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  1. Beachy Head

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    He looks a lot more gaunt and skinny than previous photos but I guess hospital food is best not eating! Still looks like a walking corpse but can see him making 100 now
  2. Beachy Head

    Walter Smith

    Does not sound that good, but sounds like he had an operation and is recovering. No idea how serious it was though!
  3. Beachy Head

    Liza Minnelli

    She looks fine for 75. I shudder to think what Joan looks like without the makeup but for an 88 year old she still seems to have quite a few years left. Most importantly is that a shirtless pic of the diver Chris Mears in your avatar?
  4. Beachy Head

    The Vicar Of Dibley

    Sad news, the guys comic timing was hilarious. But was a miracle he survived this long with his various forms of dementia. On a side note James Fleet being 69 is crazy! The guy always seemed like he was in his late 20s in the show likewise when we was in Cracker.
  5. Beachy Head

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The Palace should have tweeted that he had taken a turn for the worse and was in intensive care, just before the Oprah interview was about to air. Can only imagine Piers reaction to that!
  6. Beachy Head

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    If he is well enough to undergo heart surgery then he is definitely big odds on to make 100. The guy will probably outlive Charles and Andrew. The latter especially!
  7. Beachy Head

    Time Added

    Glen Roeder ex West Ham manager has died aged 65
  8. Beachy Head

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Listening to the interview she is clearly, at 94, still all there mentally and her speech and appearance look good. Don't see her popping her clogs until at least 100.
  9. Beachy Head

    Tiger Woods

    Sounds like a Paul Walker or Jose Reyes incident. Apparently had to be airlifted out by jaws of life
  10. Beachy Head

    Rush Limbaugh

    Anybody that hosts a show celebrating people dying from AIDS deserves no sympathy. Good riddance.
  11. Beachy Head

    Christopher Plummer

    Was not expecting this. Has been in a few movies in recent years and looked in good health, especially Knives Out
  12. Beachy Head

    Captain Tom Moore

    Yeah im sure he loved it tbf, don't begrudge him at all, a true hero. But his daughter definitely made sure his brand kept on rolling on and the money coming in.
  13. Beachy Head

    Captain Tom Moore

    Sad news for 99 years a true legend who with quiet dignity served the nation. Then for 6 months his greedy daughter whored him out to everyone, getting books and even gin named after him so she could profit. RIP to a British hero.
  14. Beachy Head

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    I know he is only 18, but good lord Harvey is not looking like someone who will live much longer. Son of Katie Price and Dwight Yorke and occasional appearances on daytime TV staying silent then simply saying "cunt". He suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome is now 29 stone and Jordan has to lock the fridge, her kids have to hide any leftovers and he has tantrums if he has low fat chips! In June last year was rushed to intensive care due to severe breathing issues, chest pains and risk of organ failure. Recent pic
  15. Beachy Head

    Rush Limbaugh

    Well 70m people voted for him, and many are cult like in their support of him. The Republican Party may want to disassociate themselves from him and his crazy rantings but won't be easy especially as many have been whipped up to believe that Pence, Mcconnell etc are all traitors now.

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