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  1. Deadboy999

    The 10th death of 2022

  2. Deadboy999

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Happy birthday Mr president. 2 years to go Jimmy and your be the first us president to make 100!
  3. Deadboy999

    Joe Biden

    She deserves a medal , but then again she's using her own husband.
  4. Deadboy999

    Joe Biden

    Imagine trump saying that.
  5. Deadboy999

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Can we close this thread now, you all got what you wanted. Leave her be now.
  6. Deadboy999

    Joe Biden

    Great defense of a senile old man
  7. Deadboy999

    Joe Biden

    His handlers deserve a medal
  8. Deadboy999

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Rest well my Queen
  9. Deadboy999

    The 9th death of 2022

  10. Deadboy999

    King Charles III

    Long live the king
  11. Deadboy999

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    RIP ma'am
  12. Deadboy999

    The 7th death of 2022

    Alan Greenspan
  13. Deadboy999

    The 6th death of 2022

    Mel brooks
  14. Deadboy999

    how long till' the next hit ?

    September 9th
  15. Deadboy999

    Club 27

    She committed suicide

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