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  1. MILFHunterGMan


    https://nodq.com/news/604436163.shtml Scott Hall sadly seems to have fallen off the Wagon.
  2. MILFHunterGMan


    According to various sources. The Wrestling Promoter who Jim Cornette dubbed "Ernest T. Bass" named Terry Landell & infamously had a blowout with which was mentioned on his podcast. Has been hospitalized for over 3-4 months with Diabetes Complications. I'm sure Jim Cornette's happy to know that Landel may be kicking the bucket soon.
  3. MILFHunterGMan

    Rocky Horror

    Actually this wasn't one i was referring to. But that one you showed I felt Tim seemed more talkative in it. This one below was what i originally mentioned. Tim looks extremely gaunt, skinny, more immobile & barely able to talk compared to the first few Zoom Chats you mentioned. Not to speculate, But Tim could be seriously ill from something other than his stroke 6-7 years ago. I doubt he'll make it to 2021 from the looks of it.
  4. MILFHunterGMan

    Chadwick Boseman

    With all due respect. Black Panther was NOT the first superhero movie to feature a Black Protagonist. Spawn & the Blade series were the firsts.
  5. MILFHunterGMan

    Rocky Horror

    Seen a recent Q&A Zoom Chat Video with Tim Curry from this month & he looks in grim shape, Very frail & Looks like he suffered another stroke or is terminally ill. Missing a tooth now as well. A stark contrast to last month's Q&A where he seemed very upbeat & energetic. Was even more talkative too. Even laughed a bit. All things considered
  6. MILFHunterGMan


    https://www.cbr.com/wwe-sonya-deville-death-threats-following-stalkers-arrest/ One to watch out for is Sonya Deville, Going through a very serious mess surviving an attempted kidnapping by a deranged neckbeard POS, She's already left WWE & with the amount of stress & death threats she's getting from the basketcase wrestling fans. This could end in a suicide god forbid
  7. MILFHunterGMan


    One to watch out for is Becky Lynch, Who is currently pregnant, Since her fiancee & fellow WWE Star Seth Rollins is currently being exposed to over 2 dozen Covid-19 positive talent. She is at a high risk for life-threatening complications if she catches Covid-19 The *Dead*Man Walking.
  8. MILFHunterGMan

    Tim Curry

    He had a stroke back in July 2012, & it clearly has taken a serious toll on him. He has looked really frail in recent appearences.

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