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  1. RadGuy

    The English Language

    If y'all are using 'prom' to mean 'school disco', I believe that's not just Americanized, but incorrect. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a quick Google search suggests that a 'school disco' in the UK is a relatively informal school dance. In the states, 'prom' is something very specific. A celebration at the end of the school year in high school, with only junior and senior students (the two oldest classes) being allowed to attend. It usually takes place in a banquet hall, tickets cost upwards of $50, a fancy dinner is served, and the music is performed (at least in my school it was) by a live band. Boys are expected to wear tuxedos and girls are expected to wear gowns, and preferably you should show up with a date. So 'prom' is a specific type of school dance. Another common one is the homecoming dance, part of the larger week-long homecoming celebrations that generally take place in September or October (depending on the school), culminating with a football (gridiron) game on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night. This dance is more informal, taking place in the school gymnasium/fieldhouse, with a DJ performing, and you can get away with wearing just a dress shirt and tie for boys, and a dress for girls. Well I certainly rambled on. Hope it was informative.
  2. RadGuy

    5. Leah Bracknell

    Guess this is my last chance to share my art work of Leah Bracknell as a Blood. Took me a whole 2 minutes in Microsoft Paint. So she died way back in September and just announced today? That's rather odd. Wouldn't be as shocking for an elderly, low-profile celebrity... but she was in the news a lot and still relevant. I hope we all agree that we need not go back to the ''XXth poll of 2019'' threads and correct them chronologically for this pre-Baker, possibly pre-Chirac (if the 29th death date is false) DL death. After two years of having her on the DDP, I dropped her and Greg Gilbert and thought I was gonna eke out the year with them still living. Not the case for one of them. Now if Greggy dies too I'll be mad... I fell down a few spots too.
  3. RadGuy

    Nature In Your Backyard

    Seems my town is being overrun by skunks. There's one that we see in our driveway every once in a while at night. At this point we should come up for a name for him, think Jasper is a cute fit. A few weeks back my friend told me about how he drove over a dead one on his way to our college. The week after that - and I take a much different route than he does - I saw at least three or four skunk roadkill on my way to school too. Just recently a girl I know posted about how she ran over a skunk while coming home at night. A lot of dead ones, yeah, sorta sad stuff. But makes you wonder how many living ones are crawling about at night. They're everywhere.
  4. RadGuy


    Put up my Halloween decorations today. Gonna go shopping for more with a friend next week. It's spooky szn bitches.
  5. RadGuy


    6ix9ine snitched in court yet again, this time testifying that Jim Jones (rapper, not Kool-Aid man) and Cardi B are members of the Nine Trey Bloods. If he makes 2020 he's going on my DDP team. Man's gonna get killed.
  6. RadGuy

    Holiday Thread

    Going to Arizona for a few days. Finally! My cousins moved there in 2011 and this will be my first time seeing them since then.
  7. RadGuy

    7. Robert Mugabe

    Someone had great timing with their tweet two days ago:
  8. Packers win. Bears lose. This is the worst tragedy to ever happen in America in early September. Yeah, an absolute shit-show of a game. So highly anticipated... and it ends 10-3? Got me fucked up.
  9. NFL season opener today. Packers at Bears. Bears by a million - nay, a Paytillion. (But actually I'm kinda worried but we'll see... fuck the Packers).
  10. RadGuy

    37. Valerie Harper

    What a shame. She did well to last 6 years past a ''months to live'' diagnosis tho. Just a few months ago I started watching Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns again, on Decades TV weekdays at 1. Now that I'm back in school, I can only see it on Fridays. Was looking forward today to seeing one of the best episodes, imho, '''My Brother's Keeper'', where Rhoda and Phyllis's brother hit it off - Phyllis is terrified of her brother dating Rhoda, but is quite relieved when it turns out he is gay. Pretty bold plot for 1973. Didn't get to see it tho as I spent the day downtown with my friend who goes to UIC. Fuck sake, didn't think I'd disappoint Rhoda so much that she would up and die, smh. RIP Valerie Harper.
  11. RadGuy

    18. Betty White

    Certified bad bitch Betty White appears in an promo for the kick-off of the 100th NFL season on September 5th. Still looking good. And as always, Bear doooown Chicago Beaaaars.
  12. RadGuy

    Drunken Deathlisters

    Hmm.... I'm usually a pretty tame drunk but I guess I've done some shit. One time we were having a little kickback at my Nepali friend's house. After about seven shots of Svedka, I accidentally knocked down a little Hindi prayer set-up they had in the corner of a table. I better hope they're fucking wrong in their beliefs or I might be reincarnated as a millipede as punishment. But the best ''drunk dumbass'' stories I have are mostly of my friends. During the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago this past spring, someone in my group (I barely knew the guy) drank a whole water bottle filled with vodka. He ended up throwing up in the train station just as we were about to get on board, and then passing out in the bathroom for over an hour. Took quite a long time of yanking his leg from inside the other stall before he woke up. One time at a party, a friend of mine who was absolutely wasted thought it would be a good idea to take a pill from a stranger. He ended up tweakin' like a motherfucker so we had to carry him out of the party and into my car. We drove him home (I was sober so could drive) but not before he barfed quite a bit in my backseat. And then had to carry him inside his apartment. We got even though by taking the house keys to his dad's mansion (who was on vacation at the time) and having an after-party there. Luckily, nothing bad really happened to him - said he woke up the next morning feeling fine.
  13. RadGuy

    Dead Pop Stars

    Hah, feels nice to finally have a DDP hit who isn't a Drop 40 and/or a contender consensus pick. I now actually moved up on the scoreboard! Never really doubted he'd QO. Certainly more of a 'behind the scenes' name, but he helped produce so many hit pop songs and was David Guetta's BFF, so I knew his death would get picked up somewhere.
  14. RadGuy

    The Dead of 2019

    ''Blue checks'' on Twitter saying Epstein has been found dead in his cell. Just a day after evidence came out against people like Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew, etc. What a coincidence.
  15. What kind of animals do y'all see in your yards and neighborhoods? Living in a suburb of Chicago, I don't get to experience much. Squirrels are widespread here, as in much of the US. We have a family of rabbits in our backyard. We occasionally see foxes in my area - my cousin who lives a couple blocks down said they once had a fox den in his backyard. But that's about as much as it gets here. My aunt who lives further west into the suburbs occasionally has coyotes in her neighborhood. What about you guys? Anything interesting?

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