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  1. Curse Of The Eurovision

    Was also an After Dark guest I see. A lot of people who appeared on that have died lately. I feel a list coming on... alas I can't be arsed. Someone else be a dear
  2. Peter Kay

    Agreed. The only person that springs to mind who had died some weeks before his death was announced was Andrew Sachs but then as already noted above Kay has an agent so I think they’d be very quick to report.
  3. Peter Kay

    He’s not already dead. It would be out by now, though he may be very ill.
  4. Nazi of SS

    Is there any real evidence that any of these individuals (apart from Reinhard Hardegen) are still alive though?
  5. Time Added

    Derek Saunders, who played for Chelsea in the 1950s and in the Olympic football team for GB, dead at 90.
  6. Hollywood Possibilities

    Eva Marie Saint looking and sounding absolutely incredible at the Oscars tonight for someone turning 94 in July. Feel sorry for the suckers who picked her in the DDP.
  7. Beauty Queens

    They’re only “cunts” if you think the Miss America pageant title is something to be held with high regard, and that snubbing it is somehow insulting. Let’s face it, it means jack shit, and probably meant even less in those days. In fact, they were probably a little embarrassed to be associated with it given the average coke snorting airhead “I want world peace” bimbos that line the stages and create controversies these days. By the contrary, it seems as if they won it, made little financial gain from it, then went into the real world and had respectable careers and raised families. Who could blame them for preferring to focus on that?
  8. Beauty Queens

    Bette Cooper and Frances Marie Burke both died in December. Earliest surviving Miss America winner is now Jo-Carroll Dennison (1940), aged 94.
  9. (C)Rappers

    Family are denying all of it, as per the update posted to the TMZ link above.
  10. People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Ted White, a well known American stuntman who doubled for just about every leading male in Hollywood, as well as for the Jason Voorhees character in the Friday the 13th film series dead at 92... according to Wikipedia.
  11. Hollywood Survivors

    Fabray was a Vaudeville performer too. Diana Serra Cary is the only Vaudeville survivor now I think.
  12. The Dead Of 2017

    I keep a record of surviving 1930s actors. It had about 200 names on it a few years ago but just 52 are left now. Anyways, was updating it the other day and a lot of names have passed quite recently... Nini Theilade, Rose Marie, Lassie Lou Ahern and Ann Gillis, and I noticed that two more names died in 2017 but their deaths were only recently reported. Juanita Quigley, a former child actress and sister of actress Rita Quigley died in October at the age of 86. Gale Sherwood, actress and singing partner of Nelson Eddy died on New Year's Eve aged 88.
  13. Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Telegraph obituary
  14. Silent Era People

    Clive Dunn wants a word with you old chap.
  15. Charles Manson

    Good spot. Blog entry here. Also up on the Sharon Tate FB page.