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  1. Mike Hill Mp for Hartlepool has just quit with immediate effect. What a by- election that will be. Quite likely to be a Tory gain I will say based on current polling and the vaccine boost helping the Tories even more. Labour won’t give it up without a fight - Hartlepool has defied predictions of Labour losing it before. 

  2. He looks old and unwell but clearly not extremely unwell because otherwise he would be going home on a trolly - you have to reasonably well to be able to sit in a car for the 30-45 mins drive to Windsor castle when they would offer you a private ambulance. 

    interesting to note he doesn’t have a mask on but the drivers do.

  3. Just now, maryportfuncity said:



    Probs true but almost 15 mins later and not even a breaking headline on BBC

    They just sent a BBC Sport push notification announcing it. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Ulitzer95 said:

    That's the Daily Star (Reach plc) above. Daily Mail is the DMG group. Star is Labour, Mail is right wing, so quite different papers.

    The star is more populist than Labour - it might share an owner with the Mirror but it’s politics are not entirely the same. 

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  5. Going by Social Media  there is no sign yet of support for Meghan among people who supported her last year dropping. In fact it might even be increasing as the culture divide gets bigger,


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