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Found 750 results

  1. sheldondinkleberg

    David Dinkins

    Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins has turned 93 years old, has lost his wife last month and has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure in the past so here is the David Dinkins thread.
  2. Death Watch Beatle

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    The Sun reports that Pete is on hunger strike and well into his 2nd week. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005260343,00.html Well, at least he is better at it than Carlos the Jackal! DWB
  3. gcreptile

    35. Alex Trebek

    Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy has stage IV pancreatic cancer:
  4. Whitney Houston hits bus You're gonna have to try harder than that, Whitney! Ranks alongside the "Prince Charles cuts lip whilst shaving" type of headline!
  5. weatherman90

    Gerald Ford

    I know you guys have had Gerald Ford on your previous lists but he wasn't on the 2004. He should definately be on the 2005 list as he will be 92.
  6. Kenny McCormick

    Des O'Connor

    Very surprised to find there isn't a thread for presenter, singer and comedian Des O'Connor (who turns 89 in a few months). Des is getting pretty old now, plus considering he has a 16 year old son to look after at his age I reckon that surely has to wear him down. A good candidate for 2021 DL?
  7. The Four Horsemen

    Ray Clemence

    I see that Ray is suffering: Ray Cancer Shocker! Sounds optimistic of making a full recovery but might be worth keeping a watch over?
  8. Death Watch Beatle

    Muhammad Ali

    I'm not sure if this has been reported on the forum (I'm sure somebody will tell me if it has): http://15rounds.com/press/2005/10/102805.php/ I reproduce the article below, as links tend to go dead rather quickly sometimes. Ali Losing Battle With Parkinson's By John Raygoza Former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is losing his battle with Parkinson's disease, according to daughter Laila Ali. Ali, 63, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1983, four years after his loss to Trevor Berbick. Laila revealed to the L.A. Times that her father's condition has worsen. "I feel like the disease is progressing," Laila said. "Different things start happening as you get older. I have noticed a change in him, something that goes along with the Parkinson's. It's painful for me because I would love to sit down and talk to my dad about the way he used to be when he was my age, when he was in his prime because we are so much alike. I can't really do that. I can't share a lot of things with him." "We don't talk about boxing," she said. "He might come to a fight and say, "You're bad.' But he was never one to talk much boxing with us. That was not him. And he doesn't talk much these days anyway. It takes him too much energy to talk. He has good days and bad days. He's taking a lot of different medications. Sometimes his speech is so slurred you can't hardly understand him. But he definitely knows what's going on. That's for sure. He sees everything." Earlier this year, Muhammad Ali purchased a $2 million home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, 10 minutes outside of Phoenix. DWB
  9. Paul Bearer

    Geoffrey Palmer

    Watching the Stanley Baxter thing on channel 5 . Done a quick google check. Still alive and 92 years of age. QO a definite.
  10. Youwanticewiththat

    Sean Connery

    The Anderson Tapes ...
  11. Grim Reaper

    Frank Bough

    The Frank Bough thread
  12. Grim Reaper

    48. William H Gates

    The William H Gates thread.
  13. Crispy

    Saddam Hussein

    Would there be a call to put Saddam on the list for next year? He may be executed for his past actions?
  14. Grim Reaper

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    This is the place to discuss Olivia De Havilland
  15. Grim Reaper

    24. Nobby Stiles

    This is the Nobby Stiles thread.
  16. The Miser

    38. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    I figure that her pancreatic cancer will be a close call between 2009 and 2010. I say she makes it so....
  17. Joey Russ

    Chadwick Boseman

    Well, unfortunately he just died: I’m really stunned about this one
  18. Grim Reaper

    Les Paul

    This is the place to discuss Les Paul
  19. Lady Die

    Elvis Presley

    The King died on his throne exactly 28 years ago. Bookmakers have revealed that wagers have all but dried up from fans betting that Elvis Presley is still alive. Over the years bookmakers William Hill have taken thousands of bets that Elvis will be found alive, but in the last year fans have stopped placing bets. Bookmakers have now lengthened the odds of Elvis being found alive from 100/1 to 1000/1. "The biggest odds we have ever given was a Elvis related bet, we offered 14 million to one that Elvis will crash land a UFO into Loch Ness hitting the monster," said bookmaker Rupert Adams. "It is perhaps the end of an era, where even his most ardent fans no longer believe that Elvis could have remained hidden for so long."
  20. Guest

    Norman Wisdom

    Just wondering if Norman Wisdom has been considered. I've been watching this one since the early '90s.
  21. Tempus Fugit

    James Randi

    James "The Amazing" Randi, has suffered a heart attack and undergone emergency bypass surgery. The Amazing Randi is best known as a magician and debunker of the paranormal.
  22. Paul Bearer

    Roberta McCain

    Ok. As Kenny McCormick is whinging about Roberta not having a thread, I present to you all............... The Roberta McCain thread. Fill yer boots.
  23. Guest

    Ross Davidson

    read in a well known UK magazine that Ross Davidson ex - Eastender actor has brain cancer and has about 12-18 months to live . One for next years list I think !
  24. Anubis the Jackal

    Ivor Cutler

    Ivor Cutler has died Which is a great shame. Unless you had him in your DDP and Deadlypool teams. chuckle.
  25. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Sir John Mortimer

    Mentioned regularly in 2008, possible 2009 candidate (we all know how the DL loves old white British fellows), and deserving of own thread. BBC Four has a Morty Night scheduled for mid-January, so maybe they know something we don't. Includes the Play for Today which featured the original incarnation of Rumpole, A Voyage Round My Father and a new documentary summing up his life and career. If this thread reaches a second page before his death I'll be surprised - not too much hot gossip going on in the world of SJM.

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