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  1. Mad Hatter2

    Pat Boone

    American singer/songwriter Pat Boone is 84 this year.
  2. Mad Hatter2

    Helen Reddy

    Its recently come to the attention of deathpoolers everywhere that Helen Reddy resides in a nursing home. It was announced that she had dementia back in 2015. With these revelations I think she is Reddy for a thread on the death list.
  3. Mad Hatter2

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    You only just got out now, didn't you?
  4. Mad Hatter2

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Are you still stuck in that van?
  5. Mad Hatter2

    Pat Boone

    Par Boone and Javier De Cueller once fought each other because Boone had De Cueller as his jojee for the Derby death pool.
  6. Mad Hatter2

    Gay Byrne

    Even if he beats this cancer the battle the battle has taken somewhat of a toll on Byrne. I predict he won't be alive in 5 years.
  7. Mad Hatter2

    World Cup predict the scores 2018

    In my opinion you should leave him with -1 points.
  8. Mad Hatter2

    Dead Pop Stars

    Its a reference to "I don't like mondays" a song the bay city rollers made.
  9. Mad Hatter2

    Dead Pop Stars

    Now he has a reason not to like Mondays.
  10. Mad Hatter2

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    My guess is that this is either an employee seeking revenge or political terrorism.
  11. Mad Hatter2

    Law And Order

    I would've liked your post if it hadn't been for the part I just highlighted above.How are you walking away with the impression that cops are publicly executing black people when in reality blacks have killed more cops than cops killing blacks. And most of the incidents were often brought on by the criminal aggressors provoking the cops. What would you want the supreme court to do to prevent this? Rule that officers can't carry gun thus giving gangs,cartels and criminals in general a leg up over the police?
  12. Mad Hatter2

    Law And Order

    No one is fucking touching Roe vs Wade. It is possible for a conservative to be pro abortion.
  13. Mad Hatter2

    Iain Lee

    Because no matter what month it is If a DJ did that I would still box them.
  14. Mad Hatter2

    Iain Lee

    Why the fuck are you listening to them then. If I was listening to a radio and a DJ did that I would find out where they live and box their head in.
  15. Mad Hatter2

    Diego Maradona

    Who's Gary Lineker?
  16. Mad Hatter2

    Bee Gees

    If only you were sexually abused, you won't say such a stupid comment.
  17. Mad Hatter2

    Abby Lee Miller

    Looks like someone has a bit too much free time on their hands.
  18. Mad Hatter2

    Abby Lee Miller

    Like i said come off it its pretty easy to say people who are famous to you are relevant to the lowest common dominator. This is ingorance on your part becuase just becuase you don't like dance moms you dismiss its audience as the lowest common diaminator. The world doesn't rotate around you.
  19. Mad Hatter2

    Abby Lee Miller

    She'll definitely get an obit in the UK as dance moms is an incredibly popular TV series in UK with viewing figures up to two million. Kinda of pig headed to think just because YOU'VE never heard that other people haven't as well.
  20. Mad Hatter2

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    She looks a good 20 to 30 years older in that picture but I still don't think her cancer will kill her.
  21. Mad Hatter2


    The bad hatter because I've been a naughty boy and its up to boobudicca to punish me.
  22. Mad Hatter2


    Lil Hatter
  23. Mad Hatter2

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    Joe Jackson
  24. Mad Hatter2

    The Jacksons

    Dead within a day or two at most he'll live for another week.
  25. Mad Hatter2



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