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  1. On 11/07/2021 at 20:38, arghton said:

    I believe that in the case of Kalyan Singh but Kaur... I wouldn't trust some team of "ayurveda doctors".

    If she isn't dead by the end of this month I'll be very suprised.

    Almost made it

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  2. On 09/01/2019 at 23:03, ThePrematureBurial said:

    Anatoly Lukyanov, one of the August 1991 Soviet coup plotters died today.




    Former defense minister Dmitry Yazov is still alive. The last marshall of the Soviet Union is 94 & very deathlisty (imo).




    Oleg Baklanov ( born 1932) is also among the living.




    Aleksandr Tizyakov has not Wikipedia entry. In 2016 he was still alive though.




    Baklanov apparently dead:


    He was the last 1991 coup plotter.

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  3. https://nation.africa/kenya/counties/kitui/kitui-mulls-closing-county-offices-amid-covid-19-outbreak-3489482


    Kenyan County Governor of Kitui, Charity Ngilu (1952-) has been hospitalised with covid. She's one of the first female governors in Kenya (from 22nd of August 2017) along with Anne Waiguru (1971-) and Joyce Laboso (1960-2019) who died of cancer. Ngilu was also a presidential nominee in 1997, recieving 7.89% of the votes.



    Kenya feels like a country that's going to have a lot of political deaths sooner or later. Some possibilities:


    Mwai Kibaki (1931-) the only living former President (2002-2013) has had health issues, 90 in november and overweight.

    Uhuru Kenyatta (1961-) Current President after Kibaki. Never looked like the picture of health, gained weight recently. At Kaunda's funeral:


    Musalia Mudavadi (1960-) VP 2002-2003, said to be the likely next President of Kenya and Kenyatta's successor, but how long do you think this guy will live:


    Moody Awori (1928-) Ancient. VP 2003-2008

    William Ruto (1966-) Deputy President since 2013. Hospitalised in 2012, apparently was near death. Apparently also hospitalised atleast once during his term a Deputy Pres, there's been an assasination attempt on him.

    Raila Odinga (1945-) Only living Prime Minister. He held the position 2008-2013. Blood clot in 2010, collapsed in 2019, had covid this march.

    And there are many more frail or frailish Kenyan politicians.

  4. On 12/03/2021 at 19:26, arghton said:

    Alive centenarians from countries and dependencies with smaller populations.  (under 20 million)


    Slovenia: (2,1 million)

    Boris Pahor, novelist (born 26th of August 1913)

    Joško Battestin, electrical engineer (born 14th of March 1918)

    Marko Račič, athlete (born  25th of April 1920)

    Ivan Grobelnik, partisan (born 17th of October 1920, alive as of 2020)


    Dead, died off the radar in November 2020 according to geni: https://www.geni.com/people/Jožko-Battestin/6000000022470814696


    The other ones are still alive: Pahor will, if still alive turn 108 in a month and Racic is now 101. Couldn't find any birthday pictures of Racic.

    Grobelnik still looks great, interview from April:


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  5. Impressive achievement for him to have lived that far, a 101-year old who survived 2 months and 20 days after entering hospice care (the average life expectancy for someone put in hospice care is usually half of that) and that he lived more than a month after being discharged from hospice care.

    Rest in Peace, Brazilian Scooby-Doo

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Bibliogryphon said:

    For some reason Donald Sutherland has been on my radar for a while. Did he have a health scare a while back?

    He's had polio, rheumatic fever, hepatitis, an appendectomy, pneumonia and scarlet fever all before 1989, also apparently had a near-death experience while filming Kelly's Heroes (1970)


    In 2017 he was reported "frail" as he was a heavy smoker when he was young and was seen carrying an oxygen tank and a tube.

    2019 he was seen using a wheelchair and reported to be "frail" again. His ex-wife died in 2019.


    Also Kiefer Sutherland, his son has had alcohol problems, probably drug problems and legal issues since atleast 1987, smoker and refuses to give up alcohol.

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  7. I don't know whether to put this in "African Despots" or this thread, but Eswatini/Swaziland's king/despot/human rights abuser Mswati III is having a hard time with protestors:


    Atleast 40 people have died in protests in the country with a population of 1 million. He reportedly uses one fourth of the nation's budget for his personal needs (and those of his mother, children and 15 wives) and not many people would be sad if he happened to die.

    He's the third youngest monarch in the world (if Emmanuel Macron isn't counted for being the co-prince of Andorra) after Jigme Wangchuck of Bhutan and Tamim Al Thani of Qatar, both born in 1980.

  8. 22 hours ago, arghton said:


    Dr. Oscar Fernandes had a successful 6-hour surgery where the clot in his brain was removed. Stable but in ICU, this report also mentions that he has cardiac and kidney issues but there is, according to the doctor, nothing to worry about.


    On 26/07/2021 at 01:27, arghton said:

    Thuingaleng Muivah, Indian Naga politician/activist/separatist hospitalised (again, seems to have a history of bad health) according to multiple sources, but stable. He's from India, he'll be discharged in a day or two.


    Condition of Thuingaleng Muivah also stable. He'll be held in the hospital a few more days, they are "not in a hurry to discharge him" according to other sources. He's been hospitalised before for uneasiness, looks a bit like a bloated corpse:


    Apparently also got a false positive for covid on friday.

  9. Interesting longevity in (some) of the First Ladies of Costa Rica:


    Yvonne Claus Spoelders (1906-1994), First Lady 1940-1944 lived to 87.

    Henrietta Boggs (1918-2020), First Lady 1948-1949 lived to 102.

    Karen Olsen Beck (1933-), First Lady 1953-1958 and 1970-1974 is alive and 88.

    Marita Quiros (1911-), First Lady 1962-1966 is alive and 110.

    Marjorie Elliot Sypher (1925-2015), First Lady 1974-1978 lived to 90.

    Estrella Zeledon Lizano (1929-2019), First Lady 1978-1982 lived to 89.


    Other living 70+ Costa Rica first ladies are Leila Stahl (1942-) First Lady 2002-2006, Lorena Clare Facio (1943-) First Lady 1998-2002 and Margarita Congora (1948-) First Lady 1986-1990. We'll see if any of them reach 90+ or 100+.

  10. On 01/01/2020 at 07:30, CaptainChorizo said:

    Decided to create a wrestling Shadowlist for 2020


    Think at least a few of these folk won't see the year out


    1Howard Finkel
    2The Iron Sheik
    3Ken Patera
    4Buschwhacker Butch
    5Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    7Abdullah The Butcher
    8Alicia Fox
    9Scott Hall
    10Dump Matsumoto
    11The Shockmaster
    12Dory Funk Jr.
    13Dominic DeNucci
    14Mr. Wrestling II
    15Superstar Billy Graham
    16Koko B. Ware
    17Adrian Street
    18Ric Flair
    19Ricky Knight
    20Paul Orndorff
    21Ayako Hamada
    22Cowboy Bill Watts
    23Matilda the Hun
    24Leilani Kai
    25Terry Funk
    26Pampero Firpo
    27Marty Janetty
    29Mil Mascaras
    30Daizee Haze
    31Tammy Lynn Sytch
    32Marty Jones
    33Ivan Putski
    34The Great Kabuki
    35The One Man Gang
    36Dennis Condrey
    37Hisashi Shinma
    38Rocky Johnson
    39William "The Refrigerator" Perry
    40Super Porky
    41The Barbarian
    42Chigusa Nagayo
    43The Warlord
    45Jake The Snake Roberts
    46Judy Martin
    47The Great Khali
    48 Dan Spivey
    49Outback Jack
    50Jackie Stallone "GLOW Manager"

    Super Porky is super dead

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  11. On 23/07/2021 at 14:59, arghton said:


    Former Minister for Transport, Road and Highways and Labour and Employment of India during Manmohan Singh's tenure, 80-year old Dr. Oscar Fernandes (wikipedia page) hospitalised and in ICU after a fall in his house. He hit his head during routine exercises and has a blood clot in his brain.


    Critical but stable, health has apparently improved. Blood clot not removed yet.

  12. tunisia1.png.cd68907f63f881449b09fa0fde83ecd7.pngcorpse.png.ad45446bd3991dfc380522b38d969736.png

    Tunisia's current president Kais Saied (b. 1958) who has recently suspended the parliament, kicked the prime minister and given himself more power looks like he's already dead. No wonder he's often called "robot" for not only looking like a corpse but also his drowsiness and how he always looks somewhat emotionless.


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