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  1. etib80

    French speaking deathlist

    La chanteuse Jeane Manson, 73 ans, hospitalisée d'urgence ce mardi suite à une crise cardiaque. Ces jours ne seraient plus en danger apparemment, à surveiller tout de même
  2. etib80

    French speaking deathlist

    Décès d'Alexis Grüss, figure du monde du cirque, à l'âge de 79 ans
  3. etib80

    The 3rd Death of 2024

    JM Le Pen
  4. etib80

    15. Glynis Johns

    Oh ! Brutal and totally unexpected (imo anyway) Good timing by the committee (or they jinx her with her DL addition ?) so, this pick open the 2024 count very quickly, annoucement of a good year for the DL ?
  5. etib80

    Worst pick of 2024 Deathlist?

    Julie Walters of course : not very old, not retiring (Paddington 3 ...). OK she is ill but imo she could stay with us at least 3/4 more years easily
  6. etib80

    The 1st Death of 2024

    It's difficult to make a first choice, but Carter or Draper are probably the best option. So, my vote are for Carter
  7. etib80

    how long till' the next hit ?

    January 5th
  8. etib80

    The 20th Death of 2023

    That's all for me.
  9. etib80


    Alan Greenspan Bernadette Chirac Buzz Aldrin David Attenborough Dick Van Dyke Dionne Warwick Edward, Duke of Kent Eva Marie Saint Franz Beckenbauer Giorgio Armani Glynis Johns (joker) Jean Marie Le Pen Jimmy Carter Juan Carlos, King of Spain Keith Richards Lech Walesa Linda Nolan Line Renaud Mel Brooks Micheline Presle Pope Francis Roberta Flack Rod Laver Shannen Doherty Sophia Loren SUBS Jacques Delors Maggie Smith Emperor Akihito Françoise Hardy Alberto Fujimori
  10. etib80

    The 19th Death of 2023

    Starmer-Smith I'm not ready to vote for Carter yet, maybe a mistake
  11. etib80

    The 18th death of 2023

    Alan Greenspan, because why not and I think another people will to die before Carter
  12. etib80

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I think he stays alive to honor Rosalynn one last time. I won't be surprised if his death will be announced next week or even this weekend (repercussions of physical and moral investment) it would be a miracle if he looks 2024 for sure
  13. etib80

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    I agree with you. Her "absence" is a little bit worrying and Harry Potter's actors are not in good spirit at the moment (Gambon, Coltrane ...) By the way, I add Maggie Smith in the suggestions : 89 years old, she looks frail in latest outings and she is an iconic actress. May be she could live another year but I won't be surprised if she dies soon
  14. etib80

    how long till' the next hit ?

    December 4th
  15. etib80

    The 16th Death of 2023

    I vote Shane (but with Rosalynn death, Jimmy ...) Only a matter of days for both, but it's possible another will surprise us by dying more quickly (like Starmer Smith or Gall)

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