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  1. roaming_comrade

    Shelley Duvall

    Apparently Chappell Roan's songs (whoever that is) killed her
  2. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Well speaking of Biden on this thread, I am starting to doubt if Biden would hold Carter's eulogy at this point if he died today, might end up a bit too embarrassing.
  3. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

    at this point I hope he does since he made it this far unexpectedly, hopefully we dont get another Prince Philip situation
  4. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

  5. roaming_comrade

    Who are the immortals?

    Surely the last Chinese man born during the Chinese Empire?
  6. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

    The incoming spam might seem bad, but it'll only add 5 more pages to this thread even if Jimmy makes it to his birthday.
  7. roaming_comrade

    World War II Veterans

    well a 90% attrition rate is quite heavy over 5 years
  8. roaming_comrade

    Who are the immortals?

    https://www.instagram.com/kabosumama/reel/C7JoVEYpFak/?hl=de this is that post, Kabosu looked like Jimmy Carter if he were a dog
  9. roaming_comrade

    King Salman of Saudi Arabia

    Were the previous couple of Saudi Monarch deaths prepared with messages like these or did they come out of nowhere?
  10. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Has anyone actually managed to find a statistic for hospice care survivorship in % for 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years and so on?
  11. roaming_comrade

    1. Jimmy Carter

    How does he do it
  12. roaming_comrade

    40. Josef Fritzl

    maybe they can make an exception so he can visit the Tower of London
  13. roaming_comrade

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Sam Nujoma
  14. roaming_comrade

    Political Frailty

    Maybe you should add Edward Schreyer to that list who was Governor-General of Canada (1979-1984) and is 88 right now.
  15. roaming_comrade

    Political Frailty

    would be the first time that 3 100-year olds are alive from that list at once since Javier Perez de Cuellar died right?
  16. roaming_comrade

    5. Pope Francis

    has he started walking there now?
  17. roaming_comrade

    Chuck Grassley

    maybe he'll run again in 2028 to beat Strom Thurmond's record
  18. roaming_comrade

    34. Daniel Barenboim

    you should look at video versions, he can barely play piano anymore
  19. roaming_comrade

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

    I really hate when Monarchs resign due to old age. Like, you signed up for the job for life, there's no retiring, otherwise its just a glorified presidency. There should be a global law assigning every Monarch who wants to resign for a ritual execution to make him do so in that way.
  20. roaming_comrade

    5. Pope Francis

    the first pope to retire since the Middle Ages is not iconic?
  21. roaming_comrade

    Political Frailty

    amazing that that guy was still alive. He hadnt been reported on since 2016
  22. roaming_comrade

    Political Frailty

    https://www.vecernji.hr/vijesti/svecenik-bio-kod-josipa-manolica-103-dao-mu-je-sakramente-1733904 It seems that Manolic received his last rates 3 days ago, but he has yet to die.
  23. roaming_comrade

    Sheikh Down

    What do you mean with "Muslim Brotherhood takeover"? Couping the monarchy or are there just pro-Brotherhood candidates for the Throne that could take power?
  24. roaming_comrade

    Sheikh Down

  25. roaming_comrade

    The Simpsons

    I worked in customer service for a few years and always looked at people's birthyear. There, I noticed that theres some age line in people's late 60s, at which you can tell from their voice that they are past that age line. It really is a thing that almost no one before their early 60s has but everyone of 70+. Some kind of raspiness in the voice. And, well, looking at the voice actors of the Simpsons, there's many in that age range, Homer's voice actor is getting there too. Would be the easiest to soon just replace them with AI that imitates their old voices.

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