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Found 812 results

  1. Grim Reaper

    36. Robert Durst

    The Robert Durst thread.
  2. Paul Bearer

    R Dean Taylor

    Listening to "There's a ghost in my house" looked him up on google. Eighty years old in May. Nothing health wise known (yet). Thought I'd start a thread for him, he'll definitely get a QO.
  3. Josco

    The Kings Of Tonga

    King of Tonga This old king was born in 1918. At 87 therefore, a sodomite and considerably overweight, must soon be a goner. Any thoughts?
  4. Vaagheid

    Betty White

    Betty White turned 89 today!
  5. Death in Pixie Boots

    Phil Spector

    Hiyall Phil Spectre Darlings just love the wacko jacko banter - while we're on the topic of flakey celebs under threat of incarceration what about the mentally balanced Phil Spectre. No way will he get off. Dixie comes to us all wearing Pixie Boots
  6. ImNotHades

    33. Sidney Poitier

    Sidney turned 89 yesterday so I figured I'll make a thread, it's about time I think (if there is one already, be free to close this one because i can't find his name anywhere). So judged by his age I think he'll go like Lauren Bacall (stroke, heart attack).
  7. post mortem

    David Bowie

    Now its easy to predict that someone over 80 is going to die. The real skill is getting someone under 60 http://www.deathlist.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/ph34r.png I am sure the doctors have patched him up but he may be one to watch. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/3878889.stm
  8. Guest

    Carl Reiner

    Just as a suggestion Carl Reiner who will be 83 and a possible participent for next year
  9. Grim Reaper

    Bob Dole

    The Bob Dole thread
  10. millwall32

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    I know that last time there was an Alex Higgins thread it turned into a rant fest. So this is more general question, which I suspect will get very few answers-Aren't there a ton of sick and dying snooker players Joe O'Boye, the Francisco's, etc . Suspect this will prove to be a thread to nothing but.......?
  11. weatherman90

    Annette Funicello

    Annette Funicello - 63 years old, has had MS since 1987. Starred in the "Beach Movies" of the '60s, and a few other flicks along the way. She had brain surgery in 1999 to slow down tremors to her brain from the MS. Probably a bit too American, but it's worth a shot.
  12. DeathClock

    John Madden

    He is a legendary American football coach and broadcaster. The game, “Madden”, is named after him. He has won 30 Emmy’s. Best selling author, famous for his commercials, and Super Bowl Champion. Will be 83 next year, always has been overweight, and has looked somewhat frail in recent pictures.
  13. BrunoBrimley

    Harry Reid

    Not a real biggie but what the hey. I realize that for the British clientele of this most esteemable forum this person may seem to be small potatoes but Harry Reid the Democratic Minority Leader has had a mild stroke. Word is that he will survive and his fellow Democrats are using this health scare to launch their 2016 election platform (they like to plan ahead that way they have only the best candidates ) of course looking at photos of Senator Reid I would have thought him dead a long while back. Anywhoople the only link I could locate was through Voice of america, if it fails use the google engine okay? Harry Reid ready to say goodbye
  14. Our Sole

    Diego Maradona

    Yes that loveable rogue may not make beynd the end of 2004 but please don't cry for me Argentina........ http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/3637933.stm (Was that cheesy enough?)
  15. Death Watch Beatle

    Desmond Tutu

    Found this article about the Archbishop: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&cl...63139116C303910 It isn't too serious yet, but certainly worth a watching brief over the next few months. DWB
  16. dimreaper

    Ray Illingworth

    Ray Illingworth, cricketer and former England captain, is now battling advanced esophageal cancer and wants the right to end his life.
  17. Paul Bearer

    Captain Tom Moore

    The captain is walking round his garden in aid of the NHS. Originally to raise a thousand £££'s now stands at over £8m. Only famous in in his own backyard, but will no doubt get a QO when he snuffs it. Will he make it to the ton?
  18. Grim Reaper

    Stirling Moss

    The Stirling Moss thread.
  19. Crispy

    Saddam Hussein

    Would there be a call to put Saddam on the list for next year? He may be executed for his past actions?
  20. honez

    Jimmy Savile

    Any news on Jimmy Saville's well-being? A possible contender for the 2005 list perchance? He'd be getting a bit snaggle-toothed by now.
  21. The Old Crem

    David Gulpilil

    As he made the Crowdsourced List I believe he should now have a thread.
  22. Putin

    Kåre Willoch

    Former prime minister in Norway in the period 1981-1986. Turns 90 in October and had cancer earlier, not sure about now, but could be good pick next year.
  23. Guest

    George P. Shultz

    Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon. Born 1920.
  24. Kenny McCormick

    Lionel Blair

    Surprising to see that he doesn't already have a thread of his own so here is the Lionel Blair thread. Lionel turns 92 next Saturday so I think he def deserves a thread
  25. maryportfuncity

    Sir Frank Williams

    His wheezing of late has been more pronounced. Either he's making some underhand statement about the continued need for tobacco money in F1 or his remarkable resiliance in the face of neck-down paralysis is finally melting. I remember a medically minded friend commenting when quadraplegic Curtis Mayfield made his last album that it'd better be good cos there wouldn't be another. Would those with more medical knowledge than me care to comment on long term survival for those injured to this extent?

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