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  1. arghton

    From Cleric To Relic

    Ayatollah Mohsen Kharazi, another Iranian hardline cleric/politician (however, much smaller name than Shirazi) hospitalised.
  2. arghton

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    He's a minor name, but I'm very suprised actor Charley Scalies (of The Wire, The Sopranos and others) is still alive. Most of his "notable" appearances were two decades ago, he looked very obese and old back then. Seems he's still alive, no idea how old he is now.
  3. arghton

    From Cleric To Relic

    Naser Makarem Shirazi, one of the most powerful Iranian hardline clerics and all around piece of shit, hospitalised with gastrointestinal illness.
  4. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Taisto Tähkämaa is also now the last living Finnish minister born in the 1920s. The second-oldest is Jermu Laine, a former minister for foreign trade, 7 years younger. I'm a bit suprised Laine is still alive too, his daughter (who was also his caregiver) died over a year ago. Full list of my other "suprised they're still alive" Finnish members of parliament, in addition to Tähkämaa and Laine, for low requirement pools (Hares, Electoral DP etc.): Raimo Ilaskivi - 96, indestructible National Coalition stalwart, presidential candidate and former Lord Mayor of Helsinki. Multiple bouts of intestinal cancer, skin cancer and other ailments. Caregiver of his demented wife, still active on Facebook and often interviewed. Paavo Nikula - 81, suffered an enormous stroke while serving as Chancellor of Justice in 2007. Hospitalised for months on ventilator and his condition has been unknown since. Erkki Pystynen - 94, former Speaker of Parliament. As far as I know, no appearances in the last nine years. Iiro Viinanen - 79, Parkinson's since the 1990s. Antero Laukkanen - 66, ALS, in a hospice late last year, back home now as his disease didn't progress as quickly as expected. Pekka Vennamo - 79, spent more or less a year fighting for his life in hospital with covid and complications a few years back. Pirkko Ikonen - 96, in a care home for years. Elisabeth Rehn - 89, emergency surgery to remove a malignant colon tumor in 1995, breast cancer, other ailments. Kati Peltola - 83, political relic, Alzheimer's. Ralf Friberg - 88, political relic, his career peaked sometime fifty years ago. Juha Väätäinen - 82, squamous cell carcinoma, serious fall in 2014, near-fatal car crash in 2017, heart surgery in 2021, stroke in 2022.
  5. arghton

    Who are the immortals?

    Frank Layden of tracy's suggestions also had a nasogastric tube here in addition to oxygen, a year ago. Seems he's been ill for some time. From the original names on page two, there was an event named after Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow held yesterday. He didn't attend, and a post here seems to imply he can't make his own calls anymore.
  6. arghton

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Takamiyama Daigorō, Hawaii-born Japanese sumo wrestler, 80 today! (Pictured 1982 with Thatcher and Chiyonofuji Mitsugu) Takamiyama wrestled for 20 years, from 1964 to 1984. He was one of the first foreign-born sumo wrestlers and the first of them to win the top division championship in 1972, receiving a congratulatory letter from President Nixon. He was the heaviest sumo wrestler of his time at around 204kg/450lbs. Less known, during the later half of his career he appeared in a lot of television ads: He was a popular figure in Japan even among those who did not follow sumo wrestling due to his personality, trademark sideburns and size.
  7. arghton

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Akira Kushida, major Japanese anime soundtrack singer has been in hospital since January with acute pancreatitis and complications. Slowly recovering, but on feeding tube:
  8. arghton

    African Leaders - Despots and Democratic

    Lots of rumors going around Mohadi's health. Apparently he collapsed during a speech two weeks ago, and it wasn't the first time. More alarming, Chiwenga (god knows how he's still alive) has flown to China in January and May this year for "checkups".
  9. arghton


    Jayapataka's intestines do not function properly. Still doesn't sound serious.
  10. arghton

    Who are the immortals?

    Make it four, and he's still alive. This time he has released a statement, too, that I personally found amusing: These wicked people seem to be working very hard with no rest behind gadgets to spread fake news. This is not the first time and it seems I've resurrected a 100th time. As I speak, I'm still holding onto my golden keys to heaven. Someone out there is hellbent to send me to the pearly gates of heaven. Trace and charge those individuals behind these fake accounts. Your days are numbered, the Law will soon catch up with you. @tracy might also have a few great suggestions for next year's list. I recall he's once posted a good list of perennially ill folks, but I couldn't find it with a quick search.
  11. arghton

    World War II Veterans

    Harri Mutvei, Estonian WWII veteran and expert on fossil molluscs, dead at 98.
  12. arghton

    9. Noam Chomsky

    Detailed report on his illness from his wife. English, shorter version here. Important parts: - Chomsky is currently hospitalized in Brazil, his wife's native country. - He suffered a massive stroke in Arizona in June 2023 and was first treated at a local hospital. After regaining consciousness his wife took him to Brazil by air ambulance with two nurses. The trip is described as "long, painful and stressful", had to make two stops and he was admitted to ICU when he arrived. - He is now out of ICU, but visited daily by a neurologist, speech therapist and a lung specialist. The right side of his body is numb. - "Has difficulty speaking", seemingly the only example given of him communicating is that he can raise his left arm. However, she claims he reads the New York Times every day.
  13. arghton

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Bereket Mengisteab, one of the very few notable Eritreans, looks thin and frail here (and has the "cancer face"?). Recent posts also seem to imply he is in ill health.
  14. arghton

    From Cleric To Relic

    Baselios Thomas I, head of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, reportedly in ill health. They're asking for prayers, no further information given.
  15. arghton


    Coincidentally, Jayapataka hospitalised a few hours ago with fluid buildup in the lungs and abdomen. On constant oxygen support and undergoing thoracentesis.

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