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  1. lobius

    World's Oldest

    Happy Birthday Inah Canabarro Lucas, 116 today.
  2. lobius

    World's Oldest

    Happy birthday to the 3rd oldest living man, Alfonso Maria Rogas Perdomo, 111 years, -1 days today. https://longeviquest.com/supercentenarian/alfonso-maria-rojas-perdomo/
  3. lobius

    King Charles III

    Would tie up nicely with that 'March 28 2026' tweet that was doing the rounds.
  4. lobius

    World's Oldest

    Happy Birthday Josino Levino Ferreira, 111 today and now the third oldest living man. https://longeviquest.com/supercentenarians/josino-levino-ferreira/
  5. lobius

    World's Oldest

    Maria Branyas was born in the USA so technically American. Maybe she will move back to spend her retirement years in Florida or something.
  6. lobius

    World's Oldest

    André Ludwig apparently died on 7th Jan, only 2 living in the top-100 men now, at least according to Wikipedia.
  7. lobius

    Hooroo, Mate.

    I remember the interview he did with Julian Assagne and thinking 'that chap is certainly making trouble for himself', lol.
  8. lobius

    10. Robert Wagner

    This is straight out of a 'Derek and Clive' skit. https://derekandclive.uk/come-again/back-of-the-cab/ Derek: Yeah, well I had the same experience. I, er, opened the cab door for somebody who hailed me on the corner… Clive: Who was that? “Hailed” you? Derek: Richard Wagner. Clive: Richard Wagner? Derek: Yeah. Clive: But he’s been dead two hundred years.
  9. lobius

    World's Oldest

    It's roughly 100 billion, as in "A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore".
  10. lobius

    How many hits this year? (2022 Edition)

    30, taking an outlier.
  11. lobius

    Sydney Devine

    Dead. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-56054904

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