom have his thread.
  22. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool IV

    Deathlist’s only Deadpool with an August launch returns. Yes, your host took a wee sabbatical, but is here to process teams and keep this afloat. Expect a rocky start, as he is traveling for precisely 14 days (a-hem) and that will drag a few days into August. But launch this Deadpool he shall! (If you’ve a wishing well, rabbit’s foot, or salt over the shoulder, we suggest you use it). Sir Creep will send his team to a trusted third party DLer (bwa ha ha Lordy..... well ok ‘another’ DLer) on July 24, or one week prior to the start of this year’s ABC DP. You can send a team in at any time prior if you like but SirC will not open your post until he has sent his team in. He will try to get things organised by Aug 1 but if there’s a delay, it’s as aforementioned. If scores have scored, said scoring will be scored.  As we did for ABC III (and likely going forward), the rules and scoring remain intact, unchanged, unaltered, and without manipulation, word for word. So no surprises. The rules: Submit a list of 26 soon-to-croak people to me via PM. The first name or last name of the first person must begin with an A. Second person with a B. You get the idea. This game doesn't require you to choose a joker. Qualifying names will be those getting an obit by sources used by the Windy City Deadpool, also found on its own thread at this site. That pool, in turn, uses the obit sources of the Derby Dead Pool, but adds The Independent; US sources New York Times, LA Times, CBS News, Fox News, TMZ, and MSN. Also acceptable are CNN, and the Associated Press as legit obit sources.  Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ There will be at least 250 names, probably approaching 300. Please police your own obits and notify Sir Creep by PM or a post on this thread, particularly to European obit sources. SCORING: A hit using the first name (all letters except as below) - 1 point A hit using the last name (all letters except as below) - 2 points A hit with the first name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 2 points A hit with the last name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 3 points A hit with the first OR last name . . . (Q, X, Z) - 4 points A hit with an alliterative name scores the points for both first and last names as specified above (so an alliterative at the A spot would be worth 5 points, the B spot would be worth 3 points, the Q spot would be worth 8 points) BONUS POINTS: Person was born in the year 1940 or later - 2 points Solos = 3 points Duos = 1 point All Vowel Bonus - hit all five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) using LAST names = 5 points / hit any four vowels using last names + the letter Y = 4 points Example: if someone gets a solo hit with Zadora Zephyr, who was born in 1940 (assuming 10+ entries), the score would be 8+2+3=13 (the best you could do with one hit). Ties will be broken by the date the final score is reached. That is, if three folks end up with 18 points, the person that got to 18 on the earliest date will be the winner.  The competition will start 1 AUGUST 2020 (all lists must be PM'd by 11:59pm (GMT) July 31) and end 31 July, 2021. NAMES: If any names die before the contest begins, we will ask for a replacement at that letter. Names at other letters may not be shuffled to accommodate the replacement.  Also, if a person’s name has been accepted in one form, that will be the only form we will accept it (e.g. Little Richard, Prince Philip). Any name that has been previously accepted in any of the prior ABC Deadpools is deemed valid. If the host says someone on your list doesn’t meet his tepid ‘fame’ threshold, you’ll need to supply another name. Again, names may not be shuffled. NOTE: Feel free to include a sub for any letter you like, in case you think it's iffy your name may not make the starting gate. Probably a good idea. Example: C - Carter, Jimmy (sub Carter, Rosalynn) Enjoy!
  23. Sir Creep

    Hollywood Possibilities

    To be honest I thought you were going to enter that team annually. At least until it was successful.
  24. Sir Creep

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Molly Lillard, a standout University of Michigan volleyball player and daughter of New York Jets great Al Toon, was shot and killed by her husband in what police are calling an apparent murder-suicide. Lillard (née Toon while at Michigan) was found with gunshot wounds in front of a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, around 5 p.m. on Sunday, police said. She was taken to the hospital and died of her injuries. Police identified her husband, 36-year-old Royce Lillard III, as the shooter and said they were unable to communicate with him upon arrival at the house. SC
  25. Sir Creep

    American Football Players

    The San Francisco 49ers had some very unfortunate news to share this afternoon. Former defensive back Lynn Thomas has passed away. He was 61 years old. Thomas spent his college career at the University of Pittsburgh before eventually being selected by San Francisco in the fifth round of the 1981 NFL Draft. He was on the 49ers back in 1982 when they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI. SC

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