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  1. The Daredevil

    13. Robert Wagner

    Isn't Wagner the last living major male adult lead actor from 1950s Hollywood? Still has a few years left IMO.
  2. The Daredevil

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Looks like Van Dyke and Greenspan will be vacating the top 2 spots on the 2024 DL. How boring and unwise.
  3. The Daredevil

    The 17th Death of 2023

    Jimmy Carter
  4. The Daredevil

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Although Jimmy now has another funeral to attend, and another reason to stay alive a little while longer
  5. The Daredevil

    The 16th Death of 2023

    Congratulations to the six who voted Kissinger.
  6. The Daredevil

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Two names deserving more attention on this thread are Liza Minnelli and Tim Curry. Both have been in declining health for years, and will struggle making 80.
  7. The Daredevil

    Last appearances

    If James Dean had not been in that car accident or any car accident, does anyone think he would have made old bones (like Marlon Brando and Paul Newman), or would he have died young anyway of a natural death (like Elvis Presley and Montgomery Clift)? I reckon Dean would have died in 2010, aged 79.
  8. The Daredevil

    Clint Eastwood

    Agreed, looks better now than he did back in mid 2023. Could even have up to 5 years left judging by those photos, although unlikely to become a centenarian. Still, he would not be a bad pick any longer for future Deathlists.
  9. The Daredevil

    Fran├žoise Hardy

    "Not doing well" according to her son Thomas a few days ago
  10. The Daredevil

    Clint Eastwood

    New on set photos, sporting a beard
  11. The Daredevil

    Ozzy Osbourne

    He could very well be next year's no. 50 on the official DL, following Shane MacGowan's inevitable demise. About time Ozzy makes a return.
  12. The Daredevil

    Billy Connolly

    A gut feeling he will be making his debut on the official DL next year, potentially in position 47 or 48. Still think he has roughly 5 years to go though.
  13. The Daredevil

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Makes rare stage appearance
  14. The Daredevil

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    5 US Presidents are currently older than the oldest living former First Lady: Carter, Biden, Trump, Bush Jr and Clinton. The Carter's marriage also went for longer than any of the living First Ladies' current lifespans.
  15. The Daredevil

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Richard Franklin- 87, increasingly frail with a long history of poor health and major surgery Fran├žoise Hardy- 79, long-time cancer sufferer, was said to be 'close to the end' in 2021, fan of euthanasia Kenneth Cope- 92, has suffered COPD for the last 20 years Phyllida Law- 91, has had Parkinson's for nearly 10 years Julie Sommars- 83, has mobility issues (wheelchair bound since 2018 at latest), Golden Globe winner for The Governor & J.J., Matlock role and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo makes her qualify Michael Moriarty- 82, history of alcoholism and heavy smoking in 1990s, Law & Order role makes him DL worthy Barbara Babcock- 86, battling Parkinson's for 20 years, TV Emmy Winner for Hill Street Blues makes her eligible for DL As Katherine Helmond and Robert Guillaume got BBC Obits, so should all the above, including the last three lesser known candidates in the UK.

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