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  1. Steve

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Dame Virginia McKenna turned 92 today. Apologies but got no way of uploading pic.
  2. Steve

    MMMDP 2023

    May I make a recommendation MPFC? How about just for the fun of it rolling the competition over to see who can claim a silver medal and a bronze medal thus An Fear Beag still would be the gold recipient of this pool
  3. Steve

    MMMDP 2023

    CONGRATULATIONS An Fear Beag on your provisional win in MMMDP 2023!!
  4. Steve

    Georgian Deadpool II

    Shouldn't Ladyfiona be on 49 after the death of Dame Vivienne Westwood?
  5. Steve

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Diego my fellow dead pooling amigo. Hope you are having a wonderful day, best wishes, Steve
  6. Steve

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Is Beverly Shade the wrestling woman by any chance?
  7. Steve

    MMMDP 2023

    Christy Dignam
  8. Are you still predicting a busy summer Gooseberry Crumble for both the official DeathList and DDP? I certainly am.
  9. Steve

    World's Oldest

    What about Isabel Francisco who was in position 10 by Hanzem's updated list on 7th May?
  10. Steve

    The 8th Death of 2023

    I have been voting for Norman Tebbit but I am changing my vote to Jimmy Carter this time as despite the recent reports I know how quickly things can change when in a hospice.
  11. Steve

    The 7th Death of 2023

    Norman Tebbit
  12. Steve

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Don't understand your point Spade_Cooley???
  13. Steve

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Shouldn't Ruth Adler Schnee be included in the DDP?
  14. Steve

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Just out of interest how many DDP hits so far for 2023?
  15. Busy summer indeed I agree. For me on the official DeathList I have predicted carnage on the thread Thoughts on the 2023 DeathList. With the 5 that have already perished in no particular order I predict we will still loose Woodward, Harris, J Carter, Ackland, Kundera, Delors, Starmer-Smith, Tebbit, Le Pen, Rollins, Lear, Gall, Baxter, Nolan, Barker, Murray and Newhart. I, like you Gooseberry Crumble also believe we will loose a lot of big names from the political sphere, a couple of surprise Hollywood names, a couple of big music names and a big name author. I may be being too positive for deadpoolers but I can genuinely see this happening.

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