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  1. DoffinCodger

    6. Jimmy Carter

    … and given Joe Biden is now back in DC he’s got to make it until May when Joe jets off to Japan. Poor Jimmy.
  2. DoffinCodger

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Doesn’t really read like that at all, reads like the Irish talking about death, and the Daily Mail being the Daily Mail- I mean they’ve even thrown in the Pope! Which is like the English talking about the weather. When the White House says something then we’ll think he’s close to “any day” now. Cue death announcement in 10…. 9…. Etc.
  3. DoffinCodger


    It’s the “in thing” on the facegrams… look how considerate I am holding this dying person’s hand. Give me sympathy likes. Etc.
  4. DoffinCodger


    Golden Pele coffin videos on Twitter now, if it ain’t done it’s happening before Christmas. They’re prepping like mad.
  5. DoffinCodger

    Queen Elizabeth II

    According to GB News, Prince Charles has told Cornwall “he’s coming to the end of his time”. Of course GB news have made it sound like his life time rather than his mother getting him a promotion soon. https://www.gbnews.uk/news/prince-charles-says-hes-coming-towards-end-as-william-in-line-to-take-over-royal-role/340695
  6. DoffinCodger

    Queen Elizabeth II

    And the only way for us to know which is the current situ is when she dies of terminal pancreatic cancer complicated by Covid.
  7. DoffinCodger

    Minimalists (and other classical composers/musicians)

    Roger Norrington (87), retired somewhat suddenly last week having overcome cancer many years ago. No word of why but not many conductors “retire”, without good reason to not appear on the podium… could be a 2022 shout? Haitink went about 2 years after his final concert, but looked in MUCH better condition than Sir Roger… https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2021/nov/19/roger-norrington-musical-revolutionary-bows-out-sage-gateshead-royal-northern-sinfonia
  8. DoffinCodger

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Hi, I owned up to being a long time lurker and sent a post sharing what I thought was some interesting things I’d experience around QEII. Earned myself a warning point and all sorts of accusations of being a troll or alt account. Which in turn put me off posting again until one of my accusers shared an equally inane post but now I can’t even respond because of an unexplained warning point. Go me. I didn’t want to be a troll but… Am I doing this “being a troll” thing right?
  9. DoffinCodger

    7. Tony Bennett

    Not really. The show is on TV this weekend and “streams live” from that source online. And I’m the simple one apparently.
  10. DoffinCodger

    7. Tony Bennett

    You know this is from the August gigs right? Not actually the Late Show.
  11. DoffinCodger

    Queen Elizabeth II

    First hand. Which I know is basically asking for it on here.
  12. DoffinCodger

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Take it or don’t. Makes no odds. If it’s gullible to do work with an organisation who’ve spent all day risk assessing and doing as advised on insurance policies, then yes I must be. I mean I even said, might be nothing. I’m not rushing off to place my bets, but it’s more solid than some of the sh!te that’s filled 111 pages. And if I were Iain, I’d have changed my name already.
  13. DoffinCodger

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Long time lurker never had much to say, but found out today something that made me bother to sign up… seems some organisations with government funding have been politely reminded of insurance policies around the death of a monarch. Could be just a studious higher ups response to publicly known news or could be a knows the full scenario nudge.

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