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  1. Animal Antics

    #46: While a man dozed on his patio in his detached home near Ipswich, the seagull swooped from the sky, and with one bite of its beak ripped away the right testicle. He woke screaming in agony, and saw the bird flying away with one of his ‘crown jewels’ wedged in its yellow beak. A spokesman for research group Seagull Watch International confirmed that seagulls often feed on the eggs of small birds. SC
  2. Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    Sir Colin Meads unveils another statue... ...and then has some fun fooling Dead Poolers
  3. From Cleric To Relic

    He's not famous enough for his own thread, so I'm going to lead by example. Problem is he isn't particularly a 'cleric' but we gotta put Nabeel Qureshi information some goddamn place. As I posted elsewhere, he has been in hospital for 3 weeks, and now has had his entire stomach removed due to constant bleeding issues. Says he's 'recovering well'. Let's see how his advanced stomach cancer fights back after having it's happy place taken away. SC
  4. Plants: The Other Life Form

    A tree crashed down on a popular religious festival on the Portuguese island of Madeira on Tuesday, killing 12 people and injuring 52 others, officials said. The tree fell while a large crowd was gathered near the island's capital of Funchal as part of the Nossa Senhora do Monte festival. It's Madeira's biggest annual festivity and was being held on Monday and Tuesday, drawing large crowds to a church on Funchal's outskirts. Local media reports said the tree was an oak that was more than 200 years old. SC
  5. 9. Stan Lee

    That sucks....how is he going to keep up with the DL website?
  6. Dead Pop Stars

    Must be something going on in the Tejano world. 57-year old Tejano music legend Ram Herrera made his first public appearance over the weekend since being hospitalized on July 7. Herrera seems to have recovered well, since being admitted to the hospital on July 7, for pneumonia and a collapsed lung. He later received surgery for a knee infection and care to repair damage to his heart. The crooner is already scheduled to perform on August 18 in Grand Prairie, Texas and in Houston on August 26. I see this ending live on stage, we've had a few this year. SC
  7. American Football

    Former Auburn head coach, Pat Dye confirmed that former Alabama head coach, Gene Stallings is in the hospital, after suffering a minor stroke. Dye says Stallings was at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport awaiting a flight to Huntsville when the medical emergency occurred. Stallings was scheduled to appear at Legendary Coaches events in both in Montgomery and at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. SC
  8. Death Anniversary Thread

    Out, out, brief candle! Macbeth, King of Scotland - 960 years ago, approx age 42.
  9. The Hare's Death Pool

    Oh the joy as we anticipate another updated leader board, what with Glen Campbell singing his swan song. msc only top 4 team still holding on to his Glen Campbell Christmas concert tickets.
  10. Missing In Action

    Didn't the bitch show up for her Dead Drummer's 'funeral' announced in May? He really didn't die, they were just trying to get her out of hiding. I shoulda posted in Conspiracy Theories. SC
  11. Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    I figured immediately it was a suicide (we have a terribly under-utilized thread for that btw) when the gutless BBC didn't present a cause of death for a 39-year old athlete. Gutless. Kudos to the DM (I didn't open the other two links). SC
  12. Paul The Octopus

    I hadn't realized that. I hadn't realized TF left the group for that matter. But still....what's the purpose of deleting old posts? The personal time involved in doing so seems outrageous vs the satisfaction of the final result. I mean, if you're moving on, move on. SC
  13. Arrogant Academics

    The reports of his death seemed fuzzy.
  14. Baseball

    Can't be a lot of Seattle Pilots around. Or Houston Colt 45's.