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  1. Randy Boyd, who played over 250 games in the NHL from 1981-82 through 1988-89, amassing 87 points and 328 penalty minutes, has died. He was 59. Boyd also played briefly with the famed Hanson Brothers, with the AHL's Baltimore Skipjacks, on a line with Steve Carlson aka Steve Hanson (himself dealing with stage 4 cancer).





  2. Just now, msc said:


    It's the same Tony Brown me and Joey have. Either we all are interested in 80 year old cricketers after Ray Illingworth, or you know... :D

    I know:D . I've honestly never even heard of Tony Brown the cricketer. Not even in my search for deadpool entrants. But, you watch, he'll die and I'll regret bringing the matter up in the first place. :facepalm:

  3. 1 minute ago, msc said:

    I mean, we could wait for the official announcement. Especially as its clearly still in progress. Just a thought? 

    Advice noted. Which is why I've tried to be polite about it. I've also not been around the forum a whole lot the last couple of weeks, but am today. My luck, I'd only otherwise notice it after one of the Mr. Tony Browns had died, making it more complicated than if I just mention it today and take whatever flak comes with the request.

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  4. I see the 'Celebrity Picks' section is accessible. Firstly, a thank you for all the effort put into getting the DDP up and running! I do realize there will be some adjustments to be made over the coming days, as checks are made to ensure all is correct. Whenever that occurs - and there is not a pressing concern - there is a slight adjustment for my team (Fade To Black). The Tony Brown I picked was the NBA referee, not the cricketer. My entry can be double-checked, to confirm. (Watch now as Tony Brown the cricketer dies and Tony Brown the ref does not. That would serve me right.)


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