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  1. YoungWillz


    Cannot find any coverage of this at all other than the tweet, but apparently Waldo Holmes, writer of Rock The Boat by The Hues Corporation died at the beginning of the month aged 92:
  2. I think once you take out the dead as I have, such as Michael Jackson, Bowie, Prince, George Michael etc etc, it shows the dominance that a lot of those artists had on the charts at that time. I've said before, if there's something you haven't heard, it might get onto your playlist. I think I listened to The Race on a loop throughout 1988.
  3. Think I got up to 1986. With a chance to update, here are the lists following the rules as above I have slung together (with some not inconsiderable conflict over some picks I couldn't make) for 1987 and 1988. 1987 #01 Pump Up The Volume - M/A/R/R/S #02 Call Me - Spagna #03 Letter From America - Proclaimers #04 With Or Without You - U2 #05 It Doesn't Have To Be This Way - Blow Monkeys #06 Incommunicado - Marillion #07 Mony Mony - Billy Idol #08 Funky Town - Pseudo Echo #09 Hey Matthew - Karel Fialka #10 Sheila Take A Bow - The Smiths #11 When Smokey Sings - ABC #12 Bridge To Your Heart - Wax #13 Wanted (Dead Or Alive) -Bon Jovi #14 This Wheel's On Fire - Siouxsie And The Banshees #15 Me And The Farmer - Housemartins #16 Hourglass - Squeeze #17 Dreamin' - Status Quo #18 Prime Mover - Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction #19 Valerie - Steve Winwood #20 I'm The Man - Anthrax #21 The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk3 #22 Songbird - Kenny G #23 Luka - Suzanne Vega #24 I'd Rather Go Blind - Ruby Turner #25 Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) - Eurythmics #26 Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue #27 Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House #28 Watching The Wildlife - Frankie Goes To Hollywood #29 (Isn't one so I picked another #28) The Game - Echo And The Bunnymen #30 There's A Ghost In My House - The Fall 1988 #01 The Only Way Is Up - Yazz And The Plastic Population #02 Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby #03 Teardrops - Womack And Womack #04 Fast Car - Tracy Chapman #05 Good Life - Inner City #06 Breakfast In Bed - UB40 with Chrissie Hynde #07 The Race - Yello #08 Real Gone Kid - Deacon Blue #09 1-2-3 - Gloria Estefan And The Miami Sound Machine #10 Martha's Harbour - All About Eve #11 Don't Go - Hothouse Flowers #12 Rush Hour - Jane Wiedlin #13 Tougher Than The Rest - Bruce Springsteen #14 I Don't Want Your Love - Duran Duran #15 Somewhere Down The Crazy River - Robbie Robertson #16 You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart - Eurythmics #17 Mandinka - Sinead O'Connor #18 Don't Believe The Hype - Public Enemy #19 All Fired Up - Pat Benatar #20 There's More To Love - Communards #21 Spy In The House Of Love - Was Not Was #22 Tomorrow People - Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers #23 Piano In The Dark - Brenda Russell #24 Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N' Roses #25 Kokomo - Beach Boys #26 I Want Her - Keith Sweat #27 Just Like Paradise - David Lee Roth #28 Life At A Top People's Health Farm - Style Council #29 Paradise - Sade #30 Sidewalking - Jesus And The Mary Chain
  4. YoungWillz

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    Death Notice for former Scotland International and Barbarian Keith Macdonald, aged 88: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/252378/macdonald Nae Wiki.
  5. YoungWillz

    The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

    never mind, ninja'ed, basically I took an age to find a source!
  6. YoungWillz

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    As an aside, is Robert Fyfe the first time there's been an obit on the front page before the punter was added to the Who's Dead list?
  7. YoungWillz

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Jay Sandrich QO: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/entertainment/jay-sandrich-emmy-winning-director-170003682.html
  8. YoungWillz

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    Jay Sandrich didn't make it - dead at 89: https://deadline.com/2021/09/jay-sandrich-dead-tv-director-the-mary-tyler-moore-show-the-cosby-show-1234842985/ DDP Pick.
  9. YoungWillz

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Bob Moore has died aged 88: https://musicrow.com/2021/09/nashville-a-team-musician-bob-moore-dies1/
  10. YoungWillz

    The Dead of 2021

    South African born director Roger Michell, who did a lot of theatre especially with the RSC, but will be remembered for helming Notting Hill and My Cousin Rachel, dead at 65: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/breaking-roger-michell-dead-notting-25057089 IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0585011/
  11. YoungWillz

    Mollie Sugden et al

    Interesting. If I look here, the chap referred to seems to have been born 10 January 1930: https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/1030/?name=Peter_Frazer&name_x=s&pcat=42&spouse=Mary_Lynch&qh=RowpNtl%2FFWObm3kHjdDU7A%3D%3D I don't know how Ancestry works though, ha! Offspring of the union perhaps we could search about the net for?
  12. YoungWillz

    Mollie Sugden et al

    By chance, I caught a 1976 episode of George And Mildred this morning. It's the one where Mildred finds out George isn't insured for his death - bitter sweet, as there's lines in it in which Mildred makes it quite clear that George is going to die first. Anyhow, of interest, Brian Murphy gave an interview a couple of weeks ago: https://www.comedy.co.uk/people/brian_murphy/interview/brian-murphy-on-george-mildred/ Sheila Fearn I think is the next oldest regular cast member still alive - 81 this year. What surprised me was that Peter Frazer-Jones is apparently still going - so many comedy show credits it's painful to pick out any one - he's about to turn 91, unless he has died off radar.
  13. YoungWillz

    British Character Actors

    Sad news if true, she seemed ubiquitous back in the day. Her turn in the King Of Clubs Poirot story exemplifies her characteristic style. RIP.
  14. YoungWillz

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Gunnar Utterberg, Swedish Gold in the K2 Canoe 1000m sprint at the 1964 Olympics, died 12 September. https://www-jnytt-se.translate.goog/logga-in/jkk-vannerna-minns-bortgangne-os-guldmedaljoren-gunnar-utterberg-fanns-inga-hinder-for-honom-nar-han-kom-ut-pa-sjon?_x_tr_sl=sv&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc,elem (Paywall) About time, a hit for time.
  15. YoungWillz

    Art For Death's Sake

    Mel Gooding, art historian, author and critic but probably more significantly (if you wanted a QO) occasional obituary writer for The Guardian, reportedly died on Monday:

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