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  1. etib80

    22. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    good point ! In my opinion, more jdb than recent weeks seems his health are better, but this also coul significate they want to make videos as much as possible because he could be frail and anable to do them at any time...
  2. etib80

    22. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    He looks in better health than December 2022 and videos are weekly again. So, I don't think he will go soon. But, like the Queen last year, he could also die without any warning sign. I predict he will die before n°730, but not necessarily in 2023 so ...
  3. etib80

    French speaking deathlist

    Micheline Presle semble relativement en forme sur les dernières news (un compte sur twitter donne des infos régulièrement, ici une vidéo postée pour la nouvelle année, si elle est du jour de la publication je pense qu'elle ne craint pas grand chose pour le moment, en espérant ne pas la jinxer !) par contre que ce soit Morin ou Dumas, surtout Dumas, ils se font relativement discrets du coup pas évident d'avoir une idée précise.
  4. etib80

    French speaking deathlist

    Marcel Zanini, jazzman et interprète de "Tu veux ou tu veux pas", est mort Pas mal de décès notables en France en ce début d'année en effet, les "immortels" que sont Dumas, Morin, Presle et compagnie ont du soucis à se faire
  5. etib80

    how long till' the next hit ?

    24th January
  6. etib80

    The 1st Death of 2023

    Bob Barker
  7. etib80

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Ayatollah Khamenei Bernadette Chirac Bernie Ecclestone Bob Barker - joker Burt Bacharach Cher Chuck Norris Cliff Richard Clint Eastwood David Attenborough Dick Van Dyke Dionne Warwick Edward, Duck of Kent Ellen Burstyn Elton John Emperor Akihito Faye Dunaway Federico Bahamontes Francis Ford Coppola Gianluca Vialli Glynis Johns Harald V, King of Norway Harvey Weinstein Henry Kissinger Hu Jintao Jack Nicholson Jacques Delors Jane Fonda Jean Marie Le Pen Jimmy Carter Joanne Woodward Jonnie Irwin Juan Carlos, King of Spain Keith Richards Ketty Lester Linda Nolan Line Renaud (french singer) Mahmoud Abbas Mel Brooks Micheline Presle (french actress) Neil Diamond Raul Castro Ringo Starr Roberta Flack Sandy Gall Stevie Wonder Suzanne Somers Sylvester Stallone Willie Nelson Woody Allen Subs (in order) : Buzz Aldrin Maggie Smith Joe Biden Yoko Ono Françoise Hardy
  8. etib80

    Pope Benedict XVI

  9. etib80


    My 2023's list : - Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran - Bernadette Chirac - Bob Barker - joker - David Attenborough - Dick Van Dyke - Federico Bahamontes - Françoise Hardy - Gianluca Vialli - Glynis Johns - Harald V, King of Norway - Jimmy Carter - Jane Fonda - Jonnie Irwin - Hu Jintao - Line Renaud (french singer) - Mahmoud Abbas - Mel Brooks - Micheline Presle (french actress) - Pelé - Pope Benedict XVI - Raul Castro - Ringo Starr - Roberta Flack - Ursula Andress - Willie Nelson Subs : - Jacques Delors - Clint Eastwood - Linda Nolan - Emperor Akihito - Joe Biden
  10. etib80

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Maybe a futur number 1 for the 2023's DL ? If he will not die in the next 3 days...
  11. etib80

    The 14th Death of 2022

    I am not sure at all for Pelé and McGowan. For McGowan, I think 2023 will come too fast. But he could be a hit for january or february 2023 for sure. Pelé, it's difficult to judge with numerous health rumours. If he doesn't die in the coming week I think he could see 2023. Not sure at all there are a new pick this year ... (jinx ?! ^^)
  12. etib80

    Françoise Hardy

    I think Françoise Hardy is not dying "in a natural way" If she will die next year, it will probably be by euthanasia, so it's difficult to name her in the 2023 DL imo
  13. etib80


    I will see an annoucement of his death close to the WC final (so, 16th or 17th December for instance), but I think it should happen much sooner ... they won't be able to wait several days without his death being known anyway. Brasil next game are monday, this could be a target
  14. etib80

    22. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    Maybe a "coincidence" (I don't know if this word exist in english) but there were no JMLP video in his youtube channel last week. Stay tuned if there are a video in the next few days or not ... His twitter account is also inactive since 2 weeks. I won't be surprised if he will hospitalized (or dead) in the next days/weeks
  15. etib80

    22. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    JMLP really needs to stay in 2023's DL. His decline is evident and I wouldn't be surprised if he were to die in the next 13 months. Afterwards, I think that as long as he is able to answer at his "journal de bord" every week, it means that he is not on his deathbed (but on the other hand the week when there will not be one, it will be very worrying). But, a bit like for the Queen, his death could be very sudden and fast. Maybe not a top 5 (Barker, Kissinger, Carter, Greenspan, Bennett or also DVD... are better candidates I think, if they do not die in 2022) but a top 10 why not

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