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  1. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Pat Robertson

    Good bloody riddance
  2. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Dame Sheila Hancock

    Seems pretty fit and well presenting at the Soap Awards on ITV, probably got a few good years yet.
  3. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Lookie Likey

    I've always though that Willie Whitelaw looks like Bernard Cribbins
  4. Commtech Sio Bibble

    George Lazenby

  5. Commtech Sio Bibble

    MMMDP 2023

    Esther Rantzen
  6. Commtech Sio Bibble

    2. Henry Kissinger

    I don't think so but there was James F. Leonard (1920-2020) who held the 'cabinet level' position of UN ambassador in the late 70s.
  7. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Found this on Twitter, odd that no-one noticed
  8. Commtech Sio Bibble

    British Science Fiction Series

    That means that Anneke Wills is the last surviving actor from Power of the Daleks. Bringing the number of episodes with only one survivor to two (the other being The Deadly Assassin having just Tom Baker)
  9. Commtech Sio Bibble

    The 8th Death of 2023

    Everyone just give up voting for Carter and accept the immortality.
  10. Commtech Sio Bibble

    48. Tina Turner

    Snail pace seems to have sped back up again. I don't know why that happens, the servers seemed fine when the Queen died in September and that was a massive influx, if I remember rightly it was Pele who initially broke it down, I wonder what changed in that time.
  11. Commtech Sio Bibble

    48. Tina Turner

    7th death of 2022 was the Queen of England 7th death of 2023 was the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll
  12. Commtech Sio Bibble

    48. Tina Turner

    People really need to stop picking Jimmy Carter in the Nth death of 2023 threads
  13. Commtech Sio Bibble

    British Character Actors

    Odd that the only places currently reporting it are Italian.
  14. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Last Sweepstake

    Clint Hill til I die (or hopefully he does)
  15. Commtech Sio Bibble

    Last Sweepstake

    I'll take Clint Hill back please

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