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    Fat And Fearless

    Matthew Crawford, never seemingly mentioned here, who once weighed 55 stone, dead at 37: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-britains-fattest-man-who-27340425
  2. YoungWillz

    Tennis players

    Anyone else noticed the ball boys and girls at Wimbledon seem to be dressed like those old criminals who had big bags marked "SWAG" you'd see in cartoons?
  3. YoungWillz

    Please Let It Be... Paul McCartney

    Never been to a Festival, never desired to watch any of them on the tellybox. Macca hasn't changed my mind about that, but I was Saturday night singing along until the early hours. The possibility of bumping into the likes of Steve Coogan or Princess Beatrice at these sort of events fills me with horror.
  4. YoungWillz

    The Dead of 2022

    Time for an Ian Lavender v Mike Berry (last of the Being Served regulars) war! The fact ITV's Graham Skidmore gets a BBC mention but FW doesn't first, astonishing.
  5. YoungWillz

    Deaths of the Silver Screen III

    If Frank Williams has indeed died (and no reason to doubt it), @Handrejka joins myself and two others on a hit.
  6. YoungWillz

    Please Let It Be... Paul McCartney

    Really enjoyed his Glasto set. Good for an 80 year old not to need a toilet break! We'll miss the old millionaire when he's gone.
  7. YoungWillz

    Dead Danes

    Hall of Famer for Dundee United, Finn Dossing, reportedly dead aged 81: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/3431331/dundee-united-legend-finn-dossing-scoring-sensation-of-the-1960s-passes-away-age-81/
  8. YoungWillz


    Sometime guitarist with The Manhattans and brother of Regina Belle, Bernard Belle has reportedly died after recovering from a stroke some years ago: https://www.soultracks.com/story-bernard-belle-dies Co-wrote such as Remember The Time for Michael Jackson and Something In Common for Bobby Brown with Whitney Houston, but I've plumped for Hi-Five's I Like The Way (The Kissing Game), #43 in the UK charts in June 1991 (although a much bigger hit elsewhere) which I may have posted on another thread in connection with a death:
  9. YoungWillz

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2021

    Time once again for those doors of the Casino to creak open! Only they are not. The staff are all on furlough and all the generous facilities are closed. Yes, due the COVID restrictions, this time it's virtual baby! In between sanitising the public areas and vaccinating the pet tigers (yes, I know you were all hoping to visit the new petting zoo!) I shall be running the operations from the manager's desk and somehow receiving and answering the emails and texts to the helpdesk. Remember, you simply don't have to know how to play, it's all essentially calculated out for you, so you don't have to! In fact, I'd probably be out of a job if someone did know how to play this game! Just follow the rules below, enter and watch those sweet points roll in over the next few months. You don't even have to be playing with a full deck! Couple of Points Of Order in advance: 1. It's still a 6 month game. I don't really have the time or inclination to move this on plus the calculations would be become outrageously complex. I can think about this in the future, but for now the period sticks. 2. Only members of the Forum whose name was registered on or before 1 January 2021 may enter. This avoids the need for me to calculate scores for former members now banned setting up temp accounts to enter and people who have joined since who may end up after a short period that the Forum is not for them and disappear. So, with that out of the way, those who are eligible can PM teams to me before the deadline and we can go some way to heal the wounds obtained in the Deathlist Cup! Have fun!
  10. YoungWillz

    The Beatles Death Curse

    I love going tenuous in this thread. Frank Doran, former Lord Mayor of Liverpool who presented John Lennon's Freedom of the City of Liverpool to Yoko Ono personally in Central Park in 1998, reportedly dead: Of course, Lennon had been dead for nearly 18 years before the Freedom was delivered. Cue Scouse jokes in 3....
  11. YoungWillz


    Parliamentary website has Sally Greengross, Baroness Greengross as having died aged 86: https://members.parliament.uk/member/2518/career Former DG of Age Concern England.
  12. YoungWillz


    The UK's longest serving editor, former editor of the West Highland Free Press Ian McCormack, reported dead: Former reporter in Kilmarnock and at the Glasgow Herald.
  13. *checks to see if Mr Blobby has been seen in Kigali, or Kyev (I still say Kiev) or indeed anywhere that isn't Wakefield, Honiton or Tiverton*
  14. YoungWillz

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Paula Stafford, bikini for Australia inventor, dead at 102: https://www.theage.com.au/national/australias-inventor-of-the-bikini-paula-stafford-dies-aged-102-20220623-p5aw4t.html Popular pool pick.
  15. YoungWillz

    Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    James Rado, Grammy award winning co-creator of the musical Hair, reportedly dead aged 90: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2022/jun/22/james-rado-broadway-hair-dies IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0705735/ IBDB: https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-cast-staff/james-rado-6628 @time ninja'ed me, just because I checked whether he was a DDP pick either previously or now. He never seems to have been picked. Ah well.
  16. YoungWillz

    Winter Olympic Deaths

    Shame Johnny Nilsson is List of the Missed as he QO'ed: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-10941951/Jonny-Nilsson-Olympic-speedskating-champ-64-dies-79.html
  17. YoungWillz


    Raising this again. Obvs Stewpot and Daniels are dead, how Henry Kelly survives, I dunno. Anyway, it came as a surprise to see an article today (bot generated) on Sarah Kennedy's "death" - I think there was vandalism on her Wiki some time ago, but that was never proved. I'm not aware of even rumours recently about the old hermit. Odd it popped up though, there's normally summat that sparks these off.
  18. YoungWillz

    Widow(er) Shopping

    The man who lost the Tory party leadership to Margaret Thatcher above, John Peyton's widow, Lady Mary Constance Peyton (nee Cobbold) has died aged 101: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/257938/peyton-of-yeovil
  19. YoungWillz

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Eddie Levert contracts the COVID while preparing for the O'Jays farewell tour: https://www.soultracks.com/story-eddie-levert-covid Who will say farewell first - Eddie or the group?
  20. YoungWillz

    Françoise Hardy vs. Jacques Dutronc

    Or indeed a Gilles.
  21. YoungWillz

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Maureen Arthur Hollywood Reporter: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/maureen-arthur-dead-how-to-succeed-in-business-without-really-trying-1235168909/
  22. YoungWillz

    Elon Musk

    18 year old son Xavier petitions to change gender and avoid any relationship with Elon: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10935873/Elon-Musks-transgender-child-18-files-court-docs-change-distance-him.html
  23. YoungWillz

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    When @gcreptile returns, Sophie Freud has a paywalled but valid Times Obit: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sophie-freud-obituary-80pnr36bx Not on the lost list any more @Death Impends (if she was ever on it).
  24. YoungWillz


    Death Notice for Arabella Sackville aged a mere 63, two days before her birthday: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/257901/sackville-arabella I'm posting this as she was the only daughter of William Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr, who famously allowed Doctor Who to film Black Orchid on his Estate, and sold the forest that inspired the Winnie The Pooh stories to the Council, and who himself committed suicide aged only 66 in 1988.
  25. YoungWillz

    Time Added

    Bruce Crawford, former wing half for Blackpool and Tranmere Rovers, reported dead aged 83:

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