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  1. Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Cheers, msc, very possible they are preparing one, though. Times big on their cricketers.
  2. Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Now, Hubert Doggart gets a name check in this article from The Times. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/thanksgiving-service-douginsole-pgdhsxqrq Anyone able to read the whole thing to see if this might be a QO for the DDP?
  3. Hollywood Survivors

    Fabray's QO: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-5429111/Nanette-Fabray-star-stage-screen-TV-dies-97.html
  4. The Hare's Death Pool

    We now have a full leaderboard with everyone named. drol still acting as pacemaker, nip and tuck between him and msc. As a result mainly of Billy Graham's demise, 5 more teams have jumped out of the bleachers and on to the racetrack. Meantime, it must be something about gamerunners, as Deathray and yours truly decide that a smoke and watching the entire run of Game of Thrones with Pedro67 in the common room is preferable to being out and about on a track. In this weather? Are you guys crazy? Anyway, the March Hares are revving their engines...how will this affect the next leaderboard in a fortnight?
  5. The Hare's Death Pool

    Fourth Leaderboard 2018: (*=Joker) 1st: drol - 195 Points [7/25] (Elias; Zarin; Cryne; Alcock; Miller; Tsvangirai; Nevin) 2nd: msc - 177 Points [6/25] (*Elias; Cryne; Alcock; Stokes; Miller; Nevin) 3rd: The Unknown Man - 157 Points [5/25] (Elias; Cryne; Miller; Tsvangirai; Graham) 4th: the_engineer - 127 Points [4/25] (Falkholt; Sawyer; Miller; Graham) 5th: Phantom of the Midway - 119 Points [3/25] (Smith; Tsvangirai; Fabray) 6th: Joey Russ - 102 Points [3/25] (Smith; Olivera; Graham) 7th: Death Impends - 92 Points [3/25] (Killen; Kit; Graham) 8th: Grim Up North - 90 Points [4/25] (Elias; Cryne; Alcock; Miller) 9th: NiceGuyEddie - 87 Points [3/25] (Cryne; Olivera; Miller) 10th: Wormfarmer - 70 Points [2/25] (Sawyer; Nevin) 11th: Whoaml - 69 Points [2/25] (Malone; Graham) 12th: Captain Chorizo - 63 Points [4/25] (Monson; Elias; Alcock; Kit) 13th: FujimoriNoMorey - 59 Points [2/25] (Cryne; Miller) =14th: Bibliogryphon - 58 Points [1/25] (*Hauxwell) =14th: Sir Creep - 58 Points [3/25] (Elias; Falkholt; Miller) 16th: Fixed Business - 52 Points [2/25] (Monson; Graham) =17th: John Key - 51 Points [1/25] (Graham) =17th: mr whit - 51 Points [1/25] (Graham) =17th: Prophet - 51 Points [1/25] (Graham) =17th: Sean - 51 Points [1/25] (Graham) =17th: Widows Peak - 51 Points [1/25] (Graham) 22nd: Toast - 42 Points [2/25] (Elias; Miller) 23rd: gcreptile: 41 Points [2/25] (Manikan; Olivera) 24th: Grigori: 31 Points [1/25] (Kit) =25th: Book - 21 Points [1/25] (Le Guin) =25th: The Dead Cow - 21 Points [1/25] (Sawyer) 27th: Torva Messor - 3 Points [1/25] (Elias) =28th: Deathray - 0 Points [0/25] =28th: Pedro67 - 0 Points [0/25] =28th: YoungWillz - 0 Points [0/25]
  6. The Hare's Death Pool

    No No, Nanette, you were supposed to go later in the year. Fabray is a unique hit on this pool, just an hour or so before the updated leaderboard.
  7. That's Entertainment!

    For completeness, Nanette Fabray has died aged 97: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/obituaries/nanette-fabray-star-of-tv-and-stage-comedies-dies-at-97.html
  8. Hollywood Survivors

    Nanette Fabray, dead at 97. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/obituaries/nanette-fabray-star-of-tv-and-stage-comedies-dies-at-97.html
  9. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Right, for some reason I've gone all optimistic and sent my March team to msc. It's all terribly exciting down at the Thistle Wanderers United pitch, the only failures are the ability of each team to score and the floodlights.
  10. Dead Drummers

    Pete May, long term drummer for Cliff Richard and who was briefly in Manfred Mann's Earth Band, has died, according to Sir Cliff himself.
  11. 9. Linda Nolan

    Nolans were an answer on Mastermind tonight. She's doomed (I tell ye, doomed).
  12. Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Just got a Telegraph Obit. Expect a Lassie Lou Ahern one by April....
  13. Donald J Trump

    Additionally, our medical experts on the forum... What is it with those white patches around his eyes? Is that a sign of something? Or has he been wearing swimming goggles on the golf holiday he has at the taxpayers' expense every weekend?
  14. Donald J Trump

    Listening to his rambling CPAC speech. "Huzzah, look at all the regulations I've cut" - that would include the regulations on mentally ill people and guns, background checks, bump stocks, you know, the ones you are having to put back. "Huzzah, look at all the jobs I'm creating" - but also losing, your tax cuts have actually led to job losses in major American firms. "Huzzah, we are out of the Climate Accord" - no you are not, you can't possibly withdraw for years yet. "Huzzah, my Administration has done a great job" - yeah, that's why you are sacking most of them? Etc., Etc., Etc, rinse and repeat. The man is delusional. George W Bush looks positively saint like compared with the damage to America's reputation, the reputation of the Presidency, and he's talking about another full term. God help America, and god help the rest of us.
  15. Dead Pop Stars

    Yeah, it's everywhere now.