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  1. Sir Creep

    Death In The Family

    And so my friend succumbed to his bad ticker in the early hours today, 8-18-2018, age 53.
  2. Sir Creep

    Nobel Prize In Death

    I'm sorry but you really need to explain what you meant by this.
  3. Sir Creep

    The Jacksons

    Team Gris Gris shall respond accordingly.
  4. Sir Creep

    Death, Italian Style

  5. Sir Creep

    I Miss Badegg

    Given the nature of this site, I'd be interested to know how you came to the conclusion that anyone's wit around here was quick.
  6. Sir Creep

    Aretha Franklin

    I'll give that to you, but otoh there was probably a place for her or someone else in light of a few ridiculous and dreadful choices (Ronnie Wood for starters. What's the set of circumstances in which he dies at 70?). I won't belabor the point. But yes, hindsight can be 20-20. SC
  7. Sir Creep


    Ahhh, well if it was 2011 all is forgiven.
  8. Sir Creep

    Political Frailty

    Is there a doctor in the house? He is having organ failure. Do organs unfail once they fail? The notion sounds absurd, but I may be totally off base. SC
  9. Sir Creep

    The 100 Club

    Extremely popular pick around these parts, Mr. Joe Vento, FINALLY has some sort of update. According to this publication's 'best photos of the week' section, Joe Vento, 100, was recognized as citizen of the month, during a city council meeting at Las Vegas City Hall in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018. So he's alive and kicking in Vegas. In a wheelchair though. SC
  10. Sir Creep


    You mean to tell me Franklin had previously been on the list, but after being hospitalised with pancreatic woes, they took her OFF? Here I thought it was just a bad 'miss'. Now it's a malfeasance! SC
  11. Sir Creep

    Aretha Franklin

    Hold on. David Bowie's DEAD?!
  12. Sir Creep


    Justin Credible arrested for "violating a protective order", which could quite possibly mean he's just beaten the shit out of said wife. Sounds to me like he's got that timeline pretty close then.
  13. Sir Creep

    Aretha Franklin

    RIP to the Queen of Soul
  14. Sir Creep


    I was going to say, there is a lot a glad-handing and liking going on here, when 1/3 of the names haven't a fahkin chance of an English language obit. SC
  15. Sir Creep

    Art For Death's Sake

    Another absolute nobody. 'Acclaimed'.

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