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  1. LovelyVincent

    Donald J Trump

    and yet Trump will still run throughout this. He's a petulant child and won't ever withdraw. what if he's in custody late in 2024 after hes won the election and cant attend the inauguration in person....im fairly sure that wont happen in a million years. But i wonder what would happen....
  2. LovelyVincent

    2. Dick Van Dyke

    who actually endorsed Dick as a candidate. i'd love to hear their reasons as he looks like he'll survive at least another 2 years. he hasnt "disappeared" like others on the way out
  3. LovelyVincent

    2. Dick Van Dyke

    Why on earth is dick van dyke number one again?! Even if he was to be kept on the list (which i think is a really poor decision) he should at least be further down the list. He looks fine!
  4. LovelyVincent

    Salman Rushdie

    A conservative voter making every world incident liberals vs conservatives..... shocking!
  5. LovelyVincent

    Olivia Newton-John

    Olvia Newton John riddled with cancer the last decade plus left off the list for 2022....but Dick van dyke the dancing smiling man is on the list even though he's still dancing and smiling in movies but got on the list due to "he's old lol" Disappointing!!
  6. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    she'd probably be knackered off today due to old age and yet again doesnt want to be seen in a wheelchair being moved into the church. Yet again due to ego. she could easily be wheeled into the church in a wheelchair. This is lizzie who says "she'll keep performing her duty until she dies" but should have said "she'll keep performing her duty until she dies/or she'd be embarrased about embracing old age and being wheeled in a wheelchair by her many, many servants" Oh no what a day it'd be tomorrow wake up, have breakfast cooked for me, have my clothes pressed and ironed, be wheeled into a car, be wheeled out of a car, be wheeled into a church, sit in a comfy chair in the church, be wheeled out of the church, be driven home back to palace for tea. Its ego and shame of being seen in a wheelchair just like her mother
  7. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    The Queen has zero decision making powers though?
  8. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    yep fair play but cant she announce a regency? Wait she keeps stating she won't as her "life is duty" and yet if its only mobility issues this is purely a pride issue? I know she's 96 and fair play but just announce the regency or abdication then. lets be honest the monarchy is purely a theatre show now. It can't function without its lead actor
  9. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    "i dedicate my life to my duty as Queen of this country..... ......but i won't go in a bloody wheelchair as its bad for ones image" I'm sorry but for fucksake. You can't do the whole ones life role and you won't abdicate because its your duty and then not do your job because you dont want to be seen in a bloody wheelchair. I'm not arsed if your mum didnt like being seen in a wheelchair she wasnt the monarch back then. Whats the point in the head of state holding on forever saying its her frigging duty and she wouldnt have the shame of abdication because she can't have the shame of being in a wheelchair. There is absolutely no value in her being monarch anymore (isnt the monarchy now just about the whole show and she cant even be wheeled out to do it?) So its either complete selfishness not going into a wheelchair to be wheeled out and completely making her whole "promise" a load of shite or she's seriously ill. Pick your side chaps
  10. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    whilst this is all bollocks obviously this is how it would leak if it did happen. American websites reporting it. Press embargo would be present in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc until it was annnounced by the Palace with the code word fun and games. Lets remember King George V was euthanized by his doctor so that it wasnt announced in the evening news. There would be literally no chance in hell of the Queen dying and it being announced at 11pm on a week day. As modern as the world gets the royal family still maintain this backward system...only change is we may get an instagram post at 8am as well as the little notice pinned to the gates of the palace.... But nope Lizzie is alive and well for at least another 7-8 years
  11. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    It was always hinted in the press at the time of her marriage that she wouldnt neccessary be Queen. She would be the first partner of a monarch who had been divorced afterall.
  12. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    So far The Queen has announced Camila should be Queen which was one of the main questions about Charles future reign. We've also had a ton of articles about the future of the monarchy and the inevitable end of the Queens reign quite a lot recently... Do you reckon the press know something and are slowly getting the "public ready" whilst the Queen has shored up the Queen Camila thing since it seemed obvious Charles would have gone ahead and made Camila Queen anyway and now he can say "My darling mother wanted it...." Is something in the air and the death knell starts to ring....or like the post 17 years ago predicting her demise was due soon am i just over analysing things...
  13. LovelyVincent

    Queen Elizabeth II

    she looks really healthy. Lets be imagine Phillip was looking half dead for the last 5 years. Lizzie literally looks exactly the same as 10 or 15 years ago. She sort of went from grey haired woman to white haired woman and hasnt changed since then. Still working about, still looking healthy and no health issues/hospital visits. Lizzie to last till 100 at the very least but i would imagine 2030 at the earliest where she'll be about 104. I think her mum got to 101 so it wouldnt be that much of a stretch and the Queen Mother at 95 didnt look as good as our Lizzie currently. By the time charles gets to the throne he'll be 80 years old. All seems eerie similar to the start of the 20th century. Vicky dies in 1901 after a long reign considering for the time. Her poor son gets the throne pretty ancient. He has health issues and reigns barely about 9 years. Prince WIlliam would then get to the throne about the same age as King George V and reign for about 20 odd years. King William will die and King George will take the throne but then step down and abdicate to marry an american divorcee. In the old days at that point Prince Louis would become king to mirror the King george of 1936-52. Without him instead Queen Charlotte takes the throne but she's a smoker and after world war 3 passes away from lung cancer and the throne passes to her eldest Princess Elizabeth named after her great grandmother who then reigns for 80 odd years. *Repeat*
  14. LovelyVincent

    Bob Dole

    aye i think the poster was meaning "the guy who was part of the GOP but wasnt in my mind because he didnt like trump so i dont mourn his death even though it led to GOP losing grip on government branches" that sort of weird take
  15. LovelyVincent

    Jimmy Greaves

    always find those kind of titles for documentaries pretty bad for people still alive. imagine watching a tv which also focuses on your "falls" as the finale...

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