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  1. 39 minutes ago, Gisooo said:


    American actor Charles Dierkop (Wikidead at 87



    First main cast member of Police Woman to die. I honestly just watched my final episode of Police Woman yesterday, with the aim to watch all the episodes whilst all four main actors were still alive. I was out by one day.

  2. Latest update



    "Despite being impeccably dressed in heels and with manicured nails, Pru is noticeably frail and needs help to walk.


    Her fading hearing, even with a couple of aids in – she describes them as her ‘ears’ – means she struggles to follow conversation. But she now also has the detached, unfocused air of someone who has progressed to the more advanced stages of vascular dementia."


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    The DL may have jumped the gun on this one. Of course, hard to know by just her voice, but in this phone interview a couple of months ago (after her hospitalisations), her voice still sounds strong and full of life.

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  4. At this point in time, I see at least 17 hits for the French Deathlist 2024 including Badie, De Gaulle, Dumas, Morin, Le Pen, Malaurie, Chirac, Page, Pagny, Mitterrand, Fontaine, Villalonga, Vernon, Serre, Géminiani, Darrigade and Guillemin.


    However, some notable omissions and good possibilities for next year are:


    Phillippe Leroy- 93

    Gerard Depardieu- 75

    Leslie Caron- 92

    Pierre Vernier- 92

    Jean Sorel- 89

    Brigitte Auber- 98

    Anouk Aimée- 91

    Yvonne Furneaux- 97

    André Oumansky- 90

    Sophie Grimaldi- 87

    Pierre Richard- 89

    Jacques Charrier- 87

    Richard Bohringer- 81

    Jacques Dutronc- 80

    Jean-Pierre Castaldi- 79

    Sami Frey- 86

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  5. Given medical check-up last Saturday


    Statement from Delon's lawyer on outcome of medical assessment: “Mr Delon replied to all the questions of the expert doctor thus confirming that his faculties are not weakened, contrary to all the defamatory accusations that have made him an object of the media since January.”


    Also important to emphasise, his lawyer has not had any allegations against them by another second party, so is likely a trustworthy source.


    And again going back to the 2023 Christmas photos, Delon's facial features looked more like those of a 70-year-old than an 88-year-old, despite him being wheelchair bound. One of the healthiest 88-year-olds I have seen (many people at that age can no longer walk).



    Delon could therefore make 2025 at a pinch (we know his history of ill health complaints), but his 90th birthday, I really don't see it unfortunately. It looks like he will join the hugely popular 89 club.

  6. 732918657_ScreenShot2024-01-09at12_47_28pm.png.a1c68c2b036661d1032216bffe7f2914.png1772385_ScreenShot2024-01-09at12_47_50pm.png.1562b714768bf6e7a7c1576adaa9b69b.png


    Barenboim leading the BerlinPhil at the conclusion of 2023. Doesn't look like a worthy 2024 DeathList candidate at all based on these pics.


    Does anyone here know what "serious neurological condition" Barenboim has been suffering from?



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