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  1. Sir Creep

    Political Frailty

    A Boy Named Su
  2. Sir Creep

    Dead Drummers

    Who? Of the What?
  3. Sir Creep

    Fernando Ricksen

    FTR that’s two major DP announcements posted by @The Old Crem inside of a week! He’s becoming a player in the ‘race to post’ circles. Well done! SC
  4. Sir Creep

    Fernando Ricksen

    Ricksen meant nothing to me but was sad to watch him descend. RIP
  5. Sir Creep

    Alex Trebek

    No that was $100,000 Pyramid. I think later called 'Pyramid'. I'm certain you would know the look of the game board for Jeopardy, prolly a meme somewhere. The Pyramid was...well...a pyramid? lol
  6. Sir Creep

    Alex Trebek

    'UK Jeopardy' -- well hmm. I must say, as to the two main ones I cited, the host/presenter DOES make the show in some cases. When I was in UK 1998 first time I ever saw Who's Line is it Anyway-- LOVED it. Then imported to US and Drew Fucking Carey hosted -- unwatchable. Only show I can think of where both UK and US versions are top drawer is The Office. I had my doubts about our version cuz I knew yours...but it worked needless to say. SC
  7. Sir Creep

    Alex Trebek

    That's kinda sad you don't get 'Jeapordy' game show. It's the best....in a loosely intellectual way. Wheel of Fortune for low brow entertainment. Deal or No Deal if you live in a trailer park.
  8. Sir Creep

    Deathlist Dreaming

    Then you can settle the 'did she QO' row.
  9. Sir Creep

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Only days away! Here your Scottish wedding ditty...
  10. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    Torva Messor as well.
  11. Sir Creep

    Political Frailty

    *yaaaawwwwwnn* Another link with history are all the people bringing us astonishing 'new information' during their first 50 posts on DL.
  12. Sir Creep

    22. Stirling Moss

    I thought he retired from public appearances when he was 88. So this isn't news, and attributing it to 'health' any more than when his decision was made seems slightly specious, albeit he is 1-1/2 years older. SC
  13. Sir Creep

    Most Obsessive Deathlisters

    I think I agree with every word of that post. Amazing. Brothers from another mother....
  14. Sir Creep

    Most Obsessive Deathlisters

    That was funny as hell
  15. Sir Creep

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    You Gott to be kidding

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