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  1. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Foodbank for me as well please @Sir Creep, since you're prepared to put your coffee where your mouth is it seems unfair on foodbank users not to take you up on it
  2. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    1) Paul Gascoigne 2) Michael Robinson 3) Doddie Weir 4) Billy Connolly 5) Linda Nolan 6) Queen Elizabeth II 7) Henry Kissinger 8) Mikhail Gorbachev 9) Rolf Harris 10) Betty White 11) Olivia Newton-John 12) June Brown 13) Angela Lansbury 14) Chris Doleman 15) Barbara Windsor 16) Dick van Dyke 17) Leslie Phillips 18) Stirling Moss 19) Bill Turnbull 20) Susan Bayh 21) George Alagiah 22) Pat Smullen 23) Ruth Bader Ginsburg 24) Leon Spinks 25) Prunella Scales sub Bob Dole
  3. BuffaloPhil

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

  4. BuffaloPhil

    Deathrace 2020

  5. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    It's the only way they'll learn...
  6. BuffaloPhil

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    1. Kirk Douglas 2. Daniel arap Moi (joker) 3. Pierre Cardin 4. Bob Barker 5. Valery Giscard d'Estaing 6. Genesis P-Orridge 7. Alex Trebek 8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 9. Terry Jones
  7. BuffaloPhil

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    Well done TomTom, that's impressive. I won the unofficial, unannounced and irrelevant "predict the top 3" game, but it all went a bit pear-shaped after that
  8. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    Well played drol. Happy with third place for my debut in this one, lets see if I can do better this year.
  9. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    Looks like drol's going to win this one... unless 2019 has a late twist in the tail?
  10. BuffaloPhil

    Deathrace 2020

    My list : 1) Alex Trebek (J) 2) Anne Buydens 3) Beverly Cleary 4) Bob Barker 5) Earl Cameron 6) Eileen Ash 7) Gianluca Vialli 8) Javier Perez de Cuellar 9) Jean-Louis Trintignant 10) John Hume 11) Kane Tanaka 12) Katherine Jackson 13) Kirk Douglas 14) Larry King 15) Leslie Phillips 16) Nobby Stiles 17) Noel Conway 18) Roberta McCain 19) Ruthie Tompson 20) Terry Jones subs Frank Williams, Prince Philip, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  11. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    I've picked up four points with him, still in the top 3 though. Unfortunately (for me) drol didn't have Clive.
  12. BuffaloPhil

    Alagiah vs Turnbull

    I go Bill... just gut feeling.
  13. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I somehow completely forgot Alagiah.
  14. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I think Banana's suggestion of 50% is a sensible compromise in keeping with the theme. Will still take a few years I imagine but not ridiculously so.
  15. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I have done exactly the same, for the same reason. After reading this post, as well. Doh.

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