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  1. BuffaloPhil

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Just seen (whilst desperately and unsuccessfully checking my other potential hits) that Unger hasn't been crossed off on the masterlist, although it does seem that the points have been awarded - so a minor housekeeping issue.
  2. BuffaloPhil

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Well, I've still got three nonagenarian Lords who can happily pop their clogs before Tebbit please!
  3. BuffaloPhil

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Come on Tebbit!
  4. BuffaloPhil

    Windy City Deadpool 2021-2022

    Nice one Joey! I'm pretty happy with 7th place, finishing above some legendary Deathlisters (and some less legendary ones, to be fair )
  5. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    When Coleman joined Accrington, they were in the Northern Premier League First Division - the third tier of non-league football. That season, Charlton won the Championship, before starting a seven season stint in the Premier League. This season, Accrington finished above Charlton. Coleman's done a great job, and probably wasn't MiracleAligner's best choice for this game!
  6. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    That gives @Great Uncle Bulgaria a sixteenth hit, which would have taken him joint second... however Mark Warburton has also left QPR following the end of the season (although the QPR website still lists him as manager, it seems clear that he's gone) which gives me a seventeenth hit and takes me one behind @RoverAndOut. We now have discrete scoring throughout the game : RoverAndOut 18 BuffaloPhil 17 Great Uncle Bulgaria 16 @msc 15 @Miracle Aligner 14
  7. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2022

    Only the current bottom two, who seem to have missed the word "Inverse" in the game title, and perhaps more surprisingly msc. All placed him very low though.
  8. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Back when you were good, you mean? Tuesday is massive, but we've got the advantage of only needing a draw (although then we'd need another draw in the last game) and being at home. Fingers crossed!
  9. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Only @Great Uncle Bulgaria picked Mowbray, so your lead is still 2 - GUB moves level with me in second place (or will do, once it's officially confirmed.) Good win for my Cherries against your boys today though, I enjoyed it!
  10. BuffaloPhil

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    1. Frank Field 2. Nigel Starmer-Smith 3. George Perez 4. Pope Benedict XVI 5. Soeur Andre 6. Susie Steiner 7. Jean-Louis Trintignant 8. Jacques Delors 9. Pele 10. Bob Barker 11. James Whale 12. Dick Cheney 13. Avalon Young 14. Sasheen Littlefeather 15. Rob Burrow 16. Kat Bjelland 17. Gudrun Ure 18. Clare Marx 19. Eva Marie Saint 20. Shannen Doherty 21. Queen Elizabeth II Thanks for running this again!
  11. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Yeah it's been a weird season in the Championship - everyone that looks like they're going to challenge for promotion immediately falls off a cliff! I've got Mark Warburton at QPR, hopefully their collapse from a promising position will prompt the club to give him the boot.
  12. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Interestingly, I see Rotherham have now lost three straight games which has taken them from what looked like a certain automatic promotion place to only a playoff position - and if they don't arrest the slide quickly they could even miss out on the playoffs. Could Paul Warne soon be under unexpected pressure - reminder he would be a hit for everyone except msc, and would leave RoverAndOut with just one remaining manager.
  13. BuffaloPhil

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Yep the presumable sudden availability of Sam Allardyce means a hit for both @RoverAndOut and our erstwhile gamerunner @Miracle Aligner putting them on 18 and 14 hits respectively. Last week Crewe parted company with David Artell, giving me a 16th hit. Scoreboard : RoverAndOut 18 BuffaloPhil 16 @Great Uncle Bulgaria 15 @msc 15 Miracle Aligner 14
  14. BuffaloPhil

    Windy City Deadpool 2021-2022

    I make it 2281 (500 + 400 + 300 + 275 + 225 + 180 + 160 + 120 + 100 + 21) assuming a sub goes to position 21 and everyone moves up one? (If the sub simply replaces the pre-start death in the same position, then I think I'd be on 2400.) Don't think I'm close enough that it'll make a difference, but worth checking!
  15. BuffaloPhil

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Fine by me, and I can't give up on Big Norm now, so I'll keep him and you can have Hurd. Of course, I fully expect Dougie to draw his last breath as soon as I hit Submit Reply...

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