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  1. Deadboy999

    The 17th Death of 2023

    Jimmy Carter ffs.
  2. Deadboy999

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Rest in piss! George soros next!
  3. Deadboy999


    97-05 he committed eight crimes, serving four years for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon; according to investigators, he had entered an apartment by impersonating a water department worker and barging in with five other men, then held a pistol to a woman's stomach and searched for items to steal.Floyd was arrested three months later during a traffic stop, and victims of the robbery identified him from a photo array. In 2009, Floyd was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea deal, and was paroled in January 2013.
  4. Deadboy999


    Did anybody care about Floyd when he was alive?
  5. Deadboy999

    The 16th Death of 2023

    Jimmy carter ffs
  6. Deadboy999

    The 15th Death of 2023

    Jimmy carter ffs.
  7. Deadboy999

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    Rip first lady.
  8. Deadboy999

    The 14th Death of 2023

    Jimmy carter ffs.
  9. Deadboy999

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Cmon jimmy you can do this my son!
  10. Deadboy999

    Frankie Valli

    Listened to that song today, great song.
  11. Deadboy999

    Dianne Feinstein

    Chuck grassley now the oldest senator at 90 years 12 days.
  12. Deadboy999

    Russell Brand

    He's fucked I reckon.
  13. Deadboy999

    Russell Brand

    Never liked him.
  14. Deadboy999

    Joe Biden

    It's annoying isn't it just saying stupid slogans , now you know how trump's people feel right now.
  15. Deadboy999

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    Rip snooker is my favourite sport.

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