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  1. arghton

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Maybe it's some kind of a form of terminal lucidity before that terminal stage LXXXIV pancreatic ALSheimer's comes back?
  2. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Lee Myung-bak hospitalised again.
  3. arghton


    Juan Ponce Enrile now hospitalised with covid and pneumonia. Despite his illness, Enrile assured both friends and critics that his death is not imminent. He is confident of recovery with the help of his doctors. “To all my FB friends, critics, and enemies: Please bear with me. I am in the hospital. To my critics and enemies: Do not clap with glee. I am not going to die yet. Far from it,” he said in a Facebook post.
  4. arghton


    Indian Tamil actor 'Poo' Ram (imdb) critical and in ICU after suffering heart attack.
  5. arghton

    Internet Celebrities

    Tik Tok/Youtube/Instagram star Sassy Gran Doris dead at 96/97, suffered a severe stroke followed by a heart attack a week ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfOHnC_urm6/ (2021 article: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/sassy-gran-second-chapters-how-i-reinvented-myself-in-the-second-chapter-of-my-life-c3434a25e57c) Must've been one of the oldest living social media stars. Only one older I can think of is Arlene "Ginga" Bashnett of youtube duo Gramma and Ginga. Now 103 and has been in failing health since suffering a serious stroke nearly four years ago, the most recent update on her health was a birthday post from her family in February where they said "she isn't the same Ginga we all knew"...surely can't go on for much longer?
  6. arghton

    Art For Death's Sake

    Thue Christiansen, Greenlandic Inuit teacher, artist, politician best known for designing the Flag of Greenland, dead at 82.
  7. arghton

    Donald Sutherland

    He's got a thread here
  8. arghton

    African Despots

    Maybe he just needed some additional support in his life. It's not easy being a ex-dictator.
  9. arghton

    Hunger Strikers

    https://www.arabnews.com/node/2110851/middle-east Hamadi Jebali, Prime Minister of Tunisia 2011-2013 went on a hunger strike this week and isn't taking his meds for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Currently in intensive care.
  10. arghton

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Majumdar off invasive ventilator, but intubated and now again very critical with pneumonia and fluid on both sides of his lungs... https://tv9bangla.com/entertainment/tollywood/tarun-majumdar-is-suffering-from-pneumonia-even-after-being-taken-out-off-the-ventilation-au59-591000.html You're not a big fan of tollywood down below are you. This guy's current hospitalisation could be the highest budget production they've ever done
  11. arghton

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Well Majumdar is still "critical but stable", but now also on ventilator and in addition to everything already mentioned his brain is not responding that well anymore: https://bangla.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/tarun-majumder-health-update-director-is-now-in-ventilation-31656160456154.html My guess is that he has around 12 hours.
  12. arghton


    And there's also Shalom Cohen, Sephardi rabbi hospitalised "for tests" over a week ago and as far as I know still hasn't been discharged. Third time during the last eight months.
  13. arghton


    Mulayam Singh Yadav has been hospitalised again, this time with UTI: https://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/metro/lucknow/politics/mulayam-singh-yadav-admitted-to-medanta-hospital-trouble-due-to-urine-infection-know-whole-matter/articleshow/92447242.cms
  14. arghton

    African Despots

    On Eduardo dos Santos... 1. Stable, says VOA Portugues 2. "Very serious, deteriorated during the last days and is treated in a medical centre specialised for treating cancers" 3. This source claims that he's in ICU and sedated and has been battling cancer for years. 4. "In induced coma, between life and death after respiratory arrest" 5. Political analyst José Gama: "He had respiratory failure but is now stable"
  15. arghton

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Majumdar now undergoes dialysis, if google translate is correct he also suffers from sepsis... https://tv9bangla.com/entertainment/tollywood/health-update-of-tarun-majumdar-reveals-his-latest-kidney-conditions-au44-590218.html

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