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  1. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    Wishful thinking. The unions (especially in the NHS and the railways) will want payback, especially for years of strike action against the Tory government. Starmer’s massive problem is that Tories (as a result of lockdowns and the associated furlough payments) have spent all the money. Britain’s credit card is maxed out and Starmer will have to slash public services just to pay off the interest. Sunak couldn’t give a f**k because his deep state cronies (e.g. Blair and Obama) will reward him. He will get lucrative jobs and huge speech fees for his loyalty to the globalist hegemony.
  2. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    In the today's world of grubby and corrupt politics, it’s who controls the party selection system, including the constituency associations, that really counts. Prospective candidates have to go through a selection process. Tories have to pass a parliamentary Assessment Board to get on the Approved Candidates List being they can even apply for seats. A lot of current Conservative MPs owe their seats to the patronage of David Cameron and his cronies through was called The Priority List. After getting on the Approved List, you had to get on the Priority List to apply for safe or target seats. Thankfully, most of them will lose their seats at the next election. In Labour, the Trades Unions control the selection of candidates in a lot of seats. Local “community leaders” also have a big influence in seats, e.g. Bradford, which have a large number of ethnic minority voters. Due to those differing allegiances, Starmer will have hundreds of new MPs who will be very tough to control. It’s the patronage of the powerful, and what you promise to deliver in return, that counts now.
  3. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    You have only exposed your authoritarian desire to deprive the offspring of politicians from having the same political rights as everyone else. I don’t want the Commons to be filled with authoritarians like you who have contempt for democracy and equal rights.
  4. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    Tony Benn, as Viscount Stansgate, had to fight to renounce his Peerage so that he could stand for election to the Commons.
  5. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    So you want MPs’ children to enter Parliament through unelected appointment to the Lords rather than democratic election to the Commons? It would only encourage more corruption rather than expose it. I want the Lords to be replaced by an elected senate, not filled with the offspring of MPs.
  6. Kenny

    Dead Pop Stars

    I missed Eric’s tragic passing on holiday and I’m absolutely gutted. His solo albums include many songs in the Raspberries’ style as well as ballads. Thankfully, the classic line-up reunited for some great gigs around 2005-7. I’d have paid a lot of money on flights and hotel to seen them live. RIP Eric
  7. Kenny

    Political Frailty

    You forgot Hilary Benn, son Tony. Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary. She is the daughter of ex MP Sir Robert Atkins. The “kids”, as you patronisingly describe them, did not choose their parents or inherit their politics genetically. The voters can reject them at the ballot box. The European Court of Human Rights (the UK is still a signatory to the Convention) would rule that such a ban breached their human rights. Your example Stephen Kinnock (Neil was an EU Commissioner and Glenys was an MEP) would go straight to the ECHR if banned from standing. IIRC his wife was the PM of Denmark.
  8. Kenny

    Dame Judi Dench

    Needs more Cats!
  9. Kenny

    35. Esther Rantzen

    So Starmer and Rantzen are monetising their private videos on Only Fans?
  10. Kenny

    Royal Family

    Michael Jackson has come back from the dead to adopt the kids of James Hewitt and Greta Thumberg!
  11. Kenny

    Royal Family

    I was joking about you being at uni with Julia Hartley-Brewer but you obviously did not get it. Was your frontal lobotomy painful? Your sense of humour seems to have been removed at the same time!
  12. Kenny

    Steve Harley

    When Dave Myers went through the Pearly Gates, he asked St Peter for a Harley. Unfortunately for Steve, St Peter had not watched the Hairy Bikers. RIP.
  13. Kenny

    Royal Family

    Very touchy about your age!
  14. Kenny

    Royal Family

    You were at university with Hartley-Brewer and still consider yourself a youth?
  15. Kenny

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Passing the Buck!

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