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  1. RadGuy

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Georgia Engel is dead? Georgia by far the youngest MTM star Engel? That's actually fucking crazy. Never in a million years would I have thought she'd be the next one to die! Betty White and Cloris Leachman are both ancient. Ed Asner is a fat old Jew. Valerie Harper has been outliving her lung cancer prognosis by a gazillion years and counting. And Gavin MacLeod's old and out of the spotlight. And - fuck me - you're saying that spry, young, "only" 70-year-old Georgia Engel was the first one to die out of them all? I honestly believed that the 3-decade drought between Ted Knight and Mary dying would happen again with Georgia Engel outliving the rest of em all by a few decades. Goddamn. Oh, and excuse my long rant. I'm just shocked. Georgia Engel was a great, sweet actress and she will be missed. Edit: Actually a unique DDP hit for my Z-Team, Belmont-Cragin Reaper. I didn't expect her to die (obviously) but that team is mostly comprised of celebs who I don't want to be DDP misses in the unlikely event that they die. Edit 2: And I see @YoungWillz just pointed out that "someone" picked her.
  2. RadGuy

    The Weather

    Picture this. Spring time in Chicago. Flowers blooming, buds forming on trees, sunshine, warm weather. Last week was just like that. We reached 74°F (23°C) on Monday and nearly the same on Tuesday. Felt like summer, spent a lot of time outdoors, listening to good tunes. And then, yesterday morning, I wake up at noon with my hangover and... on God - several fucking inches of snow on the motherfucking ground. It continued throughout the day, including with gusty winds, and the official measurement at nearby O'Hare Airport was 5 inches. Pretty annoying. I was really enjoying the nice weather and it looked like the leaves were about to show up on trees. Last year it snowed several times throughout April, which resulted in no green until mid-May. This year was looking to get green early, but now this fucking snowstorm will probably delay it. Flowers all died too I'm assuming. But it's bi-polar ass Chicago weather, so winter isn't back for long. Snow already melted today, and tomorrow it's gonna be 67°F (18°C) and about the same for the rest of the week.
  3. RadGuy

    33. Ed Asner

    His ex-wife is dying of cancer.
  4. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Fritz Hollings for the List of the Missed.
  5. RadGuy

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Wow, can't believe I actually managed to get ahead of Banana. I hope it lasts. Regardless, should be a high-scoring round between us two. As for Mr. Tong, from what I read about him, he seemed like a reactionary sociopath and he will not be missed.
  6. RadGuy


    Cosmonaut and DDP pick Valery Bykovsky has died at 84. Best I can do is a Spanish language source so far, figured more of y'all speak that than Russian. Edit: My bad, here's an English one already.
  7. RadGuy

    St. Patrick's Day

    No, that was at 9:00 in the morning, bit too early for our group, especially since we live a ways away from downtown. I was gonna say we didn't even get to see the river *at all* during the day, but I just fuckin realized it's right by the damn train station. Had to have seen it, so either the dye had already worn off and thus wasn't memorable, or I was too inebriated to notice or remember the color change. 'Twas a good day regardless!
  8. RadGuy

    St. Patrick's Day

    As much as I roasted St. Patrick's Day on these forums 2 years ago, I've got to say this year I got in the holiday spirit... by getting shitfaced with my friends at the downtown Chicago parade yesterday. Next stop is the Polish parade in May.
  9. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    A while ago I was tempted to make a father-in-law vs. daughter-in-law "who will die first?" poll between Birch Bayh and Susan Bayh. Guess we know who 'won' now... But I feel bad for Evan... just lost his father, and will probably lose his wife soon too to cancer.
  10. RadGuy

    ABC Deadpool II

    Yusuke Yamaguchi has died, helping me grow my lead.
  11. RadGuy

    Alex Trebek

    What is 'the saddest news I've heard all day'?
  12. RadGuy

    Time Added

    Ah, fuck. Really thought she was a banker to make 2020. If I thought she had even a 20% chance of dying this year (especially so early!) I would have picked her in the DDP. This, plus Michael "I think he may have already died off the radar'' Murphy's death yesterday, and McGahan earlier in the month... really shaping up to be a shitty year for me in the DDP. But there's 10 months left so we'll see. And of course, on a personal note - sad story. No age at all. Weird seeing somebody who's pretty much my age becoming a DDP hit. Now I know how youze oldies feels. RIP Jordan Dawes
  13. RadGuy

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    In an ironic twist of fate, the brother of Amer Deghayes (Syrian rebel fighter/Living End pick), Abdul Deghayes, was stabbed to death in Brighton. Meanwhile, brother Amer seems to live a comfortable life in the much safer, family-friendly city of Idlib, Syria.
  14. RadGuy

    Valentine's Day

    No big plans today. I have a date on Saturday, though, gonna buy her some flowers and take her to Chipotle. Should be enough for a blowjob.
  15. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    What a shame. Dingell's frequent tweets (although presumably written by his staff) were very clever and I'll miss seeing them on my feed. Honored him with a spot on the US politics theme team last year, and this year I have him on my Z-Team. Despite his numerous health scares and bouncing back from them, this looks like the real deal.

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