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  1. Ulitzer95

    Leah Bracknell

    Must be an age thing. I don't know many people from my generation who watch soaps, never mind Emmerdale, which is like a super intensified form of Chinese water torture.
  2. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    60s entry updated for the death of DeVito (he wasn't in the 70s lineup).
  3. Ulitzer95

    Leah Bracknell

    Do we have to keep resurrecting this thread every week? She was a boring enough pick as it was.
  4. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Can’t work out if you’re a clever troll or suffer from terminal stupidity.
  5. Ulitzer95

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Did a search and nothing came up, so I assume it wasn't mentioned at the time: Georges Gustave Hollande, father of former French President Francois Hollande, died on 7th April aged 96. Former DDP pick so needs to be added to the List of the Missed --------------------------- Whilst I'm here, anyone know if Zarin Musharraf, mother of former Pakistani PM Pervez Musharraf, is still alive? In 2014, aged 95, she was reported as being seriously ill. Can't find anything subsequent, though she'd be 100/101 if still about? Also a former DDP pick.
  6. Ulitzer95

    Sylvester Stallone

    To be fair, you're all mocking CoffinLodger but Jackie Stallone is a bigger household name in the UK than Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
  7. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Just announced that American canoeist John Lysak (wiki), the world’s oldest living Olympian, died back in January aged 105. The oldest living Olympian is now Uruguayan sailor Felix Sienra (wiki) who is 104. To settle a query from earlier this week, it’s also been confirmed that the oldest living British Olympian is 98 year old sailor David Bowker (wiki), who is a few months older than Edna Child.
  8. Ulitzer95

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    To be fair, it’s reported that she died in her sleep. Considering she was 2 months shy of 99, not exactly unheard of at that age to just slip away, but I can’t see any evidence that she was ill.
  9. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    Thanks guys. Updated (can’t quote as on my phone). The 60s has taken a huge thrashing this year.
  10. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    Updated with QO obit from The Mirror. Article says she's had years of health problems. Did we miss that? It appears she died on her birthday too – big DDP opp missed there.
  11. Ulitzer95

    38. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    That's almost a compliment as far as passing judgement goes with you, Quim.
  12. Ulitzer95

    Internet Celebrities

    As it's Sunday, and with the 2nd COVID-19 wave headed our way, I think we could use some comic relief via the power of Longcat memes:
  13. Ulitzer95

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    David Cook (wiki), Northern Irish politician who served as Lord Mayor of Belfast (1978–1979) and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly (1982–1986) dead from COVID-19 at 76. The first notable person to die from the disease in the UK since historian Arthur Keaveney on 23rd June.
  14. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    Thanks! Managed to get Chin's full DOB from sourcing him on Clustrmaps in Fort Lauderdale area. Also got the late Winston "Bopee" Bowen's birth date (he was a FB friend of Chin's). Most of the others are on there. Little on their profiles though. Waul spells his name as "Franklyn Michael Waul" on his FB page btw. It's likely the name was interchangeably spelt over the years. Nothing on Devon sadly (he is on FB though and is definitely still in Kingston). There are two people called Lloyd Kerr living in Florida according to Clustrmaps – one 70, the other 73. He could be one of them but I've got nothing else to link sadly. Just one more part of M left. We're 2/3 of the way through all of the 1970s acts!
  15. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    M (part 6/7) Joni Mitchell 07 Nov 1943 – Living Wiki Canadian folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Fort Macleod, Alberta, real name Roberta Joan Anderson, has won nine Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 13/06/1970 Big Yellow Taxi #11 Willie Mitchell 01 Mar 1928 – 05 Jan 2010 (81) Guardian obit Wiki American soul, funk, R&B and rock and roll bandleader, arranger and trumpeter from Ashland, Mississippi 11/12/1976 The Champion #47 The Mixtures Wiki Australian rock band from Melbourne, formed in 1965 and disbanded in 1979 Mick Flinn 17 Jun 19?? – Living Garry Howard 01 Jul 1949 – Living Idris Jones c. 1946 – Living Fred Wieland 02 Mar 1943 – 10 Dec 2018 (75) Obit 16/01/1971 The Pushbike Song #2 Hank Mizell 09 Nov 1923 – 23 Dec 1992 (69) Mention of death Wiki American rock and roll singer-songwriter and guitarist from Daytona Beach, Florida 20/03/1976 Jungle Rock #3 The Moments Wiki American R&B vocal group from Washington D.C., formed in 1965 and disbanded in 1978 when the group became Ray, Goodman & Brown Billy Brown 30 Jun 1946 – Living Al Goodman 31 Mar 1943 – 26 Jul 2010 (67) NY Times obit Harry Ray 15 Dec 1946 – 01 Oct 1992 (45) FindAGrave memorial 08/03/1975 Girls #3 Released as The Moments and Whatnauts 19/07/1975 Dolly My Love #10 25/10/1975 Look at Me (I'm in Love) #42 22/01/1977 Jack in the Box #7 The Monks Wiki UK pop punk and new wave band, formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1982, Ford, Hudson and Willoughby were previously members of Strawbs Terry Cassidy no info available John Ford 01 Jul 1948 – Living Richard Hudson 09 May 1948 – Living Oliver "Clive" Pearce no info available Brian Willoughby 20 Sep 1949 – Living 21/04/1979 Nice Legs Shame About Her Face #19 Matt Monro 01 Dec 1930 – 07 Feb 1985 (54) LA Times obit Wiki UK easy listening and traditional pop singer from Shoreditch, London, nicknamed "The Man with the Golden Voice" 24/11/1973 And You Smiled #28 Gerry Monroe 20 Jan 1933 – Oct 1989 (56) Mention of death Wiki UK pop singer from Gateshead, County Durham, real name Henry "Harry" Morris, a contest on the TV talent show Opportunity Knocks 23/05/1970 Sally #4 19/09/1970 Cry #38 14/11/1970 My Prayer #9 17/04/1971 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie #13 21/08/1971 Little Drops of Silver #37 12/02/1972 Girl of My Dreams #43 Chris Montez 17 Jan 1943 – Living Wiki American pop standards and rock and roll singer-songwriter and guitarist from Los Angeles, California 14/10/1972 Let's Dance (re-release) #9 14/04/1979 Let's Dance (re-release) #47 Coupled with Memphis by Lonnie Mack The Moody Blues Wiki UK progressive rock band from Birmingham, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 Graeme Edge 30 Mar 1941 – Living Justin Hayward 14 Oct 1946 – Living John Lodge 20 Jul 1945 – Living Mike Pinder 27 Dec 1941 – Living Ray Thomas 29 Dec 1941 – 04 Jan 2018 (76) Guardian obit 02/05/1970 Question #2 06/05/1972 Isn't Life Strange #13 02/12/1972 Nights in White Satin (re-release) #9 10/02/1973 I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band) #36 10/11/1979 Nights in White Satin (re-release) #14 Dorothy Moore 13 Oct 1946 – Living Wiki American blues and gospel singer from Jackson, Mississippi 19/06/1976 Misty Blue #5 16/10/1976 Funny How Times Slips Away #38 15/10/1977 I Believe You #20 Gary Moore 04 Apr 1952 – 06 Feb 2011 (58) Guardian obit Wiki UK hard rock and blues multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Belfast, County Antrim, best known as the guitarist for rock band Thin Lizzy 21/04/1979 Parisienne Walkways #8 Features the uncredited vocals of Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy Jackie Moore 1946 – 08 Nov 2019 (73) Obit Wiki American R&B and soul singer from Jacksonville, Florida 15/09/1979 This Time Baby #49 Later sampled in 2005 by Freemasons in Love on My Mind Melba Moore 29 Oct 1940 – Living Wiki American R&B, soul and disco singer and actress from New York City, New York, her mother was R&B singer Bonnie Davis (1920–1976) 15/05/1976 This is it #9 26/05/1979 Pick Me Up, I'll Dance #48 Derrick Morgan 27 Mar 1940 – Living Wiki Jamaican rocksteady and reggae singer from Clarendon 17/01/1970 Moon Hop #49 Ray Morgan n/a – Jan 2007 Discogs UK singer, appeared on the TV talent show New Faces 25/07/1970 The Long and Winding Road #32 Cover of a single by The Beatles NB: The Collins Complete UK Hit Singles book maintains that he was born in 1947 and his career started in 1955. This appears to be nonsense according to this blog post as people commenting state that he was active from the 1940s and that he was at least in his 40s by the time of the 1970s. NB2: According to comments on the above YouTube link, he's deceased. One says he died in January 2007. He appears to have spent a lot of time in London, so could have been from there. The GRO doesn't turn up any further clues. There is a Raymond Claude Morgan (b. 1931) who died in Kent in the first quarter of 2007. Could this be him? Giorgio Moroder 26 Apr 1940 – Living Wiki Italian composer, songwriter and record producer from Urtijëi, South Tyrol, nicknamed the "Father of Disco", his film scores include Midnight Express, American Gigolo, Superman III, Scarface and The NeverEnding Story, has won three Academy Awards and four Golden Globes, retired in 1993 before resuming his career in 2012 24/09/1977 From Here to Eternity #16 Released as simply Giorgio 17/03/1979 Chase #48 Featured in the 1978 film Midnight Express

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