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  1. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I somehow completely forgot Alagiah.
  2. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I think Banana's suggestion of 50% is a sensible compromise in keeping with the theme. Will still take a few years I imagine but not ridiculously so.
  3. BuffaloPhil

    50/50 Reboot

    I have done exactly the same, for the same reason. After reading this post, as well. Doh.
  4. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    Pretty pleased with my debut on this so far. Can it get any better? Linda Nolan, Betty White, Prunella Scales, Jimmy Carter or Vera Lynn would do it
  5. BuffaloPhil

    Deathrace 2019

    Boom! and my joker is gone! At least it's not going to be a completely barren year! Thanks John McCririck!
  6. BuffaloPhil

    Deathrace 2019

    Halfway through the year and a mere 20 of my team remain alive. Safe to say I'm not the best at this
  7. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    All the best people have 15 points.
  8. BuffaloPhil

    Who'll Be Last One Standing II

    Mugabe for me.
  9. BuffaloPhil

    35. Jimmy Greaves

    Pity Sir Jim wasn't up to attending the legends game at the new Spurs stadium yesterday. If someone like Sebastian Bassong can be included as a Legend for Spurs, they need a few more levels above that for Greavsie!
  10. BuffaloPhil

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Oh well, you live and learn. Or not, in her case.
  11. BuffaloPhil

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    I'm just lulling you into an accurate sense of security...
  12. BuffaloPhil

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    I'd still put you as favourite, unless another five of yours go in the next week
  13. BuffaloPhil

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Cheers, I wholly expect to be out by the end of February anyway but I'll prepare a March list in case then
  14. BuffaloPhil

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    So if each round is in consecutive months, we need to put in our team for each match before the previous one has finished, which means we wouldn't know whether we're in the next round or not? Is that right? Just to clarify... thanks!
  15. BuffaloPhil

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    Thanks for organising this one. My team is : Paul Gascoigne Queen Elizabeth II Donald Trump Michael Robinson Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Billy Connolly Dick Van Dyke John Andretti Jill Gascoine Stirling Moss Terry Jones George Alagiah Prince Philip Olivia Newton-John Nobby Stiles Doris Day Henry Kissinger Linda Nolan Kirk Douglas Bob Barker Bob Hawke Clive James Vera Lynn Leslie Phillips Robert Mugabe sub Betty White

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