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  1. RadGuy

    Internet Celebrities

    He was said to have a life expectancy of 2-3 years, but in a TikTok he posted in early December he casually mentioned that his chemo wasn't working so I knew the clock was ticking. Would've been a unique for me if not for a TikTok theme team... oh well.
  2. RadGuy

    Minimalists (and other classical composers/musicians)

    Update on Michael Tilson Thomas. Still performing and recent scan results were positive. Bit early to write him off as a bad 2023 pick, but definitely one of my weaker choices, it seems.
  3. RadGuy

    Deathrace 2023

    Bessie Hendricks, who died on January 3rd, is a hit for @deadsox here.
  4. RadGuy


    Walt Cunningham dead at 90.
  5. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    TO KILL A GABOR SISTER Gianluca Vialli - JOKER George Alagiah Rob Burrow Simon Cowell (wildlife guy) Frank Field Roberta Flack Randy Gonzalez (Enkyboys) Rolf Harris Jonnie Irwin Randy Jackson (American Idol) Frank McGarvey Steve McMichael Linda Nolan Larry Pressler Johnny Ruffo Ryuichi Sakamoto Mutulu Shakur Nigel Starmer-Smith Michael Tilson Thomas James Whale subs: Faye Fantarrow Jimmy Carter Jango Edwards
  6. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Back in the game after a couple years off. Most of December was awfully quiet for my shortlisters... then in the past 48 hours, I had to scrap Pele, Don West, Barbara Walters, and Pope Benedict - all of whom would have made the final roster (Walters was a sub but would've been promoted after the Pope's death). I don't think my team is necessarily bad, just... boring. Mostly Drop 40ers. My off-forum research was shit. I'm expecting a lot of "how the fuck did I miss that?" during tomorrow's grand reveal.
  7. RadGuy

    Barbara Walters

    Saw murmurs on Twitter last week that she was 'gravely ill', according to those blind item gossip sites. Since those can be surprisingly accurate sometimes, I had her on my Deathrace team and she would've probably made one of the final spots on my DDP team. I had settled on keeping this news to myself, rather than amplifying it and campaigning for a Drop 40 spot for her (I like having differentials). I think I did deadpool hosts a favor, last thing they need today is another person on a load of teams not making the starting line.
  8. Spent the past two days browsing the dark corners of the Internet for news on a potential unique of mine (who probably won't even QO), trying to figure out more info on their seemingly advanced cancer, only to find out that it was stage 3a and in remission. There's always room for Bob Barker...
  9. RadGuy

    The 14th Death of 2022

    Never before have I had the opportunity to vote in this poll twice in one day, iirc. The 2017 Dawn-Booth double was complete before I woke up that morning. Going for Jimmy Carter yet again but it'll probably be someone random like Sandy Gall.
  10. RadGuy

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Near the end of August, sitting at 4 hits, I thought we'd struggle to hit double-digits. All it took was six weeks...
  11. RadGuy

    6. Jimmy Carter

    New picture from his Facebook page today, both him and Rosalynn looking pretty good if you ask me. Jimmy turns 98 a week from today.
  12. RadGuy

    6. Jimmy Carter

    While Carter and other former US presidents were not invited to the funeral on account of space constraints, they were all sent invitations to the Washington National Cathedral for a special ceremony to be held on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see if Jimmy makes the trip.
  13. RadGuy

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    So, uh... safe to say we're not in a drought anymore, right?
  14. RadGuy

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Hard to imagine Britain with a different monarch. It just speaks to her incredible place in history that I can say that as someone in his 20s and probably get people in their 70s to agree with me. To many across the world, Queen Elizabeth II was simply the embodiment of Britain.
  15. RadGuy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Pauley Perrette, TV's original alt girl, reveals she suffered a "massive stroke" last year that almost killed her.

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