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  1. Clorox Bleachman

    David Bennett

    I noticed there are no pictures of him after the transplant (the picture of him with the doctor was before). The surgery being "successful" after 3 days doesn't say much, aside from the fact that the heart hasn't stopped or been rejected straight away.
  2. Clorox Bleachman

    Unlikely 2022 death

    The Weeknd has aged 50 years in the last month, one to consider:
  3. Clorox Bleachman

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    I'm not on the masterlist. Sorry if you saw a PM titled "20 people I think will be having unprotected sex in the next 15 months" and got the wrong idea, Crem.
  4. Clorox Bleachman

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    From BBC Pidgin: How dog eat owner private part for Calabar
  5. Clorox Bleachman

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    The Greatest Snowman (Channel 4, Christmas Eve) is 90 minutes long but you only need to see the first half hour. Sue Perkins saying "ready, steady, snow", the creepy twins always at her side to critique the celebrities attacking huge snow blocks with chainsaws, Dani Dyer having the drawing skills of a toddler and making a big old crater where her snow doll's face should be. Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen is told not to carve out the underbelly of his lion sculpture, but gets cocky and does it anyway (the fool! This is the part where I'm supposed to flex my knowledge of structural mechanics). When the torso shears off and rolls away, he fixes it by kicking the whole thing on its side because it looks like it's asleep. Potential cult classic.
  6. Clorox Bleachman

    How’s Your 2022 Shortlist going?

    I probably won't submit anything. The whole deadpooling thing doesn't spark joy. I only put in 2 (?) teams all year and went away from the forum for 4 months. I'm very much not well, in all honesty, but I prefer to keep my neurotic ramblings offline. We'll see what happens come Hogmanay.
  7. Clorox Bleachman

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    I was exposed to Whamma radiation for about 2 seconds by a colleague who has shit music taste and was shuffling songs, am I out? What's the grace period?
  8. Clorox Bleachman

    Nana Mouskouri

    Aaaand the account is gone. Didn't get enough attention?
  9. Clorox Bleachman

    Nana Mouskouri

    Come on, guys, his only 5 tweets are very impersonal R.I.P.s to his 'wife' in different languages. Give it 20 minutes before we get the tweet about it being a hoax by that Italian guy.
  10. Clorox Bleachman

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Condolences to @Vinegar Tits.
  11. Clorox Bleachman

    Ask Me Anything

    What would you do if when you okay so he said yes would go?
  12. Clorox Bleachman


  13. Clorox Bleachman

    Class of 1924

    I used to name and shame people who voted for the loser but, as with my entire existence, I started neglecting it at some point in the last 2 years and don't know how to set it right so I just pretend it doesn't exist. Oops.
  14. Clorox Bleachman

    (Return Of) The Celebrity Split List

    To be fair, that doesn't say much about Zayn. Plenty of us would also slap Yolanda Hadid if given the chance.
  15. Clorox Bleachman

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Interesting that someone who eats food prepared by a Cordon Bleu-trained chef would end up with stomach cancer... the exact same thing happened to Holly Clegg.

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