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  1. Sir Creep

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Would be interested in your 'draft' format - PM me no reason to blow up the pages here. I'll have more questions than you have answers lol. Sounds fun.
  2. Sir Creep

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 11/50)

    I kept him my wee secret but that secret was out Jan 1 (didn't have the balls to put him on DDP for obvs) Deane Sutherland - guitar player for Satellite Spies, some Kiwi outfit from 25 years ago. Given a few months to live, the Big C.
  3. Sir Creep

    Dead Pop Stars

    Chicory Tip? the fuck?
  4. Sir Creep


    Denver's music community is mourning the loss of Billy Bunting, the frontperson for the Denver U2 tribute band Under a Blood Red Sky. Bandmembers confirmed Bunting’s passing on their band Facebook page. He died January 13 (no age given). Bunting, who also went by Billy Bono, wrote that he had undergone surgery earlier this month and was looking forward to better health in the future. He had previously struggled with cancer. SC
  5. Sir Creep

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Just needed sayin: Damn you @Predictor how did you find Jeffrey Foskett? And/or why didn't everyone? Almost a solo for me (You can say the same I reckon lol) And who is "Once You Go Black' ... stole my unique joker again. Lastly, how did I get Ken Wilkinson as a unique? Irish, politician, given 9 months or so to live, posted on DL, easy to locate. I'll take it! Sadly, it appears the ARCHIVES are unlinked presently....I was going to see how many 'hits' I've had so far, can't be many. SC
  6. Sir Creep

    Valentine's Day

    BEST VALENTINE'S EVER!!! Texas' El Paso Zoo said it will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat during its "Quit Bugging Me" event on Feb. 14. "What's the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Naming a cockroach after your ex, of course!" the zoo announced on Facebook. To participate, just send the zoo a message on Facebook with your ex's name by Feb. 10. The zoo will post each ex's first name and last initial on Facebook, starting Feb. 11. Staffers will then feed the roaches to the meerkats at 2:15 p.m. MST on Valentine's Day. You can watch the event on Facebook Live or on the zoo's website. SC
  7. Sir Creep

    Death By Numbers 2020

    Well it's a slow news day lol.... NYTimes or bust. Seems like it woulda happened. "Don't choose Van Impe, or your QO be skimpy'.
  8. Sir Creep

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    .. updated already
  9. Sir Creep

    Political Frailty

    Unless they did something of distinction beyond being a member of the House (see: Bob Dole, Edwin Edwards), I'd consider leaving some of these names alone. We are still waiting for an obit of any kind beyond a local Indiana one for Roger Zion, who was the oldest surviving member of the House when he died recently. Not even New York Times material, apparently. Obvs to each their own, but that is a rule I'll be operating under from now on. At least it only hurt me in the ABC deadpool. SC
  10. Sir Creep

    Time Added

    That post really did deserve more love. Instead utter bollocks around here gets 5 likes. Anyway, well done, Roey.
  11. Sir Creep

    A Joke

    The son of the founder of a bagel dynasty in London admitted to killing his mother and sister, after deciding his defence was full of holes.
  12. Sir Creep

    Hooroo, Mate.

    The founding director of the National Gallery of Australia, James Mollison, has died aged 88. Mollison was most renowned as the person who coordinated the then-controversial purchase of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist painting Blue Poles in 1973. The NGA paid $1.3m for the work – now worth about $350m – a sum that required approval from the prime minister at the time, Gough Whitlam. Mollison died of a heart attack on Sunday morning. SC
  13. Sir Creep

    10. Bob Dole

  14. Sir Creep

    WTF is happening in London?

    For Christ sake, that's a typical house party in Detroit. Should I be posting the 450+ homicides from that city alone in 2020? I mean.... THREE, heavens. At one time? Good lord.
  15. Sir Creep


    You telling me we've never had a Russian (white or black, a little alcohol humour there)??

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