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  1. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    He is an incredible fighter and every previous time life has knocked him down he has rebounded quick and with a new spring in his step but looking at these pictures is really sad. I've read about broken heart syndrome and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up going that way very soon because that's the love of his life who he has known pretty much all his life now gone. It's particularly sad because even up to the beginning of Covid he was still active and involved in teaching Sunday School classes and being out in public, doing interviews. He didn't really age at all as he went from being in his 70s to 80s and the first half of his 90s even after the cancer diagnosis. Mentally he was still very sharp, physically he looked pretty great. That was only four years ago. I'm glad that both he and Mrs Carter lived to see a reexamination of that presidency because I know that bugged her that for a long time the image of him was being a great former president which was kind of like a backhanded compliment. He was ahead of the curve on many issues at that time when he was president.
  2. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    That's really made me sad. On a lot of issues he was years even decades ahead of his time. There will be a time when his presidency and style of leadership will be examined. He was not the kind of personality who usually gets those positions. But he was the right person at that time and I think we desperately need more of people like him who have moral character and a lifetime of service.
  3. anonymous

    9. Noam Chomsky

    It is hard to look at him or listen to his voice in these interviews but if you read what he says in a transcript his analysis is still sharp and worth considering. Physical effects of his age have taken a very obvious toll but mentally he is still astute.
  4. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Worth watching if you have an hour free. Fascinating to see a president at work. Especially given this was to conclude the safe release of the hostages with just hours left of his presidency.
  5. anonymous

    George Lazenby

    Looks pretty damn good at 82. I've read that there are some references to George's Bond movie in the new movie. Nice recognition of a great film and it's come full circle after EON spent years pretending OHMSS never happened when he faded into obscurity.
  6. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    That's fair enough although the difference between Obama is he was already in the media eye/pop culture arena ahead of running for president. Whereas these musicians gravitated to Carter's message just like millions of ordinary folks did in 1976 because they bought what he was selling. Carter wasn't a telegenic figure like Reagan which was to his detriment as president but on the campaign trail he captivated large crowds and changed the way presidential nomination contests worked forever. He made the Iowa caucus significant by outcampaigning everyone on the ground to get an against the odds result. He went from total obscurity to president of the United States in about fourteen months. You don't achieve all that by being boring or uninteresting.
  7. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    This documentary might change your mind
  8. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Obama should come close. Carter was 56 when he left the White House. Obama was 55. Obama keeps fit and active and he quit smoking early in his presidency. By the time he reaches Biden's age now Obama would be 23 years an ex-president. I find that a bit surreal. I am beginning to think the 2008 ticket which produced two presidents should have been reversed. Biden going first when politics was more moderate and institutional and Obama as president now. Obama had far more talent which looking back I think was wasted in a time period where members of his own party didn't share the same height of ambition that he had. Whereas Biden who historically was a moderate himself is now pushing through very ambitious programs because the party is in sync.
  9. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

  10. anonymous

    Tony Blair

    He's gone full LBJ All good done domestically while in power is forever tarnished by a legacy of a major foreign policy catastrophe
  11. anonymous

    Meghan Markle

    I'm not British but I do find it really funny this attachment British tabloids have to Prince Harry as if he's betraying the public and betraying them. You see it in the comments of these pages where it's as if these people are disappointed aunts and uncles. It's like they had more expectation for this kid in a palace that has no idea who any of them are than their own children.
  12. anonymous

    Rosalynn Carter

    I read there is a new TV series covering depictions of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. Now I respect all three for being very influential and culturally significant but I think it is a shame that whenever these kind of programs are made Rosalynn Carter tends to be ignored. She was as influential as any of them when it came to the years spent in the White House. I doubt many young people know who she is.
  13. anonymous

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Was curious how many of his cabinet are still alive besides Vice President Mondale. Benjamin Civiletti (born 1935) - Attorney General 1979-1981 Ray Marshall (born 1928) - Secretary of Labor 1977-1981 Joseph Anthony Califano Jr. (born 1931) - Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare 1977-1979 Moon Landrieu (born 1930) - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1979-1981 Neil Goldschmidt (born 1940) - Secretary of Transportation 1979-1981 Charles William Duncan Jr. (born 1926) - Secretary of Energy 1979-1981 Andrew Young (born 1932) - US Ambassador to the United Nations 1977-1979 Donald McHenry (born 1936) - US Ambassador to the United Nations 1979-1981 Werner Michael Blumenthal (born 1926) - Treasury Secretary 1977-1979
  14. anonymous

    Kanye West

    On the contrary I believe he will be much happier to get away from that circus family
  15. anonymous

    Donald J Trump

    Four years is a long time in politics and without his social media accounts to be a bullhorn to people and especially to keep the media dancing to his tune, I am sceptical he will maintain his grip as this administration's four year term progresses.

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