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  1. Ulitzer95


    Imagine how much of a cunt you need to be to want to work as a Bono impersonator.
  2. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    I don’t research and post on here for the sake of deadpooling (haven’t even participated in any in years), and I certainly don’t post for your sake, SC.
  3. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Canadian artist Gordon A. Smith has died aged 100.
  4. Ulitzer95


    She’ll be fine. Anyone who watched Bo Selecta back in the day knows that if she has a problem she just fixes it with a bit of sellotape.
  5. Ulitzer95

    From Cleric To Relic

    Jack Van Impe, apocalyptic televangelist, dead at 88.
  6. Ulitzer95

    Winter Olympic Deaths

    Rhona Wurtele, one half of the famous skiing sisters with her sister Rhoda, has died just a few days short of her 98th birthday. Her twin (a pick on the 20/20 pool) survives her.
  7. Ulitzer95

    Death By Jazz

    Saxophonist Jimmy Heath has died aged 93.
  8. Ulitzer95

    Time Added

    Does anyone know who the oldest Scotland international is now? And the oldest living Rangers player?
  9. Ulitzer95

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    The word “legend” is used so liberally on this forum.
  10. Ulitzer95

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Probably, and without a single shred of evidence as per always.
  11. Ulitzer95

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Confused by this one. Lord Heath (normally reliable) say she did die in November. Yet here is an article from her local press with an interview and write up on her, dated 26th December 2019. Ummm?
  12. Ulitzer95

    Star Wars Deaths

    Patrick Jordan has died according to an edit to his Wiki page claiming to come from his family.
  13. Ulitzer95

    Jack Nicholson

    That's a very old rumour which he himself denied. He's made a lot of talk show appearances since. Says he just fell out of love with acting in Hollywood. It happens.
  14. Ulitzer95

    Nazi of SS

    Online memorial for Michael Karkoc. Died in December aged 100. Hopefully nobody picked him in the DDP!
  15. Ulitzer95

    Sheikh Down

    Huge. Longest ruler in the Middle East at nearly 50 years. It was announced in December that he had just weeks to live. Did we miss that or just choose to omit him anyway?

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