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  1. LovelyVincent

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    she looks really healthy. Lets be imagine Phillip was looking half dead for the last 5 years. Lizzie literally looks exactly the same as 10 or 15 years ago. She sort of went from grey haired woman to white haired woman and hasnt changed since then. Still working about, still looking healthy and no health issues/hospital visits. Lizzie to last till 100 at the very least but i would imagine 2030 at the earliest where she'll be about 104. I think her mum got to 101 so it wouldnt be that much of a stretch and the Queen Mother at 95 didnt look as good as our Lizzie currently. By the time charles gets to the throne he'll be 80 years old. All seems eerie similar to the start of the 20th century. Vicky dies in 1901 after a long reign considering for the time. Her poor son gets the throne pretty ancient. He has health issues and reigns barely about 9 years. Prince WIlliam would then get to the throne about the same age as King George V and reign for about 20 odd years. King William will die and King George will take the throne but then step down and abdicate to marry an american divorcee. In the old days at that point Prince Louis would become king to mirror the King george of 1936-52. Without him instead Queen Charlotte takes the throne but she's a smoker and after world war 3 passes away from lung cancer and the throne passes to her eldest Princess Elizabeth named after her great grandmother who then reigns for 80 odd years. *Repeat*
  2. LovelyVincent

    4. Bob Dole

    aye i think the poster was meaning "the guy who was part of the GOP but wasnt in my mind because he didnt like trump so i dont mourn his death even though it led to GOP losing grip on government branches" that sort of weird take
  3. LovelyVincent

    28. Jimmy Greaves

    always find those kind of titles for documentaries pretty bad for people still alive. imagine watching a tv which also focuses on your "falls" as the finale...
  4. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    wouldnt the royal family be given medical treatment to extend their life even if the doctor would say "nahhhh i wouldnt recommend it based on the persons age etc". Can doctors actually say that to a member of the family? I know a doctor gave a ton of cocaine to king george to finish him off but if theyd said at the time "Ooh a little op would give him a chance to live" back in the time the doctor would probably have done it. I'm not suggesting he's going to snuff it but it seems the doctors would probably try anything to keep them alive or try anything to bump them off outside the ordinary
  5. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    So its gone from 1) lol we're being over cautious ....hes just there to be monitored for a few days 2) He's still here...he's comfortable...again we're just being cautious 3) Charlie appears to be crying 4) he's staying in again....he's got an infection...he'd doing well *wink* from william. 5) He's still staying in the hospital...he's in good spirits 6) He's still in hospital but we're transferring him to a cancer/heart specialist hospital....something something....heart condition from 2010....nothing more to see here. Hmm its all rather odd
  6. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    How weird for william to wink at someone over the health of his grandfather.... Like he's either winking as if to say "ho ho tosh the guidelines we're above the rule of law hehe tally ho!" or he's winking to say "he's dying..." But are quite a ridiculous approach!
  7. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Aye spot on. i've got sod all else to do even when it isn't a world pandemic.
  8. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Sounds like he wants to get out so his wikipedia page says "died- windsor castle" rather than a hospital. fair play to him if thats the case. Gotta live the gimmick till the end
  9. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Sounds like they didnt like the internet uproar last night over the "sad" charles picture. I doubt they'd park secretively just for handing over luggage...they could just get a random person to walk through the front door with it without much attention being brought to it (unless it had flashing neon lights on the bag with the words "phillips things"). My guess is Andrew visited. Hiding at another entrance due to 1) Not wanting to have the charles attention 2) Its Prince Andrew and he definitely wants to remain hidden.... If Anne turns up tomorrow it could really be the immediate kids coming to say goodbye... Or Phillip kicks out at 2 and is seen smiling and waving monday evening on his way home...
  10. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    who is Pierce?
  11. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Well i wouldnt imagine all the royal family will descend down to see phillip at once during a pandemic. They wouldnt do it even in a non pandemic scenario. It would be different members of the royal family coming to say goodbye at various different times. Plus the fact that the future king is going to see his father to say goodbye is the sort of script ending they love to write where they can say phillip passed on his "wisdom and gave final advice" I can't imagine elizabeth holding phillips hand during all of this anyway even if the pandemic wasnt on and i dont think he'd appreciate it either. all stiff upper lip and probably a phone call. Can't see Andrew turning up for obvious reasons either...
  12. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Aye it was just mentioned she wasnt in the best of health but no news that she was "entering her final journey" or any of that bs from the 1930s then they literally killed the King to make the newspapers. Apparently the Queen Mother knew she was on her way out for so long she got people around individually to say goodbye. Could Phillip be doing the same now? Saying goodbye to people in advance? If so you'd have to wonder why he's staying in a hospital rather than going home. I'm trying to think of why they may do this in a pandemic but can't think of any...all in all lets be honest he'll probably be out laughing in front of the cameras in a few days
  13. LovelyVincent

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Switched on the bbc news at 10pm and saw a smiling news presenter. i'd switched off before she even said anything... What we need is Gibbo and his whatsapp group chat to get to the bottom of all the rumours

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