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  1. Got a couple tattoos yesterday - a semicolon on my wrist (suicide awareness), and the silhouettes of two seagulls flying on my lower forearm (in honor of my grandfather who has a similar tattoo).
  2. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Qaboos and Scruton a quick one-two for me. Now I'm hoping Arap Moi and Tobin are next...
  3. RadGuy

    World's Oldest

    Irene Sinclair - one of the UK's oldest people, Dove model in her 90s, and @Clorox Bleachman's fave - has died at age 111.
  4. RadGuy

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    Interesting news coming out of Iraq... Qassem Suleimani and Abu Mehdi Muhandis both allegedly killed in airstrikes. This might be related to the earlier news of the missile strikes at a Baghdad airport which injured civilians and potentially American officials/diplomats. All very recent news so not all information is fully available yet. Edit: The US admits it killed these two leaders. Uh-oh...
  5. RadGuy

    Your Personal Survivors

    2016: Hosni Mubarak (1/20) 2017: Greg Gilbert, Kris Hallenga, Heidi Loughlin, Rena Salmon, Valery Spiridonov (5/20) 2018: Greg Gilbert, Dilip Kumar, Nobby Stiles (3/20) 2019: John Andretti, Samu Anoa'i, Susan Bayh, Jason deLisle, Barry du Bois, Bill Freehan, Lee Kerslake, Karen Lewis, Sacheen Littlefeather, Jean-Louis Trintignant (10/20)
  6. RadGuy

    So Who’s Your Salvage Lot of 2020

    Substitutes Jimmy Carter: Was on my team for the longest time until I had to make way for newer, better picks. He'll still very likely die and I acknowledge that. Greg Gilbert: The fall 2019 ''previous Rad DDP picks keep dying'' fiasco made me want to bring him back from my 2017 and 2018 squads, but I couldn't convince myself he was a good pick. Lee Noble: My planned joker up until a fortnight ago when I read that he was in remission. Still wanted him on my team as a high-risk high-reward pick, but there wasn't room. Final drops Tom Smith: I've been burned by colon cancer picks before, so I thought he'd survive 2020, though seeing how many picked and even jokered him makes me feel like my intuition was wrong. Bernadette Chirac: Reckoned she couldn't have long left after Jacques died, but she's worth too few points for a non-certain death. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A month ago, I was dead-set on picking her so there could be a win-win situation. She dies? Points for me! She doesn't die? Supreme Court is saved if Trump loses re-election! Couldn't convince myself she was worth it, though. Mikhail Gorbachev: He is fucked but I have enough, better/more fucked, old low-scorers on my team (though I reckon he might be Drop 40). Litsa Menounos: The only fringey pick I was even close to considering. But I was confident that, for the third year in a row, I could avoid fringey picks. Other names considered John Lewis: Showed up too late, also turning 80 in February, and likely not Drop 40. Alcee Hastings: Kind of a discount John Lewis now hahaha. Sam Lloyd/Tom Long: Both in remission. Rodion GA: Latest news suggests he is fucked - will not obit. Bob Barker/Bob Dole/Kirk Douglas/Prince Philip/Stirling Moss/Jill Gascoine/Willie Nelson: I'm attempting to be competitive, so there's only so many Deathlist-y oldies I can pick. Dominic Matteo: Not super ill. Leon Spinks: Prostate cancer picks aren't great; also, seems like the ICU incident was unrelated to the cancer and he has recovered. Ed Genson: Very off-radar man. Nanci Ryder: She's an annual honorary salvage lot member. One year she'll die off my team and I'll be pissed. Ady Barkan: Still stable, still doing activist work.
  7. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Here is To Kill A Gabor Sister 2020. 1. Genesis P-Orridge (JOKER) 2. John Andretti 3. Daniel Arap Moi 4. Frankie Banali 5. Susan Bayh 6. Chris Doleman 7. Maggie Griffin - mom of Kathy Griffin 8. David Gulpilil 9. Lars Hogh 10. Terry Jones 11. Lee Kerslake 12. Michael Robinson 13. Sultan Qaboos bin Said al-Said of Oman 14. Yoo Sang-Chul 15. Roger Scruton 16. Doug Supernaw 17. Bernard Tapie 18. Peter Tobin 19. Alex Trebek 20. Gianluca Vialli I'm not gonna make any dramatic claims like ''this is my last year playing the DDP'' but this very well may be my last semi-competitive entry. I've certainly started to lose interest in deadpooling and I couldn't bring myself to do much research. However, I did pull myself together in the final days of 2019, so I don't think I'll completely embarrass myself with this team.
  8. I haven't been taking it very seriously this year, but sort of got back into the swing of things in the past week or so. Currently four names are battling it out for the final two spots.
  9. RadGuy


    Much like Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and Mac Miller, this death is a big deal for my generation, even though nobody over age 30 has heard of him. Admittedly I never ventured deep into his music but I liked some of his songs like Armed & Dangerous and Wasted. Died of a seizure? I'm gonna guess it was all the lean he drank. Tragic that he had to spend his final moments at Midway Airport. RIP.
  10. RadGuy

    Who Should Be On The 2020 Deathlist?

    Lady Bird was 94 when she died. Betty Ford was 93 when she died. Nancy Reagan was 94 when she died. Barbara Bush was 92 when she died. Enter Rosalynn Carter. Turns 93 years old in 2020, so prime 21st century First Lady dying age. Jimmy is clearly on his way out after many recent hospitalizations, and like the Nixon and Bush couples, I doubt they'll stand to be separated for very long. Get her on Deathlist 2020!
  11. RadGuy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's gonna be a low-key one for my family this year, we're not going anywhere or inviting anyone. More turkey and pie for me!
  12. RadGuy

    Clive James

    So he died on November 24th ya say... (Edit: Swear I had nothing to do with it!)
  13. RadGuy

    The Weather

    Halloween is looking more like Christmas in Chicago, with about 2 or 3 inches of snow having fallen and it's still going. When you factor in the wind and low visibility, it's looking like a blizzard out there. My commute home was less than ideal. Safe to assume I won't be getting many trick-or-treaters tonight.
  14. RadGuy

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    I scored with Maude actor Bill Macy. He died on October 17th.
  15. RadGuy

    The English Language

    If y'all are using 'prom' to mean 'school disco', I believe that's not just Americanized, but incorrect. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a quick Google search suggests that a 'school disco' in the UK is a relatively informal school dance. In the states, 'prom' is something very specific. A celebration at the end of the school year in high school, with only junior and senior students (the two oldest classes) being allowed to attend. It usually takes place in a banquet hall, tickets cost upwards of $50, a fancy dinner is served, and the music is performed (at least in my school it was) by a live band. Boys are expected to wear tuxedos and girls are expected to wear gowns, and preferably you should show up with a date. So 'prom' is a specific type of school dance. Another common one is the homecoming dance, part of the larger week-long homecoming celebrations that generally take place in September or October (depending on the school), culminating with a football (gridiron) game on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night. This dance is more informal, taking place in the school gymnasium/fieldhouse, with a DJ performing, and you can get away with wearing just a dress shirt and tie for boys, and a dress for girls. Well I certainly rambled on. Hope it was informative.

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