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  1. What a shame. She did well to last 6 years past a ''months to live'' diagnosis tho.


    Just a few months ago I started watching Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns again, on Decades TV weekdays at 1. Now that I'm back in school, I can only see it on Fridays. Was looking forward today to seeing one of the best episodes, imho, '''My Brother's Keeper'', where Rhoda and Phyllis's brother hit it off - Phyllis is terrified of her brother dating Rhoda, but is quite relieved when it turns out he is gay. Pretty bold plot for 1973.

    Didn't get to see it tho as I spent the day downtown with my friend who goes to UIC. Fuck sake, didn't think I'd disappoint Rhoda so much that she would up and die, smh.


    RIP Valerie Harper.

  2. Certified bad bitch Betty White appears in an promo for the kick-off of the 100th NFL season on September 5th.



    Still looking good.


    And as always, Bear doooown Chicago Beaaaars.

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  3. On 04/06/2006 at 12:42, Boudicca said:

    What's the worst thing you've done whilst under the influence?


    Hmm.... I'm usually a pretty tame drunk but I guess I've done some shit.


    One time we were having a little kickback at my Nepali friend's house. After about seven shots of Svedka, I accidentally knocked down a little Hindi prayer set-up they had in the corner of a table. I better hope they're fucking wrong in their beliefs or I might be reincarnated as a millipede as punishment.


    But the best ''drunk dumbass'' stories I have are mostly of my friends.


    During the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago this past spring, someone in my group (I barely knew the guy) drank a whole water bottle filled with vodka. He ended up throwing up in the train station just as we were about to get on board, and then passing out in the bathroom for over an hour. Took quite a long time of yanking his leg from inside the other stall before he woke up.


    One time at a party, a friend of mine who was absolutely wasted thought it would be a good idea to take a pill from a stranger. He ended up tweakin' like a motherfucker so we had to carry him out of the party and into my car. We drove him home (I was sober so could drive) but not before he barfed quite a bit in my backseat. And then had to carry him inside his apartment. We got even though by taking the house keys to his dad's mansion (who was on vacation at the time) and having an after-party there. Luckily, nothing bad really happened to him - said he woke up the next morning feeling fine.


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  4. Hah, feels nice to finally have a DDP hit who isn't a Drop 40 and/or a contender consensus pick. I now actually moved up on the scoreboard! :lol:


    Never really doubted he'd QO. Certainly more of a 'behind the scenes' name, but he helped produce so many hit pop songs and was David Guetta's BFF, so I knew his death would get picked up somewhere.

  5. What kind of animals do y'all see in your yards and neighborhoods?


    Living in a suburb of Chicago, I don't get to experience much.

    Squirrels are widespread here, as in much of the US. We have a family of rabbits in our backyard. We occasionally see foxes in my area - my cousin who lives a couple blocks down said they once had a fox den in his backyard.


    But that's about as much as it gets here.

    My aunt who lives further west into the suburbs occasionally has coyotes in her neighborhood.


    What about you guys? Anything interesting?

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  6. 4 hours ago, gcreptile said:

    If you haven't been there yet, Krakow is a wonderful place. Lots to see, fairly cheap, everything is easily accessible. 


    I've been there for five days and will return today. While the return trip is on a bus, I came here with a Ryanair flight.

    Oh yeah, I love Kraków - lived there from 2013 to 2015, before moving back to America.

    Great city with great activities and great transit.


    And damn, if I knew you were there, I would've met up with you! It's under 2 hours by train from the town I was staying at (near Rzeszów).

    Well, assuming you would've wanted to meet a random internet stranger from a website that attracts sociopaths. :lol:

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  7. I'm baaack!


    On 13/07/2019 at 18:55, Cat O'Falk said:

    Hey Rad, don't forget on your 18th birthday you can walk into a bar in Poland with your passport in one hand, cash in the other hand and BUY ALCOHOL. :champagne:You don't have to wait for three more years to pass by.   :lol:


    What do you mean ''don't forget"? That's the only reason I went to Poland in the first place! :lol:

    Even brought my American driver's license as a form of ID - didn't want to lose my passport in a night of drunken misadventure.


    Thanks for tracking my flights.

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  8. Like every summer, I'm going to Poland with my family. This time for about 2 and 1/2 weeks.

    Right in time for my 18th birthday too, me and my friend over there got big plans. :champagne::party:


    My flight leaves tomorrow - Saturday - from Chicago O'Hare at 17:25 to Warsaw (LO 2), and I have an hour layover there before I land in Rzeszów (LO 3809) at 11:30 local time Sunday.

    That info of course being for Cat in case he wants to track. :biggrin:

    I get back on August 1st.


    Don't think I'll be visiting the forums during my vacation.

    ABC title defense team already submitted.

    So this is goodbye for now. :salute:


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  9. Thank you all! Really happy I pulled it off. :D


    Thank you to Wormfarmer for running this great pool, and good luck to Sir Creep as he takes on the challenge in August. I'll be sure to enter again.

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  10. I wasn't a big fan of Cameron Boyce, but I did watch a fair amount of Jessie in middle school.

    Got me fucked up that somebody around my age died of natural causes... we all think we're invincible when we're this young. RIP to an actor who had a lot more potential.


    As for the media coverage complaints... it's in TMZ, it's in BBC, it's in BBC Mundo, it's in BBC Türkçe, it's in the Telegraph, it's in CNN... can't find New York Times or Guardian obits yet but those papers usually take their time.

    So it got decent coverage, and I think it's understandable that it's not front page breaking news - Cameron Boyce was pretty much only known by Generation Z like me, and how many Generation Z actually read newspapers and news sites? Not many.

    Anyway, I saw a half dozen Instagram and Snapchat tributes to him from people my age. Last time that happened iirc was for Stan Lee.

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  11. Just posting here to remind myself to enter this game in a couple days. I never do very well, but hopefully I can change that this year.


    Oh, right, and DBN transfers are coming up soon. Not used to be doing so much deadpooling stuff in the dog days of summer! :burn:

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  12. I voted for Joe Biden, because people are ignorant and will support him because ''he friend with Obama and me like Obama''. There tends to be a very loyalist and next-to-the-throne aspect to the Democratic nominations, hence Hillary's victory in 2016 or Al Gore's in 2000. But outsiders are still possible (think 2008 Obama - of course, hardly an outsider nowadays).


    As for who I support, I think I made it clear that I'm a Bernie bro. I will be canvassing for him throughout the primary season and hope to see him pull off the win. Only path to victory for him though, imho, is if Kamala Harris gains steam and chips away at some of Biden's support in the South - a region Bernie has no shot at anyway.


    It'll be an interesting year...

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  13. Tonight on ABC, there was a live-action recreation of All In The Family and The Jeffersons, featuring Woody Harrelson as Archie, Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson, Wanda Sykes as Weezie, and Will Ferrell as Tom Willis, among others.

    It was followed by a short documentary on the impact of these shows on American culture.


    At the end, Marla Gibbs and Norman Lear made special appearances.

    They both looked quite good for their advanced ages.


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  14. I voted for Johnny Clegg - the logical choice, being ''seriously ill" with pancreatic cancer - for the past couple of polls, and it's only lead to random oldies dying. So I voted Clegg again and y'all can thank me when Kirk Douglas dies this weekend.

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  15. So.... yesterday we get a DL hit/Drop 40er in Doris Day, and another Drop 40er today in Tim Conway. Both were also, at least in the United States, A-listers who rival each other for biggest deaths of the year so far.

    I think we can shut up with our drought complaints for a little bit...

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  16. Last week we had 4 days in a row of heavy rain.


    This weekend was beautiful, but as I was taking the train downtown to the Polish Parade on Saturday, I saw parks and backyards near the Des Plaines River flooded at various levels.

    One of the forest preserves we passed had to be at least 5 feet underwater!


    And this week we'll have 4 more days of heavy rain... thank God I don't live near a river.

  17. Okay it's May 5th and I've not had a hit since late January... this is my slowest DDP start ever.

    Will this year be a dud for me, or can I still catch up? Here's some self-analysis.


    John Andretti: The cancer has returned... again... and I doubt he'll be able to shake it off again. But he may still sneak into the new year. 60%

    Samu Anoa'i: Advanced liver cancer, needs transplant, etc. Benefit event will be held for him later this month. Tough one to judge. 50%

    Susan Bayh: Looked okay at her father-in-law's memorial and is still responding well to treatment. But 8 more months with glio is a tough ask. 70%

    Kathleen Blanco: Been in hospice for three weeks now. My only dead-cert. 100%

    Johnny Clegg: According to South African Twitter he's been unable to attend events and is more seriously ill. He's a goner, I think. 95%

    Tim Conway: Old and demented... but so was Nobby last year, and he's still with us. 50%

    Jason deLisle: No updates that I could find since early last year. Last we know he has stage 3 colon cancer, which may have advanced by now, but probably still treatable. 20%

    Barry du Bois: Cancer slowly progressing, but he still looks fine. More next year than this year, imho. 40%

    Bill Freehan: See Tim Conway. 50%

    Clive James: Recently had emergency surgery on fast-progressing tumors. Frail and nearing 80. This could finally be his time, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 50%

    Lee Kerslake: Supposed to be dead by the autumn, but you never know, prostate cancer isn't that bad compared to most cancers. 65%

    Karen Lewis: Still tweeting away, mostly coherently. No longer makes public appearances. Stroke complications and glioblastoma. 70%

    Sacheen Littlefeather: Looked good in a recent photo. 30%

    Fernando Ricksen (JOKER): ALS hospice, getting worse and worse, looking worse and worse. Decently high chance at a joker score. 80%

    Fred Rister: Apparently not as bad shape as we thought. The cancer isn't very advanced. So more Philomena Lynott treatment-refusal than John McCain treatment-refusal-and-dies-the-next-day. 40%

    Jean Louis Trintignant: Another treatment-refuser who keeps on living. Although he is older than Rister and his cancer seems more advanced. But could still pull a Lynott. Who knows. 70%

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  18. On 23/04/2019 at 12:45, RadGuy said:

    Winter and snow seems gone for good.

    Gaaaaahhhhh. I motherfucking jinxed it.


    A historic storm system is headed our way bringing rain at the moment, but later in the afternoon... snow. And quite a bit. My area of Chicago can expect to see anywhere from 1-4 inches, and if nearby O'Hare Airport measures more than 2.2 inches (odds are quite high), we will break an all-time record for biggest snowfall this late in the season.


    Meanwhile, the northernmost towns of Illinois, into southern Wisconsin through southwestern Michigan, can expect to see over 6 inches!


    Only in the Midwest can you go from 70s to several inches of snow to 80s to several inches of snow, in the span of three weeks... Christ.


    The snowfall from a fortnight ago was quite unexpected and also nearly record-breaking, but at least it still somewhat made sense being quite brown and dead outside.

    But this weekend's snow will be weird as hell... the magnolias are in full blown, there's flowers all around, many trees and shrubs have sprouted leaves, lawns look lush and green as can be... it's gonna look like the Twilight Zone with snow all up on it.


    It'll be well above freezing and sunny tomorrow tho, so melt away quickly and spring will return... fingers crossed that for good.


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