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  1. 184. Dissapointed, considering the amount of time I devoted to Sporcle when I was 14. One of my party tricks is pinning Rutland on a map.
  2. Clorox Bleachman

    The Dead of 2021

    He couldn't bear the thought of being barred from playing the majority of board games:
  3. Clorox Bleachman

    Shamima Begum. 2020 list?

    She's back with a new look and wants to fight terrorism: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58573501
  4. Clorox Bleachman

    Guess The Song

    Just like System of a Down, this band's biggest hit featured "wake up" quite prominently, but it's not that song. The band name is related to a profession (I guess you could say), and the protagonist of our song appears to work in said profession.
  5. Clorox Bleachman

    Guess The Song

    Chop Suey! - System of a Down?
  6. Clorox Bleachman

    The Deathlist Kitchen

    Put a family-size sticky toffee pudding in the oven at 3am (the occasion called for it). The premade pudding was delicious but the cooling fan started going like the clappers when I turned off the heat. It's been 2 hours and I've had to leave the door cracked open with an apology note to whoever finds it in the morning. This cooking thing's not for me.
  7. Clorox Bleachman

    Last living 1924 state leader

    I can do this too!
  8. Clorox Bleachman

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Or better yet, Cecilia Bartholemew.
  9. Clorox Bleachman

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Shout-out to @HDS for being a superb opponent and for making me sweat for the full month. I was resigned to writing a loser's speech after seeing how well put-together your team was. Then again, sometimes you only need a few punts and some favourable tiebreaker conditions. One thing I'm sure of, though, is that the same luck won't carry over to my matchup with Spade, because Spade.
  10. Clorox Bleachman

    William Shatner

    William Shatner turned 90 four days ago, meaning he's lived a day longer than writer Laura Ingalls Wilder. Thank you for subscribing to see daily William Shatner updates. You can opt out via the "Threads you will never click on" thread.
  11. Imagine someone unfamiliar with The Great Enema of 2020 reading this.
  12. Clorox Bleachman

    World's Oldest

    Back when I was super interested in supercentenarians in late 2017 or so, I decided to pick 20 random 110-year-olds and check in on them periodically. They were: Miriam Moore - 28th Jan 1907 Ellen Goodwill - 2nd Feb 1907 Sumie Yabune - 5th Feb 1907 Rosalie Esposito - 11th Feb 1907 Kameo Oya - 12th Feb 1907 Thelma McLeod - 13th Feb 1907 Christine Hoscheid - 16th Feb 1907 Herbert Engle - 18th Feb 1907 Lillian Cox - 22nd Feb 1907 Masae Uchiyama - 27th Feb 1907 Maria Branyas Morera - 4th Mar 1907 Marguerite Bailly - 6th Mar 1907 Hide Morokuma - 10th Mar 1907 Sally Ellis - 14th Mar 1907 Rosena Hankerson - 16th Mar 1907 Anna Medwenitsch - 17th Mar 1907 Icie Clark - 19th Mar 1907 Tame Yamaguchi - 20th Mar 1907 Helen Turner - 1st Apr 1907 Merle Phillips - 2nd Apr 1907 Maria Branyas Morera (who survived Covid!!) is now the only one left.
  13. Clorox Bleachman

    Room 101

    Don't doubt it for a second. I see worse on an hourly basis, and I'm on the sales floor (not in Asda) for 48 hours! Being desensitised is part of the problem. When you watch someone open a honey jar, finger and lick the contents and put it back on the shelf, what's the harm in leaning closer to the next customer? Or so a lot of staff think. It's also hard to enforce masks when the enforcer is probably a 5'2 lassie who grown men aren't afraid to shout abuse at when they aren't allowed to jump the queue. Please shop online if you have the means, at best you'll put me out of a job
  14. Clorox Bleachman

    Jacques Brel's Imitation Jelly Jewellery

    MGMT - It's Working SZA - Good Days blink-182 - Stockholm Syndrome It's funny/unfortunate that listening to 2k chart songs from 1952-63 hasn't changed my comfort zone, which is music from 1993 and up. If anything it makes me want to move as far as possible away from yodelling, and funereal backing singers, and 5 covers of the same song, and godawful arms/charms or you/true/blue/through couplets. Maybe my opinion will change when hippies take over the chart.
  15. Clorox Bleachman

    Sock puppet accounts

    Nope. msc thought I was a sock when I first joined, but he'll tell you I'm a human being and not a piece of cotton with googly eyes if you interrogate him...

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