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  1. YouOnlyDieOnce

    38. Bill Treacher

    Death announced while still on page 1, is this a first?
  2. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I noticed more people walking, cycling and driving past my front window than when Diana had her funeral. Make of that what you will. Also, what about those parts of the World that don't have electricity, let alone a working TV or radio? My best estimate is that 19,441,008 people in the UK tuned in yesterday and 33,186,995 cups of tea were made. Don't shoot me as, I admit, my level of accuracy isn't quite what it was.
  3. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The opposite with me. The King Charles Head (Goring Heath) closed years ago and the Queen's Head (Bradfileld) opens at 5pm. I won't be popping in as I'm knackered after queuing for many hours.
  4. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I meant in general, he appears more fragile every time I see him on TV.
  5. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I was hoping that the BBC would put on a dedicated channel like they did for the 2012 Olympics. I think a Royal channel would be interesting, considering that we already have a parliament channel.
  6. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    ... so far. Joe Biden isn't looking as perky as he was, even though he's not a DLer.
  7. YouOnlyDieOnce

    17. Sir David Attenborough

    I can't help thinking that this great man will have more DL entries than anybody else, due to the many.more years (hopefully) that he has left. If anybody else deserves a ceremonial funeral, nobody is more fitting. What this man has done, is nothing short of remarkable. In my humble opinion he's the greatest naturalist to ever walk the Earth, move over Charles Darwin! I did shed a tear for QE2, but I'll be a blubbering wreck when Sir David leaves us.
  8. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Now those two were dearly missed. Thanks for reminding me of them. Aren't we a sensitive lot today? It's like being on a cryptocurrency Telegram!
  9. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I wasn't replying to you; however, the same goes for you and the rest of us. I've no plans to leave, so no need to return as a new user. Just carry on as normal and so will I. If you all want to gang up against me, go ahead as I'll only find it amusing. Yes, until then.....
  10. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    May I politely suggest an anger management consultation as you clearly like to dish out insults to those who oppose your way of thinking. Anyway, no skin off my nose as I'm not offended in the slightest. You need to try a lot harder if you want the response from me that you appear to crave. I don't directly insult other DL members as we're all entitled to our opinions, even you. I may or may not like what you type, but some things are better left unsaid. I'm here to stay so you just have to accept it. Anyway... Have a lovely day and it costs nothing to be nice.
  11. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    At least you said "please", so I commend your politeness. My phone is a pain in the arse to use, so I'll collate responses into a single reply using my iMac going forward.
  12. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The same can be said for a lot of comments and members on DL in all honesty.
  13. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Remember that some are still waiting for the true cause of Diana's death. You know, the one that "Died In A Nasty Accident."
  14. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Surprised it's not Covid as an excuse to fuck with us all again.
  15. YouOnlyDieOnce

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Perhaps her Ohmibod?

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