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  1. Sir Creep

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Song makes me think about my daughter when I’m away, which is 80% the fucking time. She deserves so much better a father than me. SC
  2. Sir Creep

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    how would SirC know you weren’t on a computer just now. Anyway yes that is a solution but his query was why no toolbar option, as exist for the functions shown.
  3. Sir Creep

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Why isn’t Strikethrough an option on my phone but it is on laptop? Notice I can BOLD it which actually using strikerhrough would’ve made more sense. In a dual looking glass type thing - see the options on my phone in the image provided. Can the DL Tech Squad please see to it. Much Thanks. SC
  4. Sir Creep


    This thread takes the cake. Pie Town, New Mexico Actual place SirC no only has passed through, but was graciously and kindly a lovely Christmas dinner in 1987. He never met the people before or after, and their hospitality and generosity has never been forgotten. They even let the 23-year old lad phone his mum, who was 1800 miles away. Memory as to whether pie or pudding was served a bit cloudy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_Town,_New_Mexico
  5. I love all of you— each and every one! SirC
  6. Sir Creep

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Interestingly this has been posted on my home DP for 24 hours, and here...nowt. Kenneth Ward Anderson, who co-founded Blockbuster Video almost 35 years ago in Dallas with David P. Cook, has died at age 87. He will be buried in a tortoise-shell case. SC
  7. Sir Creep

    Country For Old Men (And Women)

    A rising country music singer from Texas has died after a reported accidental shooting that happened with a gun that was being used as a music video prop. Justin Carter recently signed a deal with Triple Threat Management, which didn't offer many details about the musician's death. "Justin had a potential to, you know, in our eyes, and a lot of people's eyes to be the next Garth Brooks," said a spokesman for Triple Threat. A gun that was going to be used for a music video shoot was the same one that ultimately killed Carter at his apartment. SC
  8. Sir Creep

    Watched Any Quality Porn Lately?

    Brilliant! And first thing I thought of as well! My band used to do an ad-lib instrumental to that poem for a minute, allowing the keyboard player to load discs for the next set of songs.
  9. The dugs I’ve listed above are elegant, built for speed, and natural hunters. Beautiful and graceful and purposeful. True there are a handful of breeds not mentioned that provide a worth-a-fuck existence. I’ll give you 3-4 Non Sporting, Sporting, Working, and Herding The rest...pfft. However (no offense Mr T) the entire Terrier Group can be summed up in two words: Rat Catchers. I had a couple growing up so... [she did kill a couple poodles so maybe I’ll re-examine that. Add Wire-Haired Fox Terrier to the ok list. Only the poodle-killing ones tho.] Toy breeds—please. I owned a Chinese Created who was cool cuz he was cool to own, but a useless mutt. Hell you can take Cocker Spaniels off the Hound Group snd bin them too. For a Scot to dis Scottish Deerhounds is sacrilege and he taint worth the kilt adorned. I can’t imagine the abomination, and his tartan-less Scot ancestors are rolling in their graves. Fact is they’re the only silver-coated dug around and truly beautiful. I saw a guy once walking two if the most beautiful dugs ever—pulled me car over and ran across 6 lanes of traffic to ask what they were. (True story). They were like glistening black, like black cellophane fur. He had crossed a Deerhound with a Newfie. Stunning animal. ———— As for this this entire discussion the Latin “de gusto is non est disputabdum” applies. Thus, I can’t tell you that you are wrong to like what you like; I can, however, tell you your taste sucks. SC
  10. Sir Creep


    Well if your pudding has a crust, you need to be excommunicated from the pub. It’s a fahkin pie. Pudding is the shite what goes IN a pie. (See Puddibg Pie—-otherwise no need for the distinction). https://www.myfoodandfamily.com/recipe/107286/chocolate-pudding-pie-recipe sounds like your drunk arse needed tossing. Pudding = pie fuck off
  11. Sir Creep

    DDP Team Name Rejects

    Wetbacks - Olympic swimmers from S.A.
  12. Sir Creep


    The words ‘pastry’ and ‘pudding’ Have fuck all to do w each other. Well done mate! Well worth a forfeiture.
  13. Sir Creep

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Long live Brendan Behan. (Figuratively)
  14. Sir Creep


    Well there’s little confusing pie for pudding so one of you was right, other dead wrong
  15. https://www.insidedogsworld.com/dog-breeds/breed-groups/hound-dogs Afghan Hound American English Coonhound American Foxhound Azawakh Basenji Basset Hound Beagle Black and Tan Coonhound Bloodhound Bluetick Coonhound Borzoi Dachshund English Foxhound Greyhound Harrier Ibizan Hound Irish Wolfhound Norwegian Elkhound Otterhound Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Pharaoh Hound Plott Pocket Beagle Redbone Coonhound Rhodesian Ridgeback Saluki Scottish Deerhound Sloughi Treeing Tennessee Brindle Treeing Walker Coonhound Whippet ———————————- if your dug no listed above—enjoy your cat. if you can’t field course your dug, it should be fed to pigs. See list above and act accordingly. Exceot for Bob the dug I make an exception. Presents from Texas forthcoming. SirC

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