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  1. RadGuy

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    In an ironic twist of fate, the brother of Amer Deghayes (Syrian rebel fighter/Living End pick), Abdul Deghayes, was stabbed to death in Brighton. Meanwhile, brother Amer seems to live a comfortable life in the much safer, family-friendly city of Idlib, Syria.
  2. RadGuy

    Valentine's Day

    No big plans today. I have a date on Saturday, though, gonna buy her some flowers and take her to Chipotle. Should be enough for a blowjob.
  3. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    What a shame. Dingell's frequent tweets (although presumably written by his staff) were very clever and I'll miss seeing them on my feed. Honored him with a spot on the US politics theme team last year, and this year I have him on my Z-Team. Despite his numerous health scares and bouncing back from them, this looks like the real deal.
  4. Well, the Pats did it again. Fuuuuuck. Honestly I'm not even mad anymore. When they won 2 years ago, I was fucking livid. But this year I'm calm. I've accepted it. Congrats to Tom Brady on 6 Super Bowl rings in 17 years. Now please just retire, ffs!
  5. RadGuy


    In what might be the biggest plot-twist in the rap community in years, 21 Savage has been arrested by ICE because he is apparently secretly from the UK and has been illegally living in the USA. Kids - this is why you don't trust Atlanta niggas.
  6. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Just wanted to point out that my NFL team Traded To The Saints is missing the theme-team description. Something like ''People involved with the NFL, from coaches and players, to superfan Pancho Billa and an ESPN sportscaster''.... shit it's too vague for a theme team, isn't it?
  7. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Welp, I excluded McGahan on the basis that he wouldn't obit. This was my major 'make or break' punt for 2019. Now that he did obit, I don't think I have a shot in hell of winning this year (not that I expected to). Congrats to those who did pick him! Which is - err, all of youze. I now fall to =16th place, tied with Dead Cow and Sir Creep. Both of those teams will make big improvements compared to last year, imho. Creep, I think, will have his best year yet, even better than 2016.
  8. RadGuy

    The Weather

    School was cancelled yesterday and today. Wind chills yesterday morning made it near -55°F (-48°C). This morning had slightly less torturous wind chills, but the actual temperature reached its lowest value in years: -24°F (-31°C). My sister stepped outside to do the ''throw boiling water and it automatically turns into snow'' thing. It worked quite well.
  9. RadGuy

    Name Shame?

    Alright, so, I've decided I want to change my username back to the original RadGuy. It's been 1 and 1/2 years since I changed it to Phantom of the Midway, but people still call me Rad. Also, I'm occasionally confused with the OG @Phantom So fuck it, we're going back to RadGuy. Apologies to pool runners in advance for needing to edit my name in their masterlists/scoreboards... (Also, as this might help with confused folks, could my tagline be changed to: "AKA Phantom of the Midway")
  10. RadGuy

    The Weather

    We been dealing with the same shit, other Phantom. High-five for Midwest struggles! We got a measly 6 inches from this storm, but of course my shitty town didn't clear the roads, so school was cancelled today. There's probably well over a foot on the ground now, thanks to the previous snowstorms, so it definitely looks like a winter wonderland out there. And Wednesday... aye, school will definitely be cancelled. They're now showing a wind chill of almost -60°F at 8:00AM Wednesday morning. NEGATIVE FUCKIN' SIXTY. Thursday will be a nice, mild, balmy -30°F wind chill. So school may not be cancelled on that day. Would be nice if it is, tho, cause then we'd have a 5-day weekend (Friday is off anyway for teacher conferences). And ya know what's funny? By Saturday and Sunday, high temperatures will be around 45°F. Almost spring-like. The weatherman on TV last night said ''Saturday will feel over 100 degrees warmer than Wednesday''.    Holy shit that's crazy. Well, that's Chicago weather for you.... Anyway, off to shoveling I go...
  11. RadGuy

    The Weather

    So about a week later, an update. Friday night into Saturday, we did end up with a ton of snow. Around 6 inches fell, possibly more but I'm not sure (well I wasn't gonna fuckin' go out with a ruler, was I?) Tuesday we had an ice storm. I was leaving school for lunch and had to take several minutes to scrape the ice off my car. On the plus side, it didn't ice afterwards, so I quickly left before the traffic at the end of the day, while most other folk were stuck scraping. Wednesday a bit more snow fell. And Thursday. And today. Fuck sake! Today was also frigid as hell, with wind chills around -20°F (-29°C) in the morning. No school cancellations throughout all of this, but I'm not surprised. By Chicago standards, it wasn't that bad. What's ahead? A snowstorm coming Monday morning. Funny thing is - one model shows 3 inches falling here, another model shows 13 inches. If it's the latter - definitely no school. Roads will be fucked. And also if it's that much, the snow on the ground - of which there already is a fuck-ton - will probably be 2 and a half fucking feet! Wednesday morning and Thursday morning wind chills could go as low as -50°F (-46°C)! Definite school cancellations. I'll be enjoying next week in the warmth of my house, it seems.
  12. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    With Fatima Ali's death, I am at 4 hits. That's the first time I've gotten 4 hits in a month, and I was hoping that would happen, since I've already gotten 3 in a month several times. Wonder if I can make it 5? Okay, okay, I won't get greedy. Up to 7th place now. Slowly making a climb, but it's very early days so doesn't mean much. I am feeling a bit more optimistic about my performance, though.
  13. Well, she's definitely further left than most Democrats. She has a record of being tough on Wall Street. However, she's voted for increasing the military budget a few times lately (as have many other Democrats, unfortunately). So that was quite disappointing of her. In some ways she also comes off as a bit opportunist. She chose not to endorse Bernie in 2016, likely because she didn't want to get on the bad side of the Hillary-wing of the party. She's a bit of a calculating politician - and she used to be much more honest, aggressive and opinionated. So it appears that being in Congress for a few years has changed her, and not in a good way. Overall, I guess you could say she's somewhat Bernie-lite. But Bernie is certainly to the left of her. Personally, I would easily vote for Bernie (or even Ojeda or Tulsi Gabbard) over Liz Warren in the Democratic primaries. However, I would have no problem casting my vote for Warren in the general election. If the nominee is somebody like Joe Biden, I would just vote third party probably. But yeah - Warren meets the ''progressive enough'' threshold where I would vote for her in the general election.
  14. I like Ojeda a lot. He's moderate on some policies, but in general is a left-populist. He can connect with leftie Bernie-bros like me, as well as with very conservative old-school Southern Democrats, and plenty of independents! Problem is - he's being ignored by the media. He has no chance of winning the primary. The big dogs are Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Beto O'Rourke, and Bernie Sanders - assuming they all decide to run, which is quite likely. For now I'm with Bernie.
  15. RadGuy

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Oy charon I'm disappointed in ya. If you did a bit of research you would've realized this happened in a town right outside Chicago, and could've used it as a dig at me, not the Creep. In fact, it happened about 15 minutes away from my house. Tragic story. (For the record/legal reasons, I had nothing to do with it. There's no way in hell you would ever see me anywhere near a church!)

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