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  1. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    Newcastle councillor and popular deadpool pick Jason Smith has died. TBH, I'm a little worried about obit chances, given the news broke 7 hours ago and I was the first to notice. Surely BBC locals will come through?
  2. RadGuy


    Franz Beckenbauer a hit for me and others. Also on my list is recent hospice entrant Brian Barczyk. Yeah, I suck at this pool.
  3. RadGuy

    Internet Celebrities

    Murmurs on Twitter that Brian Barczyk has died are likely untrue, as his YouTube channel posted a goodbye video just over an hour ago and confirmed in the comments that he's still alive. The video is depressing, so watch at your own risk, but basically, he confirms that chemo stopped working a few months ago and he is now entering hospice. So, still alive, but as is tradition to say 'round these parts, won't be around to see the Royal Rumble.
  4. RadGuy

    Your DDP Salvage Lot 2024

    Subs: Patrick Murray - probably a goner with all his ailments but I couldn't find room. Joe Doering/Dikembe Mutombo - both with unclear stages of cancer, both might be on their way out in 2024 reading between the lines, but I just knew if I only picked one, the other would go, and I didn't have room for both. Final drops: Dario G - probably one of the better 'new' names but still see him making it to 2025. Shannen Doherty - starting to decline but still think she sees 2025. Roy Battersby - dying this year, but I have enough old, low-scoring names already. Richard "Black Bart" Harris - my wrestling ignorance made me unsure of a QO, plus he seems somewhat stable still according to a recent Facebook video. Not worth the risk for a 7-pointer. Toby Keith - still not sold on him dying, would've been a purely defensive pick. Joanne Woodward - Drop 40 for sure but if she's survived 15 years with Alzheimer's, why not another year? Not sure the alleged hospice changes anything. Other drops: Jimmy Zoppi/Erik Jensen - both seem to be relatively stable and responding well to treatment. Sudarshan Maharaj - pancan sounds big and scary always, but reading between the lines, they seem confident it's treatable. Jose "Piculin" Ortiz - another name that wouldn't reveal the stage of their cancer, ffs, why are there so many? But if I understood correctly it was caught during a routine scan so probably early. Vanessa Redgrave - again, too many oldies already, and she's not as likely to die as a Carter or Chomsky. Joe Shannon - not super likely to die and I've seen plenty of household names in Ireland not get a single obit in the UK press so I was worried that would be the case here too. Why can't y'all get along? Richard Scolyer - experimental treatment looks promising. Nigel Starmer-Smith - already carried over SEVEN of my 2023 survivors so no room for him. Adrian Sutton - not a lot of updates and kinda boring. Plus "incurable" to me always sounds like "the cancer is here to stay, but so am I for 4-5 years." Sean Wallace - found him very late. Also, as an American college sports fan, even I think he's too obscure to get a Yahoo obit. Francoise Hardy - already have drama queen Esther Rantzen, didn't need two. Dennis Skinner - Chomsky filled the "forum user claims to have inside knowledge that they're dying" spot. James Fanale - just no way he gets a QO, imo.
  5. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    TO KILL A GABOR SISTER 2024 Jonnie Irwin - JOKER Brian Barczyk Theo Burrell Rob Burrow Frank Caprio Jimmy Carter Graham Caveney Noam Chomsky Simon Cowell (wildlife) Derek Draper Frank Field Toni Hilland Joye Lee-McNelis Steve McMichael Bruce Murray (Home and Away) Michael Parenti Esther Rantzen Jason Smith (councillor) Michael Tilson Thomas James Whale subs: Patrick Murray Joe Doering Dikembe Mutombo Really wanted to find room for Patrick Murray but I had no shortlist deaths post-Ryan Minor... meanwhile last year when I was struggling to come up with enough good names, a bunch of them died right before the starting line and my team got even shittier. Thought I had good research this year but apparently not as I totally missed Craig Maxwell and a few other obvious names. Michael Parenti probably my only unique possibility, 90-year-old Marxist academic - there've been murmurs on leftist Twitter for years about his dementia. Except I just now realized he actually has been mentioned on the forum once or twice . Still, never picked in the DDP. Besides that, Joye Lee-McNelis probably the only other name on less than 5 teams.
  6. RadGuy

    The 20th Death of 2023

    I am reminded of the saying "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" as I vote for Jimmy Carter for the 17th time in a row.
  7. RadGuy

    So, How's Your 2024 Shortlist Looking?

    After a relatively slow year for contending teams, I'm going a bit conservative in some regards for 2024. I'm anticipating a much deadlier late winter/spring than this year. Also focused on not having as many Drop 40 names so I can actually pull away from other teams when I get a hit. The biggest debate right now is how many of my survivors are worth carrying over. A few are easy drops, a few might die next year but I'm just getting so bored of them. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve I think/hope. There's a QO cert out there whom I think a lot of people wrote off as a nobody.
  8. RadGuy

    American Football Players

    RIP to a Bears legend. Must've been pretty sudden, he was at the season opener on September 10th and didn't seem ill. Dick Butkus on X: "Somebody give me some pads and a QB to tackle. @chicagobears https://t.co/DWPq1L3yv1" / X (twitter.com) To be fair, watching the start of this season has made me want to die too.
  9. RadGuy

    Toby Keith

    Performed at the People's Choice Country Awards tonight. Says he feels good today but calls his cancer battle a 'roller coaster.' Definitely looks ill, but not at death's door.
  10. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    Bill Richardson dead aged 75. Former Governor of New Mexico who also served as Secretary of Energy and UN ambassador under the Clinton administration. Unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.
  11. RadGuy

    Steve McMichael

    Steve McMichael hospitalized but seemingly improving: His wife has been pretty blatantly trying to keep him alive until Aug. 22nd, when he might be announced as a 2024 Hall of Fame senior finalist. The ceremony for 2023 is this weekend and he didn't make the cut.
  12. RadGuy

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Lil Wayne's song Ball Hard is starting to look more like a hit list: I would recommend combing through the lyrics if you need some 2024 inspiration.
  13. RadGuy

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    She was a talented and unique musician. It's a shame she didn't get the help she needed for her mental health issues and it's a shame all people did was mock her - I admit I did too when I was younger and dumber. RIP.
  14. RadGuy

    Tina Turner

    Incredible life and career. Just a legendary success story. I really think she was one of the most iconic human beings of all time. Jimmy Carter really outlived Tina Turner, goddamn.
  15. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Don't flatter me too much now, msc. Weird year for the DDP. First 8 days of January as busy as ever, then practically fucking nothing until things picked back up this past month. I don't remember a slower February/March in my time competing... As for my team... Burrow and Field might be useful as they were omitted by Spade and Joey, respectively. But won't help me leapfrog anyone else. Randy Jackson I picked because I always miss out on the appearance-based picks (Wetton, Mark E. Smith, McCririck) but seeing almost no other contender pick him makes me feel like a fool. I no longer think he's ill at all. Larry Pressler looked good in pictures earlier in the year. Starting to think he has that neuroendocrine Aretha Franklin BS pancan spin-off that takes a decade to kill. Shakur exaggerating, I always thought that to be the case but he was such an interesting person I couldn't help but pick him. Starmer-Smith should die but old dementia folks always linger, getting flashbacks to Nobby Stiles on my 2018 team... Tilson Thomas not on a lot of teams but he's still very active for now, a late-year hit at best. Linda Nolan is definitely my best bet to leapfrog a lot of the contenders. She only made my team because I ran out of good subs; I thought she would be a wasted spot. Overall, I think my path to victory is very narrow and it's really my fault for submitting such a boring team (16 Drop 40ers ffs!) I already cashed in on Randy Gonzalez, my best pick in terms of separating myself from the pack, but other folks have caught up with their own uniques/differentials and I reckon I'll only be sliding further down the scoreboard as the year goes on...

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