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  1. RadGuy

    9. Jimmy Carter

    New picture from his Facebook page today, both him and Rosalynn looking pretty good if you ask me. Jimmy turns 98 a week from today.
  2. RadGuy

    9. Jimmy Carter

    While Carter and other former US presidents were not invited to the funeral on account of space constraints, they were all sent invitations to the Washington National Cathedral for a special ceremony to be held on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see if Jimmy makes the trip.
  3. RadGuy

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    So, uh... safe to say we're not in a drought anymore, right?
  4. RadGuy

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Hard to imagine Britain with a different monarch. It just speaks to her incredible place in history that I can say that as someone in his 20s and probably get people in their 70s to agree with me. To many across the world, Queen Elizabeth II was simply the embodiment of Britain.
  5. RadGuy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Pauley Perrette, TV's original alt girl, reveals she suffered a "massive stroke" last year that almost killed her.
  6. RadGuy

    15. Mikhail Gorbachev

    Front page should've gone with "Gorbachev leaves huge mark on 2022 Deathlist".
  7. RadGuy

    Political Frailty

    Tadeusz Ferenc, mayor of Rzeszów, Poland from 2002 to 2021, has died at 82 (link in Polish). Ferenc oversaw the development of Rzeszów, capital of the Subcarpathian province, from a small regional center into a rapidly developing metropolis; Rzeszów is one of the fastest growing cities in a country where most cities are losing population or stagnant. Ferenc was a member of the Democratic Left Alliance and it was practically a miracle that he remained in power for so long in Poland's most conservative province. His leadership proved popular enough that he was succeeded by a fellow leftist.
  8. RadGuy

    World's Oldest

    Figured I'd drop by after hearing the news about Ms. Tekla. As a Pole and as a long-time supercentenarian nerd, it was exciting to have a Polish woman finally climb so far up the ranks of the world's oldest people list. To clarify just how rare her feat was - no other verified Pole before her had reached the age of 112 (Stanisław Kowalski falling just nine days short of it earlier this year; although, if I'm not mistaken, he technically wasn't verified). Making it to 116 years and 2 months after surviving two world wars in a country heavily impacted by both, various regimes, and multiple pandemics is truly a remarkable feat. I'll admit I was rooting for her to outlive Lucile and get the #1 spot (something I didn't feel bad about it - Lucile herself has expressed that she would 'be better off in heaven'). However, I can't say I'm disappointed. When Tekla first became doyenne of Poland in 2017, I never would have expected her to live for five more years. May she rest in peace.
  9. RadGuy

    Deathrace 2020

    Thank you maryport and thank you to all the competitors! Goodbye for now, but perhaps I'll be back next year to attempt the hat-trick...
  10. Still no full results from Iowa, but with 71% in, it's looking like my man Bernie Sanders is winning the popular vote, Pete Buttigieg is winning in state delegates, and they're both tied in estimated delegates to the DNC? Oh, America, you and your over-complicated elections... Anyway, I registered to vote a few days ago and I can't wait to cast my first vote in the Illinois primary on March 17th!
  11. RadGuy

    Deathrace 2020

    Oh, wow... I'd intended to - at least temporarily - quit the forum (lot of stuff going on in my personal life, deadpooling a big distraction) after my previous post 2 weeks ago. But then this morning something told me to log back on one last time and at first I thought "wow, my spidey senses wanted me to know that Deathray reacted assholishly to my tattoo? greeeat LOL" until I realized I was also a hair away from winning the Deathrace! Now, back from classes, check Twitter to see Andretti's died... fuck sake I really won it a second time in a row?
  12. Got a couple tattoos yesterday - a semicolon on my wrist (suicide awareness), and the silhouettes of two seagulls flying on my lower forearm (in honor of my grandfather who has a similar tattoo).
  13. RadGuy

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Qaboos and Scruton a quick one-two for me. Now I'm hoping Arap Moi and Tobin are next...
  14. RadGuy

    World's Oldest

    Irene Sinclair - one of the UK's oldest people, Dove model in her 90s, and @Clorox Bleachman's fave - has died at age 111.
  15. RadGuy

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    Interesting news coming out of Iraq... Qassem Suleimani and Abu Mehdi Muhandis both allegedly killed in airstrikes. This might be related to the earlier news of the missile strikes at a Baghdad airport which injured civilians and potentially American officials/diplomats. All very recent news so not all information is fully available yet. Edit: The US admits it killed these two leaders. Uh-oh...

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