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  1. beebee

    Its Been Bugging Me

    you're lucky. one time bob dylan snuck into my head and sang "up against the wall. redneck mother" for a couple YEARS! when he started singing the "barney" song, i had to pound my head against a wall until he went away.
  2. beebee

    Michael Jackson Poll

    U.S. doesn't have a "not proven" verdict. michael jackson almost certianly molested children, i think he's guilty as hell. but if there wasn't enough evedence, he a "not guilty" verdict is perfectly correct. but he still should of been given at least 10 years for being ugly in public. and another 10 for stupid in a no stupid zone.
  3. beebee

    Most Hated...

    It's screw off balloon heads such as you who make me love Georgie all the more. He is a fine man and a wonderful President, too bad your ignorance and desire to post 5 billion drivel posts keeps you from seeing it. damnyankee. if cousin bill was still president, things would be alot better. the white house would be seeing alot more action, too. he doesn't like mondays good grief, she's DEAD. give it a rest, already that she kept in a jar by the door hyphenated last name. lay off the beatles. they were the greatest band in the history of the world. except maybe spinal tap. Nope. I personally think buying Texaco is wrong, just wrong. Sunooco now that's the gasoline to go with or Esso. The best though is Sinclair.... and they give away free dinosaurs too. how much is the gas in american money? if it's $1.65, i'm driving over to fill up.
  4. beebee

    The English Language

    never use a preposition with which to end a sentence, because that is something up with which i will not put.
  5. beebee

    The William Shatner Forum

    I bet he raised an eyebrow though yep. it started an argument between mr. data 6 ft. cut-out and dr. crusher doll. dr. crusher doll felt like mr. spock doll was propositioning her. (she ain't got any in a long time.) then there was a general free-for-all. the klingon dolls won.
  6. beebee

    A Joke

    two men walked into a bar. the third one ducked. p.s. so a chav is a what? a goofy looking person? i think i need the remedial chav course.
  7. beebee

    The William Shatner Forum

    you have hurt my captian kirk doll's feeling. i had to put him between lt. uhura doll and yoman rand doll to cheer him up, which really pissed off dr. mccoy doll. he was in the middle of an examination (dammit jim, i'm a doctor, not a movable toy). mr. sulu doll was still checking out mr. checkov doll's behind. mr. spock doll just had no comment.
  8. beebee

    A Joke

    what's a chav?
  9. beebee

    Oral Roberts

    actualy, he is a cousin on my dad's side of the family. he is one of a set of twins. they were named after the thermometers.
  10. beebee

    Long Life

    i had two great-uncles who lived past 100. uncle jeff and uncle virgil. uncle virgil got married a second time at the age of 71. (he had to - knocked up his 40-ish girlfriend and back then that's what you did.) he was still making 'shine at 95, lived by himself, and was still playing the fiddle. he attributed his long life to moonshine, copenhagen and chasing women. uncle jeff got an infection from a splinter that hit him while he was farting around with blasting caps. dumb ole hillbilly.
  11. beebee

    Not Totally Off Topic... (?)

    i used to have to buy rats for lucille, my daughter's snake. me -"i would like a sack of rats, please." kid behind counter - "is that for here or to go?" a word or two of advice - NEVER put a frozen rat in the microwave to thaw.
  12. beebee

    Not Totally Off Topic... (?)

    mmm - roadkill stew! i wonder how the r.k.e.a (roadkill enforcement agency) establish the time of death. little tiny autopsies or do they put, like little signs with the time of death on roadkills? what about leftovers? can they be frozen for later consumption? how do they know for sure you didn't just drop a big ole rock on the poor little squirrel? or whack him with a snowshovel? or for that matter, was the entree even killed on the road? mayhap someone was out 4 wheeling. these are questions that need to be cleared up, or i would fight all the way to the supreme court, before i would let them take away my roadkill rights!
  13. beebee

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    the following is a rant from a person of souther extraction. please do not take it personaly, it is intended to be a general expression of upset-ness---- isn't it interesting how people feel free to poke fun at southerners, things that wouldn't be tolerated if aimed at another group. they wouldn't say that about gays, or blacks, or michigan-ers. not pc. my family is all from arkansas, texas, and louisianna. i have been in arizona most of my life, but still have a trace of an accent, and tend to use alot of southern expressions. i have been teased about it for years. one day i'm gonna knock somebody's cotton-pickin head right off. and you are supposed to put cole slaw on bbq sandwiches!! we return you now to you previously scheduled forum.
  14. beebee

    BB King

    i got dibs on lucille!!! but she'll probably end up in the smithsonian.
  15. beebee

    Not Totally Off Topic... (?)

    well, the law around here frowns on eating people. as for a life or death situation, i've never been there, so i can't truly say. and i was a vegatarian for close on 30 years, but a bad case of anemia and a truly irresistable taco put an end to it.

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